Lindsay Lohan drunk and coked up during crash

June 28th, 2007 // 210 Comments

Lindsay Lohan was allegedly drunk and had cocaine in her system during the incident when she crashed her car in Beverly Hills over Memorial Day weekend. According to law enforcement sources, toxicology reports show Lindsay had “nearly twice the legal limit” of alcohol and traces of cocaine in her bloodstream when she crashed her Mercedes.

My God, she was drunk? And she had cocaine in her system? No, no, no, this isn’t right at all. That doesn’t sound like Lindsay Loh– oh wait, Lindsay Lohan. Right. I thought we were talking about that baby in the Pampers commercial.

Pictured: Lindsay leaving rehab to take a hike with some trainers. Check out this guy’s face if you want to feel pretty good about yourself.

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  1. Jimbo

    @89 gay4girls – me too

  2. bungoone

    Yes, I agree, geographically they are ON the island.
    I guess this is where people differ in definition –

    “However, colloquial usage of the term “Long Island” or “the Island” refers only to the suburban Nassau and Suffolk counties”

    And I don’t give a rats ass, nor do I know anything about Maui.

  3. jaycee

    Girl’s got a pot belly thing going on. Guess she’ll have to watch what she eats, like the rest of us, instead of watching what she snorts…

  4. bungoone

    schack, i’m not constipated, I just thought things would be moving along more with the increase in fiber. Apparently not. And no, i’m not on any drugs.

  5. Italian Stallion

    @94 “i’m not sure what’s worse, douchebag guidos or douchebag lacross players. it’s really a toss-up.”

    Ring a bell? You were basically saying you hate Italians, am I right? Well, I’m Italian and your comment pissed me the fuck off, need I explain it any better then that? Fuckface……….

  6. jrzmommy

    It’s another fucking island.

  7. ambivalentbastard

    Alright…I’m back I’ve been out for a while and I feel like helping out the comment section a little bit…Who the fuck cares about “Long Island” I’m sorry even if you’re from there…No one cares.

  8. PrettyBaby

    Please… now we are all sharing our shit stories????
    Oooooo last week I had a floater!!!!!

  9. Lux

    C’mon, who’s gonna make a stupid “Fully Loaded” joke already?

  10. ambivalentbastard

    Oh jrzmommy….
    how are the kids?

  11. Blow Me Hard Bitch

    Man I don’t care!

  12. jrzmommy

    Lacrosse players rape black strippers. hee…..

  13. bungoone

    105, so you’re saying all italians are guidos? cause last time i checked they’re not.

  14. Italian Stallion

    @112 TSFSRT……..

  15. Please let justice strike twice. I would love to see Linds in the fetal position.

  16. schack

    hey Alex, that was some funny shit.

    how did that one guy pose as the same guy in all the pictures? i mean, most of them have more than one person. he must have taken different poses, and cut and past them in. it’s seamless work. really wicked photoshop skills. i’m pretty sure he did the women too.

  17. jrzmommy

    If I was black stripper, I think I’d rather hang out with the WOPS than the lacrosse players.

    What are you up to Stal?

  18. Italian Stallion

    @113 No, that’s not what I’m saying. Just put your helmet back on and stay out of traffic………

  19. Italian Stallion

    Jrz- not much, just felt like fucking with some retards today. Mission accomplished, I’m getting off the computer now, need to go wash my greasy face……..LOL

  20. jrzmommy

    Mission accomplished, indeed. you take care of yourself dreamyboy!

  21. not now

    that’s not her first-string crew. they’re the “drug-free” crew-number-two, duh

  22. bungoone

    so if that’s not the case, then you shouldn’t be offended by that comment.

    no, really, please explain how that comment is equivalent to me saying i hate all italians? unless you’re both a guido & a lacrosse player, then you have my condolences. all the cards are stacked against you.

  23. PrettyBaby

    #122 You mean Kissykissydreamyboy.

  24. jrzmommy

    is that what I called him? I couldn’t remember if the kissy was in there or not.

  25. schack

    i guess that means stallion’s first&last-stated reason was the real reason he pulled a benoit, which was to fuck with you.

  26. Guido:

    A sad pathetic excuse for a male; not necessarily of Italian descent, but most likely; usually native to the New York/New Jersey Tri-State area.

    WARDROBE: tight zipper shirts, tracksuits, designer jeans, fuzzy kangol hats, tiny hoop earrings, fake gold chains, and related Euro-trash garb and tacky cheese-wear.

