Lindsay Lohan fake lesbianates again

April 24th, 2009 // 43 Comments

Seen here arriving at Samantha Ronson’s house, Lindsay Lohan might be back in the good graces of her gargoyle love, according to Us Magazine:

It’s the same mansion where Lohan, 22, used to live with Ronson, 30, — before the DJ had the locks changed following their breakup and Chateau Marmont blowout fight. photographers described Lohan as appearing “calm…[but] happy.” They spent about six hours together.
That same afternoon, Ronson changed her relationship status on Facebook to “It’s complicated.”

I also included pics of Sam leaving Lindsay’s house early this morning, and there’s only one way for this to end: A fake baby. That’s science.


  1. mikeock

    You really should try to get over your weird obsession with Lindsay Lohan. You’re just a roll of duct tape and an old Dodge panel van away from being a stalker.

  2. mikeock

    HA! Suck it all you losers who live to be first. i did it by accident.

  3. pj

    These pretzels are making me thirdsty.

  4. dirk

    What’s wrong? The Dyke DJ isn’t getting enough attention? That money grubber dyke doesn’t want her DJ fees to go down. Lose that user Linds.

  5. mikeock is a douche

    i think at least 98% of the superficial commenters should take lessons from ronson about how to pick up women.

    seems to me that given the dumbness of their comments, they could benefit from the lessons.

    even though obviously they’d NEVER want a butterface – fatty – skeleton – etc. like lindsay!

  6. jlylec

    back in the day i would’ve destroyed this broad, but now she’s really ugly and dumb. go die.

  7. This because LICKING isn’t too complicated, folks!!

  8. Jeff

    Why does one lesbian always have to be so fucking ugly? Have you ever noticed that there is no such thing as two attractive lesbians dating? Sam looks like a 12-year old boy.

  9. smarg

    Wow, LiLo’s body, breasts, and feet look hideous.


  10. She’s starting to look like a character from A Nightmare Before Christmas…

  11. Long time flamer, first time commenter

    See? Homosexuals are completely normal!

  12. Acme Dildos, Inc.


  13. angela

    Wait, wait, WAIT–Lindsay Lohan has a HOUSE? I thought she was basically a Hollywood nomad…

  14. jesus fucking christ, look at sam’s face, just look. did she look at the lost arc? how the fuck is a dick not swinging between those legs.

  15. Nero

    They’re both a bit crackheads.That’s why they need eachother.

  16. Samantha Ronson just creeps me a out little bit….

  17. Fatty Arbuckle

    Jeff, good question. That Nixon gal (Cynthia?) from Sex in the City isn’t all bad, I think she’s kind of cute actually, but her girlfriend (who may very well be a nice person) is, well, not exactly what I’d call attractive. Ronson is butt ugly and seems to want to look as ugly as possible judging by the faces she makes whenever a camera is aimed in her direction.

  18. EuroNeckPain

    If I ever read “12-year old boy” on this forum again, I scream.

    (I assume the people who use this phrase are fat slags).

  19. Dr. Phil

    “Why does one lesbian always have to be so fucking ugly? Have you ever noticed that there is no such thing as two attractive lesbians dating?”

    It’s because even in homosexual couples, one person is typically the “girl” and the other is the “guy”. Ronson is the guy, but even more so, Cynthia Nixon’s partner (Christine Marinoni) is the guy:

    It’s the same deal with gay men, where typically one is more straight-acting (usually the top) and one is more flaming (usually the bottom).

    It’s all about abnormal people trying to be normal. And failing.

  20. Roxi

    these two are doing that for publicity since they are nobodies they want the media’s attention, oh nice lindsays jeans are falling down in pix # 4 ewwwww

  21. mamamiasweetpeaches

    What are those RAGs hanging around Lindsay’s neck?
    And dont say “scarfs”…cuz she has SANDALS on! So its not so cold she has two wear a scarf ..or scarves…of whatever.

