Lindsay Lohan gets no justice

llohan-crash-nocharge.jpgProsescuters announced yesterday that the photographer accused of ramming his vehicle into Linday Lohan’s car will not be charged.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office said it lacked sufficient evidence to prosecute Galo Cesar Ramirez on assault or stalking charges in a case that spurred calls for a crackdown on aggressive paparazzi.

The May 31 crash was one of several such incidents that led California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to sign into law stiffer civil penalties for paparazzi and their agencies when they commit assault in their pursuit of stars.

Based on damage to the vehicles, “it appears that, although the suspect was most likely driving carelessly when he collided with the victim’s car, it was not an intentional assault,” Hodgman wrote in his report.

I’d feel more sorry for Lindsay Lohan if she didn’t have a terrible history of crashing her car and blaming the paparazzi. She’s like that boy who cried wolf, except instead of pretending there’s a wolf she just drives her car into other people’s property and refuses to take responsibility for it. And then maybe throws back a shot of vodka and starts yelling about how I broke into her home and stole a pair of her panties. Which I totally didn’t, because that would make me a pervert. And I’m not a pervert. You are.

No charges filed in Lohan, paparazzi crash in L.A. [Reuters]