Lindsay Lohan enters rehab

January 17th, 2007 // 237 Comments

Lindsay Lohan’s rep has confirmed that she entered the rehab facility Wonderland Center in Los Angeles today. She said in a statement through her rep:

“I have made a proactive decision to take care of my personal health. I appreciate your well-wishes and ask that you please respect my privacy at this time.”

This is the smartest decision Lindsay Lohan has ever made in her entire life. Although considering it’s Lindsay, up until now that record was probably held by choosing not to toast a bagel in the bathtub. And even that was only because she couldn’t get the power cord to reach.


  1. hotguy

    First, oh fucking yes, i’d like to thank my figurative vagina:)hey ma!!!

  2. BarbadoSlim

    Does it really make a difference at this point? Hasn’t she been in AA for a year? Whatever, loser.

  3. Binky

    Coming in February !
    ‘Girls Gone Wild: ReHab Break’ 07′!!!!
    Pre-order TODAY !!!
    Oh,ok, I mean – hang in there LiLo

  4. LL

    Um, a rehab named “Wonderland”? Why don’t they just name it “Beautiful Trip” or “Flashback City”? Jebus…

  5. Whammer Jammer

    OK, how long before she leaves to go shopping or hit the clubs? I say less than a week. There is NO WAY she can stay away from the bars, and I doubt there are any photographers in Wonderland to take her picture and kiss her ass. She will check out of the place within 7 days.

  6. mztry

    I’m SURE all you ASSHOLES would prefer her to just COMMIT SUICIDE!


  7. Well,whynot?

    Wait… didn’t she enter rehab before? She may have realized that it was because of all the drugs/alcohol she’s taken that the anaesthetia for her operation didn’t work. lol. oops!

    Oh man, she looks SOOO natural. I mean, gosh, those lips couldn’t look more natural than if they had been grown on a tree.

  8. BarbadoSlim

    That’d be awesome #6, it would make everything we do here at the Superfish worthwhile.

    Here’s hoping :)

  9. magickal

    #6 – oh, its a little cunt, isn’t it???

  10. Mick

    I mean this was inevitable…dating Joe Francis is hitting Rock Bottom.

  11. Mick

    I would like her to do just that. One less whore B actress to deal with.

  12. snot_rocket

    #6 That’d be great actually, thanks. The bloodier and more pathetic the better.

    Looks like she got lip injections… YUK!!! (projectile vomits suddenly of copious amounts)

  13. GG 4.33

    I don’t believe it. She’s reportedly shagging Joe Francis, which shows that she’s still fucked up. I watched Mean Girls recently, and Lindsay looks decent. Now she looks like (fill in the blank for yourself). She’s managed to age 15 years with 2 years of partying.

  14. LilRach

    I have made a “proactive” decision – he he that was a funny choice of word!

    This bitch is ridiculous!
    #5 i agree she will not last more than a week. She will back out nipple slipping and crotch exposing in no time.

    Oh yeah – good luck Linds ;)

  15. farrah runs with scissors

    #6 yes, please, and a side of fries with that.
    i’m actually disappointed she told the truth. I was wondering which organ/limb/body part she was gonna get “removed” this time.
    i’d still like to see the real size of those lips after her face de-puffs. if that ever happens, of course.

  16. biatcho

    #6 – I’m pretty sure I can speak for many others on this site in that we do hope YOU commit suicide. sucessfully. and not the “i need attention” type of suicide that I bet you would attempt. the real deal. fucko.

  17. Missallanpoe

    I could care less at this point. She thinks its a good deed of some sort, but knowing her she just looks at them as they pass by and wave with a disgusted smile on her face. She can burn in hell.

  18. Lindsay’s mom Dina was overheard to say “Shit, where am I going to get money for blow now that I won’t be able to steal it from my daughter’s purse?!? Fuck, Selfish bitch!!”

    As for Lindsay, this is a bunch of bullshit, her publicist probably told her that her career was basically gone if she didn’t do something like this because not studio would be stupid enough to hire her and no insurance company would insure a production with an actress so close to serious injury or death. She is having cases of vodka delievered to her skanky drunk ass in whatever phoney celeb rehab resort she’s in.

