Lindsay Lohan drunk and coked up during crash

June 28th, 2007 // 210 Comments

Lindsay Lohan was allegedly drunk and had cocaine in her system during the incident when she crashed her car in Beverly Hills over Memorial Day weekend. According to law enforcement sources, toxicology reports show Lindsay had “nearly twice the legal limit” of alcohol and traces of cocaine in her bloodstream when she crashed her Mercedes.

My God, she was drunk? And she had cocaine in her system? No, no, no, this isn’t right at all. That doesn’t sound like Lindsay Loh– oh wait, Lindsay Lohan. Right. I thought we were talking about that baby in the Pampers commercial.

Pictured: Lindsay leaving rehab to take a hike with some trainers. Check out this guy’s face if you want to feel pretty good about yourself.

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  1. Linsay is not fat. Her parents are responible for how she turned out, but so is she. I hope she is serious about the help that she is getting.

  2. inztead of Linzay being a ugly
    coke whore,,nowz zhez an ugly
    food whore..zhe lookz pregnant
    with that fatt gutt…………!?

  3. Don’t worry about Mia..she is fine. They just had to remove two devildog dicks from her ass, that’s all. she’ll be home soon, then her big mouth will be on here, screaming
    that French shit to everyone.

  4. herbiefrog

    if you thought
    they were worthy…


    …that’s good enough for us : ))


    he missed it lol : )))

  5. Sara

    At first I thought the guy on the left had a rattail, but I think there is really someone behind him, next to Lindsay. I’m still going to pretend he has a rattail tho, just for fun.

  6. nichole


  7. nichole


  8. I hope Lindsay has what’s coming to her. Why do celebs always think they are above the law?! Commoners have to pay their dues and so should celebs!

  9. Lindsey you are the bomb baby! How come I can’t get drunk, coked up, go crash a car [as long as nobody got hurt] and have 200 commentors adore me? My my, and celebs have all the fun. Come now, don’t be craby and smirk my remark, remember you too were young and reckless once upon a time. Just a different story, with different actors, with different endings. Who are we to judge? In fact all really want to do is fly you around the world and hang out awhile, as your new travelers resource, Would it help if Linsey gave this two thumbs up?

  10. oh my lady gagaoh my lady gaga

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