Lindsay Lohan gets free chauffeur service

June 18th, 2007 // 68 Comments

New York based company Georgi has offered free chauffeuring services to both Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Which means they’ve single handedly saved the lives of every person in Los Angeles. A drunk monkey is more qualified to own a driver’s license than these two. I could floor the gas and let my tennis racket steer and I’d end up driving better than them.

And here’s Lindsay Lohan leaving rehab again to go workout with a bunch of friends. And by workout I mean stand on the balcony and wave at people.

lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-01-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-02-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-03-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-04-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-05-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-06-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-07-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-08-thumb.jpg


  1. Lisa

    Great! I guess the Las Vegas vodka party is back on. I just love corporate responsibility!

  2. woodhorse

    #50 You’re welcome! Now you have to take an old purse and stuff it with old sunglasses so I can have some swag, too.

  3. Binky

    I googled ‘Georgi’ assuming they were ‘NWO- diversion-sponsored, evil types,’ on the new ‘Keep the Drivel Alive’ campaign.
    Couldn’t find much info.
    Now my sources are saying the car company used to be called “Rent-A-Wreck’ – so it’s all beginning to make sense.

  4. shez zuch a wazte of life..
    the only fun zhe zeemz to
    have iz drinking, drugz,
    and hitting people with her
    car..she’ll probably rip her
    shirt off and make the poor
    limo driver wreck firzt time

  5. BaldAsBritney

    I’d watch it Blohan, remember when you fell for that free lobotomy scam…

  6. myspoonistoobig

    I’m pretty sure that Georgi is the CHEAP GENERIC VODKA COMPANY here in New York, so this may be an ironic, “We sell vodka and we’re more sober than you” statement… just a possibility though…

  7. justifiable

    #55 No, that was krazihotkelli.

  8. techclerk

    “New York based company Georgi has offered free chauffeuring services to both Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton”

    Don’t lose hope. Remember Princess Diana and keep your fingers crossed.

    Krazihotkelli puts the “DUH” in “Florida”.

  9. jus'stupid

    Krasi-skank-kelli, why don’t you just shut your blow hole. What are you like 12?

  10. captain obvious

    Sooo nasty. When will this freckle faced mess fall off the radar already, ick.

  11. jus'stupid

    She has at least cancelled the birthday bash. Maybe she will stay sober for a couple weeks.

  12. miss oblivious

    krazihotretard is such an asswipe; No, no one reads your stupid posts more that once or twice asswipe, before they realize what a complete and utter moron you are. I think at this point we have all trained our eyes to just scan over your retarded z rants.

  13. ssdd

    Maxim ~ Ohhhh you must be sooo proud of that freakled face snotnosed child whore huh?…. Fuck you.

  14. I told all U old baztardz
    before: I don’t give a fuck
    what the hell U read, skip
    the fuck over me,dickbrainz!

    Lazt I fuckin checked, I waz
    still living in U. S. fuckin A.
    Zo, until I more to communizt
    fuckin China, fuck you!

  15. Stac

    Finally something that normal people have that Lindsay won’t. ALthough she’s got a fancy car, personal make-up artist, famous friends, millions of dollars at least we all had 21st b-day parties… haha Linds. +1 to the normal people

  16. Miserable Bastard

    Don’t you mean “zkip”, “ztill” and “U. Z. fuckin A”? Please try to be consistent. Your incongruousness could cause you to appear illiterate.

  17. #66=U R a miserablebaztard
    fuckface.. I would zay eatme,
    but I’m a virgin and like I’d
    want your stupid azz anywayz.

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