Lindsay Lohan drunk and coked up during crash

June 28th, 2007 // 210 Comments

Lindsay Lohan was allegedly drunk and had cocaine in her system during the incident when she crashed her car in Beverly Hills over Memorial Day weekend. According to law enforcement sources, toxicology reports show Lindsay had “nearly twice the legal limit” of alcohol and traces of cocaine in her bloodstream when she crashed her Mercedes.

My God, she was drunk? And she had cocaine in her system? No, no, no, this isn’t right at all. That doesn’t sound like Lindsay Loh– oh wait, Lindsay Lohan. Right. I thought we were talking about that baby in the Pampers commercial.

Pictured: Lindsay leaving rehab to take a hike with some trainers. Check out this guy’s face if you want to feel pretty good about yourself.

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  1. schack

    #43- thanks for that! i can’t believe it’s real. wasps v. guidos, i guess. i believe the proper terminology for a person who looks like a guido, but isn’t italian, is “wigger.” should i tell the getoffourisland folks?

  2. maeby

    Hey, I though we were ripping on Blohan and tenderfoot.. Is it really necessary to bring long island into the mix.. I mean its not even really an island is it?

  3. my comment

    Don’t look now, but I’m sure she’s got some rock stashed in that flower. She’s got no nasal passages left to smell with.

  4. my comment

    Long Island most certainly is an island. The Island of lost souls.

  5. veggi

    @43. I shop at food lion.

  6. Muffin is a coke whore

    People get fat in rehab from sitting around and eating junk food. She is just fat people, not pregnant. FATTY FATTY FAT FAT. She would totally have an abortion if she got knocked up.

    She really needed rehab…bitch was blitzed out of her mind!

  7. Ruby

    @43 I’ve smelled like Massengill “country garden” for the rest of the night.

  8. JennaJamesonIsASkank

    Shut up guys… I am trying to eat some pickles here with my lunch… Damn. You TOTALLY ruined it…

  9. bungoone

    nice 54, very nice.

  10. Nice hat, Linds, you effing Fairweather Johnson! I bet she can’t even name 2 Spurs!

  11. my comment

    43. that is one FUNNY website!
    I live in NY, so I ought to know..

  12. Ruby

    @58 I’ve smelled like Massengill “country garden pickles” for the rest of the night. :)

  13. jrzmommy

    52–then what the fuck do you think it is? Jay-zuss……need a map, much?

  14. This news is as shocking as … it is not shocking in any way.

  15. jrzmommy

    Here you go…notice it’s surrounded by fucking water……..

  16. Italian Stallion

    Ladies, just because they call Mentos “The fresh maker” does not mean if you put one in your pussy that you douched that day. Just had to be said, sorry, carry on………..

  17. droppin' jewels on your dome

    #51 a “wigger” is a white person trying to look like they are part of the black culture

  18. Kristen

    Is this suppose to be shocking news?

  19. Italian Stallion

    @67 Thanks, you fucking idiot, never knew that one. I hear suicide is popular now a days, you should look into that……..

  20. Ruby

    Stallion, Wrigleys works better, huh? It’s like getting to the centre of a tootsie pop!

  21. schack

    well, i grew up in the nyc area, and our class was made up of preppies, guidos, wiggers and other.

    guidos were italian wannna-be ganstars
    wiggers were non-italian wanna-be ganstars

  22. bungoone

    jrz, it’s part of an island. it in itself is not an island. notice brooklyn & queens is also part of the island.

    and i’ll have to disagree with one of those bumper stickers. i’m not sure what’s worse, douchebag guidos or douchebag lacross players. it’s really a toss-up.

  23. Kristen

    and of course she will look fat if she isnt snorting her coke in rehab thats what kept her skinny

  24. Italian Stallion

    @71 I’ll let that slide…….

  25. schack claims that guidos are not necessarily italian. i don’t think that’s true. to be a guido, one must be italian (which is not to say that italians are all guidos, of course).

  26. Italian Stallion

    @72 Your mom loves Italian suasage kind of like how you seem to love bungholes, fucker……..

  27. gay4girls

    @38 Are asses self-cleaning too? Is calling someone a butt wipe a double insult a la douchebag? I heard that rinsing it out once in a while, w/ or w/o the use of a “bag” with some warm water and mild soap was not a bad thing. Furthermore, would the Neosporin (sp?) bottle that Lohan shoots up with every night to “cool off” be a form of douchebag? Just asking.

  28. my comment

    I live in Brooklyn, the very epicenter of all things Guido in all the known universes.

    Thank god in recent years they all moved to Staten Island and Long Island.

  29. bungoone

    i just hate long island, that’s why i’m trying to break it down. just stay on your fake island people!

  30. droppin' jewels on you dome

    #69 What did my comment have to do with you? I was clarifying that a “wigger” doesn’t LOOK like a “guido”. Jesus, if anyone sounds like they’re about to pull a Benoit it’s you!

  31. schack

    asses should be clean if one eats enough fiber (both soluble, for clumping, and insoluble, for solidity). but i’ve heard that colonics can be healthy.

    as for lohan, i think she’s been fucked so much that the membrane separating her ass from her vag has been torn to shreds, which means she shits out of her vagina. i’m not sure neosporin is the cure for that, i’m not sure ANYthing is the cure for that, but i’m sure it can’t hurt.

  32. djthecat

    is it just me, or does the guy in the aviators look like toby maguire?

  33. gay4girls

    Is it too early to say “pull a Benoit”?

  34. djthecat

    so if la lohan is preggers, shall we start the bets on who the baby daddy is?

  35. Italian Stallion

    @80 My bad, just felt like shitting on someone and I heard you were into that sort of thing.

  36. star69

    It’s OK. It’s really simple how it all works out these days.
    She’ll start carrying around a bible when she gets out, then she’ll do some time in jail. Get out. Get on Larry King Live and when asked if she ever did drugs she’ll say “No”. And when asked if she ever got drunk, she’ll say “I drank but never to the point of getting drunk”.

    America will believe her.

  37. bungoone

    76, wtf are you even talking about?

  38. gay4girls

    @81 Very helpful, thank you.

  39. schack

    well, no charge.

  40. gay4girls

    Holla if you don’t give a rat’s ass about Long Island etiquette!

  41. Italian Stallion

    @88 sorry, didn’t know it was mentally hadicapped day at the Fish……

    P.S. you might want to get someone to change your diaper……

  42. bungoone

    81, you are a wealth of information. i have been eating a hell of a lot of fiber, but don’t seem to be pooping all that much. what’s up with that? too much of one kind of fiber?

  43. bungoone

    92, you are far too witty. actually, not really. my post had nothing to do with you.

  44. Ahem…excuse me! You guys really need to see this:

  45. PrettyBaby

    hahaha all I can see is that guy she is with- jiminy crickets is he flaming. This hole is always walking around with fags, I swear.
    Oh and she’s doing the classic coked-up mouth movements in these pics.

  46. Lux

    Number 5:
    You should write for the superficial. So fucking funny…so true.

  47. Jamie

    Is it just me or does she look pregnant? Could explain why she’s trying to kick the drugs and alcohol…

  48. schack

    well, bungoone, even though i’m no doctor, i know there are a whole host of causes leading to constipation, both psychological and physical.

    first question, are you taking any opiates (heroine, morphine, codine) or any CNS depressants (klonopin, valium, etc.)?

  49. jrzmommy

    The island itself is called Long Island, like the way Maui is called Maui…..asshole. Do you get it? Brooklyn and Queens are ON the island that is named Long Island. Long Island is not a town, it’s a land mass surrounded on all sides by water.

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