Lindsay Lohan gets kicked out of Butter


During a private concert by Prince at Butter last Friday, Lindsay Lohan got out of her seat to argue with Paris Hilton over Stavros Niarchos and when she returned to her table saw that P. Diddy and his posse had started sharing it. When she refused to share and began arguing with P. Diddy his bodyguards came over and took her out of the club.

“There were only like six tables,” a witness says. “Everyone was sharing, but Lindsay refused and began mixing it up with Puffy. His bodyguards came over and picked Lindsay up to get her out.” A member of Diddy’s camp confirmed, “Lindsay was being so loud and obnoxious. His security became concerned and came over to escort her away.”

That’s what you get for being a racist and refusing to share your table with black people. She should be thankful they didn’t throw fried chicken at her and start hitting her with their humongous penises. Because that’s what she deserves for being an ignorant racist. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to drive to work and hope there aren’t any Asians on the road.