Lindsay Lohan gets sued


Lindsay Lohan is being sued by a woman who claims Lindsay and her bodyguard hit her car and then gave her a fake name and number. TMZ reports:

Signe Dupuy claims that in April 2007 LiLo and her main man, Jaz, cut her off in their SUV while she was driving on Fairfax Ave. in L.A. Dupuy says when she got out of the car, Lindsay stopped and glared at her, while Jaz was “hostile” and “tried to intimidate” her. She says they gave her a fake name and number (the nerve!) and drove away. Signe tells us this is her last resort, as she has tried to contact Lindsay several times, even sending her rep a letter. Lindsay’s rep told us she did get the letter but “filed it away,” adding “I assumed the letter was sent to [Lindsay’s] lawyers. That’s what they’re paid for.”

I can’t figure out who’s dumber, Lindsay Lohan for actually trying to give a fake name, or the woman who couldn’t figure out she wasn’t dealing with ‘Chesty La Rue’. And just cause, here’s Lindsay Lohan in her bikini from two weeks ago, before she was arrested. Can you even remember that far back? Look at that thing on her ankle. Man, this place is like a museum.