    NATURAL HABITAT: Known to frequent Tri-State area malls looking for club gear to waste their week’s pay on (most likely spotted shopping at “Bang Bang” in Staten Island). During the day when not at their food delivery, telemarketting, or construction job, can be located at their local gym tanning or lifting weights. Can be found nightly at mainstream danceclubs they read about online (SF, Webster Hall, Etc.). Most notable for cruising the Jersey shore in an old car (Honda, Mustang, etc.) which has been tinted, painted and sports $1,000-$3,000 rims in a feeble attempt to look like new. Guido cars usually have a boomin’ system through which cheesy music like freestyle, commercial club/trance and hip-hop (anything KTU plays) is loudly blasted.

    GENETIC LINKS: Directly related to modern day urban-guidos, A.K.A. “wiggers,” A.K.A. “wegros;” urban-guidos are white males who once exhibited the traits referenced above, but have now instead opted to keep it unreal, with wardrobes consisting of clothes from labels like FUBU and Rocawear which they bought on sale at Macy’s. These individuals still listen to the same music and drive the same type of car as their predecessor; it is usually just their choice of attire and use of slang and poor speech skills that differentiate them from the classic guido. Most guidos are distrusting of non-whites despite the fact some of their attire and music can be traced to non-white origins.

    PASSTIMES/RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES: Guidos enjoy beating up a non-white or homosexual while assisted by a group of 5-10 guido friends backing them up; engaging in date rape; and displaying their lack of rhythm by dancing poorly in the middle of a club’s dance floor while non-guidos look on in disbelief.

  27. schack

    maybe benoit and his wife were doing bondage and asphyxiation for the first time to revamp the sex, and he accidentally killed her. he panicked, killed the son, whom he could not bear without her, and then himself.

  28. gay4girls

    So, I think I’ve got this straight now . . . Lacrosse islands have three sides, some are Guidos, and douchebag strippers are Italian? Va Bene!

  29. jrzmommy

    ” Most notable for cruising the Jersey shore…” you got dat right…

  30. I don’t know about your weather conditions, but it is hotter than two whores in a wool sock in my neck of the woods. I just about stuck to the fucking pavement a few minutes ago.

  31. PrettyBaby

    Heyyy…. as a female guido, I must take objection to that last paragraph!

  32. dang, U fuckerz
    can zay a hellofalot
    in one hour of swimming…
    big fucking mouthz
    juzt like Jimbo….
    howz your mouth doin….

  33. gay4girls

    Thar she blows! I’ve heard of you, crazy haught kelli, and now I see you. You are quite the little firecracker indeed. Tush!

  34. not now

    and stallion, go get your shine box wop-aghetti

    stop spamming gossip sites and fold some pizza boxes for your dad he can’t retire cause he raised useless sons of whores

  35. Italian Stallion

    @136 My dads dead, he got aids from fucking your mom in her asshole. That dirty bitch. Your jokes are weak and grow some balls and use your real handle, or don’t address me at all, Stronzo………


  36. Jimbo

    @135 Yes, we had been hoping that buttuglykelli had been hit by a bus and killed. The piece of shit might not be so bad if she could keep all of the fucking z’s out of every word. Buttuglykelli is the reason I support abortion on demand. I would have agreed to let her mother have one in the 9th month. She is the most annoying pile of crap since DanYELL

  37. Italian Stallion

    @136 My dads dead, he got aids from fucking your mom in her asshole. That dirty bitch. Your jokes are weak and grow some balls and use your real handle, or don’t address me at all, Stronzo………


  38. poorlycutpaperdoll

    uuuu LL gona get into troubleeeeeee

  39. star69

    She’s soooo ugly!!

    Looks like she’s a thief too.
    She stole a rose from someone’s yard.
    I hate it when someone does that. Go buy your own flowers! Cheapskate.

  40. theredsnapper

    FIRECROTCH! should be a blast watching her self destruct over the next few months…

    $10 bucks on her and hooknose hilton getting into a big pile up on a dead end street and/or cul-de-sac… ..

  41. Rehab is putting some weight on her, huh?

  42. Rachael

    I hate to defend the firecrotch (Friday obviously puts me in a good mood) but i think she is honestly taking rehab seriously this time. She looks healthy and like she is going to make a change for the good.
    Here’s hoping.

  43. well I gues she went in rehab because she is PREGNANT! or just fat or she does the same trick as Katie Holmes tomorrow the belly is gone!

  44. Rachael

    #143 i agree – check out her gutt. They say that food is the best substitute for drugs! Especially sweet food.

  45. Christina

    She looks prego!

  46. Jimbo

    Italian Stallion stfu before I stick my tongue between your cunt and taste your juice

  47. If you guys really want to see Lindsay Lohan coked out, here’s another pic of her:

    She looks like a slut!

  48. Jimbo

    @148 Hi Troll!!! How are you doing. Is that what you want me to do to your troll?

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