Lindsay Lohan extending her rehab

June 20th, 2007 // 52 Comments

A friend of Lindsay Lohan says Lindsay is extending her rehab and won’t be celebrating her birthday at Pure in Las Vegas because she might still be at Promises. Page Six reports:

A close friend of Lohan said, “She is staying in Promises for longer than a month. We don’t know how much longer because of her work schedule, but she is taking rehab very seriously this time and not messing around.”

It’s hard to believe she’s actually taking rehab seriously. I think this will all make sense a month from now when they do an investigative report on Promises and it turns out they’re not even a rehab facility, but actually a circus.


  1. She feels at home with other junkies obviously.

  2. lola


  3. Liz

    Why isn’t this little twat in jail where she belongs?

  4. WowJustWow

    I hope she never recovers.

  5. hungover and sleeping at work? raise your hand! *raises hand*

  6. Jail? Don’t you mean mental institute.

  7. RichPort

    She’s hoping to find love, like Britney.

  8. lawpunk

    Obviously, a longer stay is a ploy to avoid jail. ZTrying to show she is really changed, didn’t mean to drunk drive with drugs in her car, and she is a new person who deserves life outsife of jail. That, and the public loves to see her kind behind bars now working against her. Hope she still gets a month is prison on drunk driving and drug charges. The scaggy hobag.

  9. vanman

    couldn’t log on to post. Unacceptable. Doesn’t matter that the site was down and I couldn’t read it anyway. Do your job, at all costs.

  10. mr gossip

    OMG Lindsay Lohan is growing up! Its gotta be tough enough to get yourself to go to rehab, and then to extend your stay to avoid a huge party? Pure balls, er, you know what I mean. Seriously, though, good for Lindsay she’s too young to overdose. Now if only we could get Paris to extend her stay in jail…

  11. lambman

    Well at least she looks healthier in recent pic, I think the rehab and the working out are doing her some good.

    Also, has she even been charged with a dui? her case was so bizzare (did we expect less?) that its hard to say what actually happened.

  12. Superfish – we all know you got drunk last night, invited 10 dudes over to fill your ass with AIDS cum and farted it out in 11 separate glasses and made white russians with it. You were hungover, I think most of San Francisco understands that.

  13. Pokemon_Johnson

    I wish I had enough money to just fart around at “Promises.” Hell, that place is nicer than most resorts I can afford to stay at ~ so no wonder she’s going to continue there for a while. It’s like a vacation to her…



  15. Y wouldn’t zhe ztay
    az long az zhe can:
    they have the bezt
    drugz in there and
    they’re legal….

    zhe zhould be in jail,
    and people zhould protezt

  16. bungoone

    12, the only way you would know that & with so much detail is if you were one of the 10 dudes. thanks for sharing, but you really only have to tell your partner that you have the hi-5.

  17. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    Whatever, stay as long as you want your still getting charged. Blood samples don’t lie skank.

  18. beer

    HE’S AWESOME!!!!!!

  19. #15: is your keyboard broken? are you attempting emo-haiku? and why should people protest if she goes to jail?

  20. Italian Stallion

    Rehab is for quitters!!! What kind of drug addict misses their twenty first birthday? I didn’t miss mine, what a loser…………

  21. ldsa

    #12, aren’t you embarrassed at how frightfully trite your myspace is? or are you fishing for your mass-produced, shell-of-a-human counterpart?

    p.s. jack daniels is disgusting. your ode to it says “i have no taste, and i’m belligerantly proud of it, like an insolent fuck who’s going to obstinately lower his chances of being happy”

  22. Italian Stallion

    @14 I appreciate the Asian boobs, but I think I have SARS now……..

  23. Unknown

    enjoy the sanitarium, neely o’hara.

  24. djthecat

    emo sucks

  25. djthecat

    so are all those people behind her rehabbers, too? so much for the anonymous part of NA and AA…

  26. jrzmommy

    She’s extending her stay so that it won’t coincide with Paris HIlton’s release from the pokey…..dont want to be upstaged!!

