Lindsay Lohan gets free chauffeur service

June 18th, 2007 // 68 Comments

New York based company Georgi has offered free chauffeuring services to both Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Which means they’ve single handedly saved the lives of every person in Los Angeles. A drunk monkey is more qualified to own a driver’s license than these two. I could floor the gas and let my tennis racket steer and I’d end up driving better than them.

And here’s Lindsay Lohan leaving rehab again to go workout with a bunch of friends. And by workout I mean stand on the balcony and wave at people.

lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-01-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-02-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-03-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-04-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-05-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-06-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-07-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-08-thumb.jpg


  1. Farley

    what a ho.

  2. Arse


  3. bungoone

    her vage is a cm away from falling out of those pants in picture 5. from the looks of it, the only work out she’s been getting is pulling those thigs off for her personal trainer.

  4. WowJustWow

    She has gerbil teeth.

  5. Quinn

    DUI charges= free chauffeur
    Sounds like a stern punishment.

  6. Victor

    Like I have said MANY times, I would fuck her, but would need some sand paper first to scrub those damn freckles off. Then I would need to lotion up that whole body, so wouldn’t chafe my cock.

  7. Jumondo

    great news for society but I feel bad who ever has to drive this bitch around. lets hope there’s no herpes on the seats.

  8. i love paris and lindsay.


  9. Jimbo

    @6 You are such a pig Victor

  10. cosmetologist

    The picture that shows the bottom of her shoe proves that she doesn’t go anywhere to workout. Just look at it, no wear marks on the shoe at all. It looks more like she has been going out to Happy Hour.

  11. Victor

    Jimbo, first of all, you sound like a FUCKIN BITCH say that I am a pig. Only a human with a twat would say something like that. Second you think I could be a pig with FRIST?

  12. MissDior17

    Maybe I should start drinking and driving WITHOUT A LICENSE (since I don’t have one yet). I’ll get a free chauffer too. What a great example is being set. Love it.

  13. Jimbo

    @11 There is not way you could satisfy FRIST with a dick as small as yours. She wants a man, not a boy.

    So how is your twat today? A little drippy from all the weekend use?

  14. jrzmommy

    yeah…working out….sure.

  15. Victor

    Jimbo, big boy, she also doesn’t want a ignorant fuck like you who can’t type a sentence correctly.

  16. Waffleholic

    How come when Lindsay puts on a few lbs, it makes her ultra megalo hot, but when Britney does it she looks like a tired old sausage?

  17. Jimbo

    That is not what she told me last night!!!

  18. Snarkington

    Why would those people do something to PREVENT her early death?!

  19. Victor

    Jimbo, it is useless wasting my time, typing to you. That all you got, “That is not what she told me last night.” That was so fuckin lame, you like 12 years old? Anyway I don’t associate myself with ignorant immature children. I am done with you.

  20. My Chauffeur service would be my penis going straight into her asshole.

  21. Jimbo

    @ 19 Victor – I had to keep it a level you could understand. You are such a fucking lame ass butt munch. Boo hooo Victor won’t play with me anymore. I am going to go tell my mommy

  22. Sober Lindsay bores me … someone get a her a gallon of grocery store vodka.

  23. K

    Who’s the dumb bitch throwing up the horns in the background? Seriously? That’s the best you could do on camera? Ridiculous.

  24. Victor

    Jimbo, Fuck you sound more and more like a bitch. You don’t have enough testosterone or what? The hormones kicking in, or is it just that time of the month. Act like a man for once, quit acting like a bitch.

  25. Reality Check

    Michael Johnston your a loser you support drunk drivers you think its a joke my two year old niece was killed by a drunk driver The drunk driver was in Lindsey and Paris age group they both are bad role models You say you love Lindsey and Paris You are an idiot with a very small brain and thats a complement to you

  26. woodhorse

    Jimbo & Victor – there is a snowbank in the Colorado mountains where you could have your pissing contest…..

  27. Darth Hater

    We need a company to offer them free euthenasia service.

  28. 305 MIA

    i gave her about 5 days and i bet she gave head to her driver or do something stupid. But this is wont help her out or anyone she will just got more drunk and do more drugs knowing she dont got to drive.Which is good maybe she will die of an overdose or something im just prying that she does, she sucks at life so bad she no good i like osama be laden better then her.

  29. Victor


  30. Jimbo

    @24 Victor – blow me you pussy! My daughter’s tampons have more testosterone than you do. I am sure you go home to your wife and put on the apron. Then you wait on her like the little cunt you are. Does you wife still make you change her Kotex?

  31. Victor

    Okay, end of this childish game.

  32. Reality Check

    there is a snowbank in the Colorado mountains where you could have your pissing contest…..

    For this contest there is only one entrance requirement “men” you have to have a cock to piss with not a stump

  33. Jimbo

    @26 where? I will be there next week

  34. Jimbo

    @31 why, I was just starting to have some fun

  35. Lilrach

    I’m am so sick to death of this girl. You’d think that because she was in rehab you wouldn’t have to see her ugly face for a while – but no there she is.

  36. Victor

    Jimbo grow the fuck up already. I am going to be the MAN here, and end this stupid argument.

  37. Tipsy

    #36 – You are so sucked in – you just can’t resist Jimbo – you have said twice that you were not going to play this “childish game anymore” and well here you are!

  38. Jimbo

    What argument? I have been laughing my ass off the whole time. And why the fuck would I want to grow up, that is boring!

  39. Kamiki

    Thats so shitty – the rich get something for nothing – well shit surprise sur*feckin*prise, don’t give a single mother with kids and no car and a minimum wage job a free taxi service, NAW lets give it to some multi millionaire SKANKY SLUTS!
    What a fucked up world we live in.

  40. veggi

    I got a box of free used matchless socks once.

  41. Jimbo

    @37 Tipsy – Victor is a little smarter than you give him credit for. Not much smarter, just a little

  42. Jimbo

    I got a free box of used condoms once. I was told if I turned them inside out they would still be good.

    Damn the is one boring ASS Monday. Will it ever end?

  43. yolatengo

    i am connecting all my unused gum for the day and making a nooze to hang myself by…i am so fucking bored!!




  45. Blargh!!!!!!


  46. sea

    “I could floor the gas and let my tennis racket steer…”


  47. woodhorse

    #39 I agree. They always get free stuff. They suck rocks. Let’s all get together and give each other a bunch of stuff. I don’t have a limosine but I do have a pair of roller skates in perfect condition and whichever of you wants them, take them. The only requirement is that we have some tables set up for the “swag” so I can take photos and submit them to Fish.

  48. annie

    oh my goodness, paris hilton can’t dish out the cash to pay for her own chauffeur? what is wrong with the world?

  49. The Superfish guy is on coke

    Does this Limo company know just how bad they have FUCKED their business?

    Person #1: hmmm, lets see what limo company’s are in the yellow pages oh Georgi. That name sounds familiar.

    Person #2: Yeah, thats the company that gave Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton FREE limo services.

    Person #1: OH YEAH! Fuck them!

  50. Kamiki

    @47 why thank you kindly I be taking those rollerskates off your hands cos they’ll be the best transport I got!

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