Lindsay Lohan gets sued

July 31st, 2007 // 124 Comments

Lindsay Lohan is being sued by a woman who claims Lindsay and her bodyguard hit her car and then gave her a fake name and number. TMZ reports:

Signe Dupuy claims that in April 2007 LiLo and her main man, Jaz, cut her off in their SUV while she was driving on Fairfax Ave. in L.A. Dupuy says when she got out of the car, Lindsay stopped and glared at her, while Jaz was “hostile” and “tried to intimidate” her. She says they gave her a fake name and number (the nerve!) and drove away. Signe tells us this is her last resort, as she has tried to contact Lindsay several times, even sending her rep a letter. Lindsay’s rep told us she did get the letter but “filed it away,” adding “I assumed the letter was sent to [Lindsay's] lawyers. That’s what they’re paid for.”

I can’t figure out who’s dumber, Lindsay Lohan for actually trying to give a fake name, or the woman who couldn’t figure out she wasn’t dealing with ‘Chesty La Rue’. And just cause, here’s Lindsay Lohan in her bikini from two weeks ago, before she was arrested. Can you even remember that far back? Look at that thing on her ankle. Man, this place is like a museum.


  1. Mama Pinkus

    she needs to stop inflating her lips, they are starting to look like an inner tube

  2. sara

    Lindsay didn’t give a fake name, her bodyguard in a different car did. Lindsay never even spoke to the woman. Read up on it before you just write stuff. Not that I like or defend Lindsay Lohan or anything, it just gives this woman’s complaint more credibility if its portrayed accurately in the media.

  3. jus'stupid

    Lindsey is not the brightest bulb in the box, and way out of control, but she does have a pretty sweet body. She has some meat on her bones, and even though they are fake, they are right sized breasticles.

  4. theoriginalmilf

    What’s that dark horizontal line between her titties and belly button? Cosmetic surgery scar?

  5. RichPort

    I agree with #2. This chick annoys the crap out of me, but good God she has beautiful tits. She needs to regain credibility by appearing topless in her next movie. What? Stop staring at me like that…

  6. leatherdaddy

    id hit it. …but only in the mouth. i dont want to catch anything, or miss out on why shes called ‘Chesty La Rue’.

  7. Durbinlover

    Reading all your comments make me laugh. I guess being 5’7″ and 118lbs makes someone a fat pig. Yes she’s a skanky, nasty ho. But she’s not fat and she’s not ugly. I’ll bet most of you are though!

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    theze old fuckz in here R zet in their wayz..thatz ?
    Y U hear them zaying the zame zhit day after day???????

    I would like to zhove juztifiable up Richportz azz
    and keep it there for a while..I bet it would like it
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  9. ssdd

    GOD she is hideous.

  10. El Ces

    Her smile isn’t as sincere as usual…there’s something wrong.
    Probably the whole jail thing?
    Anyway, I miss her flowing red hair. It was beautiful.

  11. gfgfgfgfdhfg

    durbin, she’s about 5’4 and 118 pounds. she’s not 5’7. lolllll. they originally had her at 5’2 cuz she musta been slouching and she had them change it to 5’7 the next day roflcopter BIG DIFFERENCE

  12. gfgfgfgfdhfg

    oh and picture 4 shows her surgery scar under the left tittie. that solves that debate….

  13. Starscanfrighten

    @ 112: is it actually the right boob? Anyway, you’re fucking good. Still, there will be some stupid fucks who will debate it anyway…

  14. DURound

    She’s got some well droopy swingers for a girl her age.

    The blue bikini emphasizes anything ugly about her. She should burn that one.

  15. crazy otto

    come see uncle otto…….he will take away all the hurt

  16. k.

    she is a liar! and she thinks america is an idiot. with that ankle bracelet, she doesn’t drink right? WRONG! how it works? it detects the alchol in her sweat. since she didn’t have to wear it by force, it alerts her lawyer, not the court! so she drinks as much as she wants and expects that your a dumbass who thinks she’s an angel!

  17. Sara

    Ankle bracelet????????? She’s being tagged by the police so she won’t escape. Most on parole wear them.

  18. blow me, whore

  19. blow me, whore

  20. PiG

    Wow… she looks such a WHORE.
    what happened, i think she used to be very pretty once.
    Sex and drugs have destroyed this girl.

  21. Jujubes

    O_o Where’d her pale skin, freckles and red hair go? She doesn’t even look like Lindsey Lohan anymore.

  22. She shouldn’t be suing for ‘stealing’ the formula, she should be suing Simon for signing a 45 year old crack whore to be the spokes person….

  23. Wow… she looks such a WHORE.
    what happened, i think she used to be very pretty once.
    Sex and drugs have destroyed this girl.

  24. DERP

    Lezzie Blowhan is a skanky firecrotch, and her clit is 7 feet long.

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