Lindsay Lohan enjoys “powdering” her nose


Lindsay Lohan annoyed Vogue editor Anna Wintour Monday night when she was a guest at Wintour’s table for the CFDA awards by continuing to get up to use the bathroom to powder her nose, doing it six times in two hours.

During the last trip, Wintour leaned over and whispered to a Vogue staffer: “Tell her, if she gets up one more time, she will never be invited to one of my events again.” Lohan’s date, Karl Lagerfeld, was then told, “Karl, this is your guest, control her!” A rep for Wintour said, “Anna was definitely surprised at how busy Lindsay was, but she offered no threat.”

I’m trying really hard not to make a cocaine reference, but powdering your nose every 20 minutes is excessive even for an egomaniac like Lindsay. By the end of the day it’s just a half-inch layer of cake covering her nose. Which is probably the point, but if she wanted to save some time she could’ve just taped a sponge to her face.