    Lookin pretty damn HOMELESS nowadays.

  22. Cherry

    I’m confused as to why Lindsay is always referred to as a “fake lesbian”. She’s clearly bi-sexual and quite obviously in love with Ronson. It’s just not funny anymore to make jokes about how all she wants is dick etc etc. DEAL WITH IT. She doesn’t want a guy — she wants a girl. I know it’s difficult to imagine that a woman could crave pussy instead of the almighty cock, but it’s true.

  23. Fuck U

    Both those bitches are through. I don’t give a flying fuck about what the fuck they are doing or whom the fuck they are fucking.
    Fish, you festering sack of rancid fag pus, stop posting about these fucked up nasty bitches! Fuck!
    Doesn’t that bitch ever wash her fucking hair, or bathe for that matter? Both of them look like they smell like shit.

  24. herbiefrog

    woah… a tough house tonight… : )))

    ignition to start…

    now… hands off…

    the rest is up yto you

    [oh we wish we could execute that...]


  25. Fatty Arbuckle

    Cherry, Lindsay is always referred to as a fake lesbian because some of us have the impression that her relationship with “Sam” Ronson is motivated by something other than an honest-to-goodness desire to be with a woman. Jodie Foster seems to be a “real” lesbian. Lohan just seems to be a lost soul with serious psychological problems. I have no idea why she got with Ronson but I doubt it’s because she’s a “real” lesbian. Therefore, the term “fake lesbian” makes sense to me.

  26. Again is this because Lohan appeared on oprah?

  27. Rossi

    My original comment was going to look something like “SHE’S FREAKING 30?!?!”

    Now, it’s going to look something like “Dear #20, Gender roles aren’t natural for ANYONE, no matter their sexual orientation. Straight people are no more immune to ignorant, unquestioned ideals that we are taught to believe love should be–note the heinous divorce rate, quite without homosexual unions being legal in more than four states.”

  28. Rex

    Hey Lindsay, Rick James called. He said “Cocaine. It’s a HELLUVA DRUG !”

  29. Sam

    #28 – what the hell does any of that gibberish have to do with the FACT that at least half the homosexuals are mutantly ugly?

  30. dude

    just did one of those surveys on fb, who is your celebrity girlfriend, and lo and behold mine was lindsay hahaha… yeah i’d hit it but well samantha wouldnt approve :’(

  31. Kitty says

    Shes not a lesbian, shes not a fake lesbian, shes bi-sexual. Ronson is a butch lesbian so Lindsay and Samantha are in what we call a lesbian relationship because they are both women who are presumably exclusive to one another.

  32. salawhite

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  33. Fatty Arbuckle

    Kitty, My guess is that Ronson found Lohan when Lohan was in a bad place, and Lohan got sucked (or licked) into a situation that appealed to her because it was safe and comforting, it assuaged her loneliness, and in her circle it was edgy and cool and was sure to get her in the tabloids. Maybe that qualifies as bi.

  34. Spiro Agnew

    No one ever refers to Ronson as a fake lesbian.

  35. squarf

    This is why I thought she was with Sam – her handlers decided she needed to clean up her cumdumpster image, but they knew no one would buy it if she stopped dressing like a street urchin and had an exclusive relationship with a man. So she started dating a woman! Voila, she seems stable and not quite as whorish!
    Except it didn’t work. Ah well. Better luck next time.

  36. Wow Lindsey used to be hot as hell. Cocaine is one helluva drug!

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  38. bee

    I feel srry for lohans dad….

    Too funny to let it go!

  39. bee

    I feel srry for lohans dad….

    Too funny to let it go!

  40. Kitty says

    Fatty Arbuckle, maybe you’re right, but I still can’t imagine that any straight woman would want to sleep with Sam Ronson on a regular basis just to be edgy.

  41. salawhite

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  42. capitanne

    Sam Ronson looks like a young man fighting testicular cancer. They are really a pair of huge cokeheads, aren’t they?

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