  19. Abe-O

    Damn…she looks like Angelina in that pic. Smart move with the rehab, Linds.

  20. schack

    #16… what can I say? are you lindsay’s personal friend? or do you just care about everybody? and if the latter, then practice what you preach. the third option- give us a sign that you’re just playing the game.

    as for me. i agree with number #6. i look at that picture, and doll eyes and fish lips, which were a waste of medical and more importantly, human resources. i see someone who is disgusting and disgustingly vacant. how can you feel bad for someone who doesn’t even honestly hate herself? how can we ever even hope to be good without first wanting to repent?

    yes, i’m advocating killing for life. kill the bad to save the good. life feeds on life. my brother just died. i would kill you to save him, in a heartbeat!

  21. BarbadoSlim

    You want to kill biatcho?!?!?


  22. schack

    didn’t say want to. would if i could to achieve the aforementioned

  23. schack

    didn’t say want to. would if i could to achieve the aforementioned

  24. BarbadoSlim

    Oh, well, that’s better….I guess.

  25. schack

    my man

  26. Sheva

    Damn, now that I worked so hard to get in with the hip clubs in NYC and now she decides to clean up. I’ll never be able to say that I got a blowjob in the bathroom from Lowhore.

    This has been a pretty big downer. First losing Tara, little Miss Princess USA who with a little blow would drop faster than a hooker on Sunset, and now this.

    I’m fucking shattered.

  27. She decided, my ass. They tossed her butt in.

  28. schack

    hope you got the new hpv vaccine and a recent booster shot, buddy. look up google, images: “condyloma acuminata”

  29. If true, good for her! If you have a problem, fix it! Now all we need to do is get Paula Abdul up in there, and the planets will be aligned!!!

  30. eu4euh

    What’s the girl’s poison?

  31. schack

    her poison is the human papilloma virus. she’s going in for intense wart treatment.

  32. Michael1

    Lindsay Holan bears her goods, sporting a transparent dress atthe Chanel party… less than a week later she’s going into rehab.
    Maybe there’s a connection somewhere. Then again, maybe not.

  33. zena marie

    Let’s hope this is as effective as Britney’s rehab. NOT.

  34. kathleen170

    Good for her. But she still needs to fix her horrendous lips. Bad plastic surgery…

  35. Binky

    Note to self: Next time in Seattle. Try to remember to carry heat.
    (Not that I’ve ever seen the show)

  36. kathleen170

    She needs to make herself look like her real self again, like this:

  37. farrah runs with scissors

    rehab sounds like the “ADEQUITE” thing to do…

  38. Knickers O'Muffin

    Do they have semen rehab? She’s going to be in withdrawal from that.

  39. I wonder if her stint in rehab will be adequite enough for her.

  40. Cutetexun

    I hope she is able to overcome her sexual addiction. We wish her the very best and hope her herpes outbreak is minimal.

  41. Exactly, edb87. And, what is the flack going to say going forward to cover for all of her relapses?

  42. suzy

    #37, I agree. I think she looked so much better as a redhead a couple years back. She should go back to her natural hair color, as well as back to her old attitude. I think she had become famous much too quickly for few movies, that I think Mean Girls started. She looked young and fresh with red hair and much sweeter, and less hoochier and depressing.

  43. Team OJ

    Twenty years old and in rehab , now there is good reason for suicide. Do us a favour Lindsay I beg you.

  44. aurealis

    When did she realize she had a problem? When she crashed into a 5th stationary car? Or perhaps when her appendiotomy revealed her appendix to be already pickled by her 50/50 alcohol infused system? Or perhaps when she woke up next to a naked Isaac Cohen? Cuz boyfriend isn’t even cute. Just plain icky.

  45. omelette ze roar

    wtf @ her lips.

  46. SonJaSpiCe

    #19 I agree completely. When I first saw the picture and read rehab I was shocked.

    And then I read Lohan and I was bored.

  47. If this rehab works at least half of all bloggers are going to have to find honest work.

  48. Nikk The Templar

    #48 – You’re absolutely right.

    And I kind of hope she cleans herself up. She starting to go down the same path as Judy Garland….except she’s not as talented.

  49. bergdof616

    By “rehab,” does she really mean vaginal reconstructive surgery?

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