  27. HehTheUrr

    I’m wasting my first post on Superficial to say that #15 is pee-tarded.

  28. Promises is obviously just a front for a sex and drug den.

  29. Italian Stallion

    @27 first and last post I hope……

    pee-tarded????? Shouldn’t you be in summer school?

  30. Danielle™

    Who caaaaaaaaaaares?????

    Maybe this will give the paps a chance to photograph nature instead. Or telephone poles…or humans…ya know, anything that doesn’t even remotely resemble the likes of Lindsay Lohan.

  31. Miserable Bastard

    #15 makes more sense if you try reading it as Pepe Le Pew.

  32. jus'stupid

    Stupidskankkelli, just shut the hellup. You type that way so that you can pretend it is an act. Truth is you couldn’t spell anything worth reading.

  33. Olive

    The fact is, if you stay in a rehabilitation program they cannot prosecute you. You can stay in indefinitely to avoid prosecution, however, the court will likely order an evaluation on you from the facility to determine if you are in fact just trying to avoid court/jail time.

  34. Ewan

    I hope she’s sorting herself out.

    Doubt it though

  35. #21 I’d be sooooooo happy to even to be able to afford jack daniels. I havent had it in sooo long Ive forgotten how it tastes. Im reserved to drinking busch beer and assorted malt liquors. My myspace does its job, supplies me an endless supply of stupid hos to bang and forget. thinking your smarter than everyone else has its disadvantages too.

  36. Doomhammer

    So, she is staying longer huh? By the time she leaves, the Promises staff will be snorting lines and flashing thier privates. Way to go whore, you ruined Promises for everyone.

  37. HehTheUrr

    #29 – Naww, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t start for a few weeks.

  38. jrzmommy

    35–you can’t afford a bottle of Jack Daniels? God, what line of work are you in, I want to make sure I steer my kids away from it…..poor-assed mother fucker.

  39. Miserable Bastard

    If it really was a circus Lindsay would just pile herself and 6 or 8 of her slutty, drunken, coke-addicted friends into her car like clowns in a Volkswagen. She would then run over the ringmaster and crash head-on into the tent pole.

  40. techclerk


    I’m serious. Do a story about krazihotkelli and how she refuses to admit she is the stupidest dumbass who can’t take a hint.

  41. farty_mcshitface

    she probably has a killer connection who is scoring her some great coke in there and doesn’t want to leave for that reason.

  42. ya_rly

    I ruv u Rinsey Rohan! ROR

  43. discreet_chaos

    #8 (lawpunk) pretty much has it.

    She’ll be able to use the rehab stay in court for leniency and possibly qualify for a first offenders program for the cocaine.

    After all, I’m sure she went into rehab under the advice of her lawyers and by extending her stay, she’s probably negating and adverse reaction to her “vacations” from the facility.

    It shows that she’s committed.

  44. techclerk

    or should be committed…

  45. leelee

    you guys– i don’t understand what the big deal is about… she’s like, just like everyone else. You know? She has problems just like normal people do.
    Everyone I know has been to rehab, caused a hit and run and left drugs in there car. This is America, man. The cops should look the other way. In fact, they should give her a medal, for being soo cool for going to rehab and cleaning herself up after doing what she’s done.
    She’s totally going to get an Oscar for playing Princess Diana.

  46. leelee

    haha sweet… LAST!!
    (You know, it’s like “fist” but more awesome)

  47. hey techclerk:
    fuck you:
    never knew I waz
    important enough
    to do a story
    about. go pick
    on some other
    all your fuckin
    friendz, bitch.

  48. techclerk

    I count times you used the letter “s” in your post, retard.

  49. techclerk

    On second glance I see you accidentally ended a sentence fragment with a period instead of a colon. You are slipping.

  50. techclerk

    I agree that she’s staying in rehab to counter a future jail term. I doubt that she truly admits she has a problem but I’m impressed and this is a surprisingly intelligent decision on Lindsay’s part.

    I’l bet she’s simply relocated her “office” to this facility and she’s using the time to write her next album with Kara and work on a script of an upcoming movie.

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