Lindsay Lohan drunk and coked up during crash

June 28th, 2007 // 210 Comments

Lindsay Lohan was allegedly drunk and had cocaine in her system during the incident when she crashed her car in Beverly Hills over Memorial Day weekend. According to law enforcement sources, toxicology reports show Lindsay had “nearly twice the legal limit” of alcohol and traces of cocaine in her bloodstream when she crashed her Mercedes.

My God, she was drunk? And she had cocaine in her system? No, no, no, this isn’t right at all. That doesn’t sound like Lindsay Loh– oh wait, Lindsay Lohan. Right. I thought we were talking about that baby in the Pampers commercial.

Pictured: Lindsay leaving rehab to take a hike with some trainers. Check out this guy’s face if you want to feel pretty good about yourself.

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  1. Finally first

    it only took them about…oh, 2 weeks to find out. 1st

  2. Steve ]-[


    Lindsay Lohan is pregnant!



  4. Going to be kinda tough for her to claim that the coke found in the car wasn’t hers now…

    Also, her blood tested out at around twice the legal limit, but they gave her the test hours after the accident. This girl must have been RIPPED while she was driving.

  5. Sicasso


    Is she getting set to star in a big screen version of Little House on the Prairie? She looks like a coked-out Laura Ingalls or someone in training to out-Nancy Grace Nancy Grace.

    Wait a minute. Think I’m gonna hurl.

  6. bungoone

    let me take one guess why that girl in the white shirt is in rehab – eating disorder
    her legs are about to snap in half.

    and those don’t look like trainers. they look like a bunch of douchebags from long island.

  7. Randy

    getting fat

  8. orangina

    if a stroll down the block passes for “hiking” what constitutes her “rehabilitation” ?

  9. amy



  10. Sydney Bristol

    She does seem to be developing a tummy. You can tell she’s not anatomically proportioned like a naturally thin person. I’m sure she really has to work at it, and now that she’s crossing into the early twenties it’s going to be more difficult for her to stay thin.

  11. veggi

    Cokehead=skinny. It’s science ya’ll.

  12. wedgeone

    And in another breaking story, planet Earth discovered to be round and not flat.

    In other news, the Lynwood cell formerly occupied by Paris Hilton is being redecorated. The “Welcome Lindsay” banner on the back wall is already hung up.

  13. jrzmommy

    HOLY FUCK! Can that guy be any more of a fucking flaming faggot? The only way he could be gayer would be if a rainbow was literally shooting out of his ass.

  14. yolatengo


  15. edan

    The best part? If she doesn’t go in for “emergency appendix surgery” again like the last time she got herself into trouble she is going to be a…get this…MOM!
    Lindsay: I think I will tell the media I am getting my left appendix taken out this time.
    Handler: Um, Lindsay, you only have one appendix.

  16. drewski

    That guy looks like he went in for plastic surgery to get the “Luke Perry” and it went horribly wrong. I’m sure Lindsay just brought him along to draw attention away from her gut….. How did this girl ever get voted #1 hottie by Maxim? I’m glad I cancelled my subscription years ago –

  17. wedgeone

    Geez … that dude has his upper lip swallowed in every one of those photos. How do you explain that one – embarrassed that he’s wearing a wife-beater tank top?

    And I REALLY pray that Lindsay’s not a preggo now. That kid will come out making Hammerhead-Shark-Brandi looking like Miss Sweden. Talk about doomed from the start.

  18. Don Mega

    No more Hohan. I want to see more of Michelle Marsh’s massive mammaries.

  19. Shinanigans

    Look at the belly! Hold up, hasn’t she been leaving rehab like everyday to go to the gym?! or did she mean competitive eating, I get those two confused.

  20. #6: As a douchebag in Long Island I take offense to that.

  21. FirstTimeCaller

    Yeah, his face is like that in every shot. Is it just a series of quick photos or does he actually look like that??

  22. Jimbo

    I’ll be honest here. After Paris did her time, I finally earned respect for the girl. I feel I can have respect for Lohan too, she’s beautiful.

  23. mwahahaha

    getting kinda CHUNKY without all that COCAINE!

  24. StrongIsland

    #20 – If you really are from Long Island then you would k now it is “On Long Island” not “In Long Island”. Idiot.

