Lindsay Lohan Falls for Ryan Adams?

lindsay_lohan_adams.jpgLindsay Lohan may have found a new man in the shape of rocker Ryan Adams. Lohan, who was recently romantically linked to her Chapter 27 co-star Jared Leto, has been quietly dating Adams for a month, according to In Touch magazine. A friend tells the publication, “She’s spending all her free time with him. She has been staying at his Greenwich Village apartment almost every night. She thinks musicians are sexy and she’s a fan of his music.”

This one girl I know has been telling me over and over how sexy Ryan Adams is and how much she wants to bone him and lick his balls and stuff, and I’m like “Christ Grandma, you’re eighty-six years old. Put your goddam pants back on.” But aparently she and Lindsay have a lot in common, particularly if Lindsay also likes to throw poop at the cat. In any case, Lindsay’s really been getting around lately. If sex were food, she’d be doing Jenny Craig commercials. But sex is not food. I better make that clear before she starts humping the refrigerator.