Lindsay Lohan gets burglarized a lot

August 23rd, 2009 // 23 Comments

Lindsay Lohan’s house was the target of another burglary early this morning except this time the perpetrators were actually successful. TMZ reports:

A source on scene tells TMZ that three men were captured by surveillance video breaking into Lindsay’s house in the Hollywood Hills.
Michael Lohan tells TMZ a safe was ripped off the wall and a couple of watches were taken. He believes it’s “an inside job” because the people that work for Lindsay failed to turn the alarm on. He says, “I am not going to put up with individuals violating my family. Lindsay is a charitable, generous person that always gives. This is a personal violation and it has got to stop.”
We’re told Lindsay came home early this morning, around 3:00 AM, discovered the break-in and called her dad.

There are two things that don’t add up in this story: 1. Lindsay Lohan being a “charitable, generous person.” 2. She called her dad in an emergency? I’m pretty sure Lindsay would turn to a masturbating hobo for comfort before seeking out Mike Lohan. Seriously, he’s probably already on the phone with Jon Gosselin trying to spin it into a reality show as we speak:

MIKE: We’ll call it “Dad’s on Complete Opposite Coasts Who Can’t Do Shit.”
JON: Will I still get to bang homely women?
MIKE: Yes.


  1. She gets burglarized, yes. But booglarized (Captain Beefheart reference for the kiddies) – never!

  2. She gets burglarized, yes. But booglarized (Captain Beefheart reference for the kiddies) – never!

  3. too bad, the most important thing was stolen a long time ago, her career.

  4. sarah

    “Lindsay came home early this morning, around 3:00 AM”
    That’s early?

  5. Truth Doctor

    No matter how much they hate them, girls always call daddy when something goes wrong.

  6. Do_Freebird

    How do you manage to build a safe into the side of a large carboard box?

  7. anon

    that guy behind her thinks he’s kanye

  8. Kelley

    She owns a house ?? LOL !!

  9. passing by

    What’s with the writer’s obsessive commenting on the homeliness of the women Gosselin bangs? Like, who do you expect to see him with but average-looking fame-hungry women? He’s not exactly a prize himself.

  10. Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian making out,lol,,, hilarious,,,

  11. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD resciinded

    Did you not understand me last time when I said this bitch was a useless whore? That means no one gives a fuck about her getting her snatch burglarized or her face shoved in a pile of dog poop or all the cocaine she puts in her nostrils. She’s an asshole and a complete shithead, and considering the way she treats people, she ought to be living in a refrigerator box on the sidewalk. Who cares if she dies??? NO ONE!!!

  12. yomama

    did they get the computers? cause I betcha there’s some pretty good shit on those hard drives!!!!

  13. sneaky

    Mmmmm, it’s true she gets burglarized a lot for somebody who doesn’t have money…maybe she paid the burglars to rob her so she can claim the insurance and get the money…

    that is IF she has insurance!

  14. danielle

    you couldn’t have put up a different pic? weak

  15. LPB

    Do you think ANYBODY in that outfit could remember to turn on an alarm or lock a door? How’d you like to be that insurance company? “Ummm, no. SInce you haven’t paid a premium in 18 months, we won’t be honoring your claim.”

    As far calling Daddy, that’s right up there with the nanny calling Mary Kate or whoever when Ledger was on the floor expiring.

  16. it’s not good stolen like that.

  17. annie m

    wtf???? is she wearing a curtain??

  18. HITLER

    Who’s that faggott douchebag in the background.

    I LOVE KIDS!!!

  19. HITLER

    …not the black faggott douchebag. The other one.

  20. EricLR

    Yeah, it was just a few years ago when burglars stole her sense of shame.

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