Lindsay Lohan gets sued

July 31st, 2007 // 124 Comments

Lindsay Lohan is being sued by a woman who claims Lindsay and her bodyguard hit her car and then gave her a fake name and number. TMZ reports:

Signe Dupuy claims that in April 2007 LiLo and her main man, Jaz, cut her off in their SUV while she was driving on Fairfax Ave. in L.A. Dupuy says when she got out of the car, Lindsay stopped and glared at her, while Jaz was “hostile” and “tried to intimidate” her. She says they gave her a fake name and number (the nerve!) and drove away. Signe tells us this is her last resort, as she has tried to contact Lindsay several times, even sending her rep a letter. Lindsay’s rep told us she did get the letter but “filed it away,” adding “I assumed the letter was sent to [Lindsay's] lawyers. That’s what they’re paid for.”

I can’t figure out who’s dumber, Lindsay Lohan for actually trying to give a fake name, or the woman who couldn’t figure out she wasn’t dealing with ‘Chesty La Rue’. And just cause, here’s Lindsay Lohan in her bikini from two weeks ago, before she was arrested. Can you even remember that far back? Look at that thing on her ankle. Man, this place is like a museum.


  1. wanks

    skank whore!

  2. TS

    She’s a stupid bitch but great rack.

  3. ipa

    somebody needs to shoot her NOW.

  4. Mick

    Not everyone hows who all the skanky starlets are. Maybe that’s why it took this women longer to figure out that it was Lindsay.

  5. Cubicle POW

    You know what you look like to me, with your good bag and your cheap shoes? You look like a rube. A well scrubbed, hustling rube with a little taste.

  6. norton

    Anyone else seeing her Hitler poking over the bikini bottom in pic 8 and 9?

  7. Mick

    Not everyone knows who all the skanky starlets are. Maybe that’s why it took this women longer to figure out that it was lindsay.

  8. DMM

    Her body is nasty. she has no shape and tree trunk legs.

  9. Anexio

    I heart boobs

  10. axdiva

    Holy skin cancer, Batman! Does she not realize that she is still a redhead and tanning is not good for her. Wow.

  11. TS

    Some people say that the star tattoo on her wrist is a lesbian symbol. That’s open for discussion though.

  12. ipa

    damn, this girl absolutely got no waist. NO WAIST AT ALL!!!

    BTW, ginger ppl smell. awful.

  13. woodhorse

    Me too! Lindsay hit me too! I want some money.

  14. They need to sentence her to my house for 6 months of anal banging.

  15. Annie Rexia

    If it isn’t our very own skanky, racist, shitbag whore. Oh Linday, we missed you. I was going to go see your latest movie, but then quickly realized you weren’t worth seven-fifty. Oh well, geuss I will just have to wait for the dollar special on direct TV pay-per-view. Ah, that might be a little much. Ah, fuck it. World premier on TBS it is! That should only take about what, two months?

  16. Victor

    Damn I would love to fuck this chick, however, I would sandpaper all those fuckin freckles off. Then lotion her up so she wouldn’t be so rough. She has nice long legs, nice tits, and a nice ass, but the fuck freckles have to go.

  17. Assy LaButt

    Gawd, she’s so cuntceited.

    BUT, I guess that’s the biz

  18. ipa

    I’ve got very smooth skin, Victor *winwink*

  19. ipa


  20. t

    Can I just say…that girl is going to have some serious skin damage when she gets older! Look at all those freckles!

  21. Skannkibal Heckler

    #5 – Brillian, just Brilliant.

    (“People will say we’re in loooove”)

  22. Ms. Brightside

    Well, look at the brightside, she still looks better than Britney! But I’m pretty sure she’s the devil.

  23. A really superficial gal

    BTW, she’s got the typical , how can I put it, “irish” body: big boobs, no waist , lots of gut and no ass. If she got really fat, she’t have the kind of body like the gym teacher in “Porky’s.” Lots of back fat. She better stay “thin.”


  24. LiLo is such a winner! I want to be on her team…

  25. ?????Thiz skankho iz one big cheapazz…can’t pay for her fuckupz, zhit?????
    ?? Zhe thinkz coz her mom knowz gangztaz,,,zhe can do anything ??
    ??????? ????????

  26. adeliza

    I actually thought the Chesty La Rue comment was funny. How could you not know you are dealing with Chesty La Rue?!?!?

  27. MeatSack

    Now I know where I left my headphones…

    either way, she’s delicious…

  28. wedgeone

    When I look at her face in the main photo, and then look to the right at the mugshot, I can’t believe how good the makeup artists in Hollywood are.

    This chick is almost as trashy looking as Shitney. As Irish as I am, I find whole body freckles very unattractive. But that’s just me. If you like them, have at them.

  29. Penis Mightier

    6: Possibly….but I’m thinking its a tattoo of some kind.

  30. leekyrich

    she looks like her mother. ew.

  31. lambman

    Honestly, her license should be suspended indefinetly.

    though I don’t think I believe this one, can’t anybody just claim “Lindsay hit me with her car” not-a-days and be believable.

    ps – Nice Chesty La Rou reference, but what about Hootie McBoob? Or Busty St. Clair? Yeah, I watch the Simpsons too!

  32. Frick!

    This chic always grosses me out for some reason. I just don’t see the appeal. And she’s got a droopy fricken rack for someone so young.

  33. John Holmes

    She would look a lot better playing the skin flute…

  34. teeteetdot

    What an ugly freaked, fire crotch. If it weren’t for her implants, she’d have the body of a 13 year old BOY.

  35. Steph

    her bellybutton is sooooooooo high up.

  36. Penis Mightier

    Implants? I think not…how can they be droopy and implants at the same time. Not possible.

  37. Steph

    her bellybutton is sooooooooo high up.

  38. Starscanfrighten

    wanks said it best. Skanky ho.

  39. Starscanfrighten

    Omigod. Post #6 is right. P-I-G Pig.

  40. woodhorse

    It seems to me that she is mocking Britney with the headgear – as if to say, “See, I can do it better than you”.

  41. Starscanfrighten

    She’d wear an eye patch on the bottom if she could get away with it.

  42. Splooge

    If you look closely between her belly button and her boobs, you can see where the acid of my splooge burned a line!!

  43. woodhorse

    #35- you’re right. It’s not a bellybutton anymore. It’s a lungbutton.

  44. Starscanfrighten

    The only reason her bellybutton looks so high is cuz she has to wear her bikini around her twat.

  45. Starscanfrighten

    I like how she’s always making the peace symbol with her fingers in pictures. Such an intellectual.

  46. Lindsay Lohan is really showing the world the meaning of the word “success” this year huh?

    I would still like to bang her. Even though I’d have to set fire to my crotch immediately afterwards to get rid of the herpes.

  47. morning coffee

    Dumb stinking twat.
    Fake hair.
    Fake nose.
    Fake tits.
    Pushed-in braces teeth.
    Electronic ankle bracelet for out-of-control drunks.
    No waist to speak of.
    Ugly freckled pork body.
    Thick legs.
    No ass.
    No talent.
    And soon… no money or jobs and JAIL.

  48. Bugman4045

    Ah… Youth. She looks better (i.e. healthier) for her time in rehab. But those shoes!!! BLEHH!!

  49. Bite Me!

    I love the ankle bracelet.

  50. Andrea

    She’s so stupid I bet she doesn’t even realize she has on two different nail polish

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