Lindsay Lohan gets fired


Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been dropped from her UK record label Island Records after failing to travel to London for a planned promotional campaign. The album was recorded last year and now the label has shelved it and decided not to work with her again.

“A single was a huge flop over here because Lindsay couldn’t be bothered to promote it. In the end they didn’t even bother releasing the album in Britain. She didn’t bother to come over to the UK to do interviews or make TV appearances to help sell the album. Island have now decided not to do another one with her.”

Even if she had shown up the single still would’ve flopped. They could’ve spent $3 billion and hired some dancing elephants but that still wouldn’t have saved it. Bad music is bad music, and Lindsay Lohan’s bad music is about as bad as bad music can get. But bad Lindsay is bad and bad bad bad. And bad. Maybe bad. Bad.