  25. danie

    She is not even close to being fat. Her stomach is puffed out a little tiny bit! You could drink a glass of water and your stomach would expand more than this. Jeeze.

  26. #22: who are you and what have you done with Jimbo?

  27. schack

    are you high, jimbo?

  28. Jimbo

    @20 but you are our favorite douchebag from Long Island

  29. CountDrunkulaXxX

    does the word DUH mean ANYTHING to you people??

    of course she was drunk and on coke… thats what shes famous for afterall!!

  30. #24: Cocksucker – i did not say “on” long island, because i am *not* from here. I just live here. but thanks for proving there are douchebags everywhere. congrats.

  31. JennaJamesonIsASkank

    3 trainers to help her hike?… one for the left leg, one for the right leg, one to remind her to breath?

    Pregnant. That would figure. Great way to stay out of jail in LA if you are rich and famous. And I thought the brat pack in the 80′s wound up as total fuck ups…

  32. Phillip

    That’s not pregnant, that’s a beer belly.

  33. Jimbo

    @22 My Troll is back. I thought she was on vacation. Welcome back Troll, I missed you

  34. schack

    #20, i’m not sure you can be a douche bag unless you’re a man. it’s like calling a guy a vagina-cleaner

  35. i call 24 a vagina-cleaner.

  36. Mick

    Lohan looks pregnant or just a new fat gut from all the eating she’s been doing from getting off drugs.
    Her legs are massive, they look so manly. I feel sorry for her. Her body is so f’ed up looking. She’s always had a boy body that I think of it.

  37. lambman

    how can you be “twice the legal limit” if you are underaged?

  38. schack

    the funniest thing is that douches are useless.

    vaginas, like eyeballs, are self-cleaning. and washing them out with soap actually disturbs the vaginal environment, causing yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.

    which only makes the ‘douche’ a richer insult. it’s like calling a guy an useless-vagina-cleaner

  39. Clarenece the Clown

    Lohan is fat or pregnant, either way she loses.

    And that guy’s face — I think he’s deformed, actually… I don’t think he’s biting his lip. Maybe too much time with his face pressed into a pillow?

  40. as per wikipedia...

    “Terms such as shower pocket, douchebag, d-bag, DB, doucherama, doucher, douche turd, douchington, or simply douche are considered pejorative terms in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand. The slang usage of the term dates back to the 1960s. Initially, it was used to insult a woman, originating as an insult derived from lesbian activities.”

  41. Thanks for the substance #40. Here is my fifty cent:
    Her and her “crew” look like a scene from a hitman movie like Resevoir Dogs or something! Momma said knock you out! I’m scared! Hold me Victor (and give me your blog page if you have one–I need some IT lovin’).
    BTW–Ripped meaty guy in the front, please remove the towel from your waste!

  42. schack

    wow, sir douchington, i did not know that.

    it remains true that NOW douchebag is used to insult primarily men.

    but maybe you can bring it back for women.

  43. HonestAbe

    Regarding douches,
    One night in college I found myself drunk in a Food Lion (a grocery store chain) at 3 in the morning. I decided that I would buy the most random items I could think of to see if I could get a rise out of the cashier. I ended up buying a douche, a cactus, and a box of Golden Grahams. The cashier didn’t even look startled when I paid for it. I then went out to the parking lot and promptly sprayed the douche up into the air and all over my friends. They smelled like Massengill “country garden” for the rest of the night. From that point on, I always thought of that story whenever I heard the word “douche” or “douche bag”. I know its a boring story, but it just popped into my mind.

    Also, if you would really like to see some douchebags from Long Island go to this website if you haven’t already…

  44. maeby

    Feast your eyes on Yasmin Bleeth Version 2.0

  45. Whoa. This one picture had me doing double takes. I thought he was missing his right arm. In just one photo. haha.

  46. ssdd

    fucking skank is going to kill that rose once she gets her snot nosed freckled face next to it with the dry cum chips spewing from her filthy fucking mouth.

  47. bungoone

    24, is Long Island really an island? not really. it shares a mass of land with queens & brooklyn. it’s just an area. so i guess you are really IN long island afterall & not ON it. who’s the idiot now.

    so with your reasoning, I guess I should start saying ” i work on manhattan” except i never say manhattan becase it’s pretentious, like long islanders. wow, just went full circle right there.

  48. yeah i was gunna say..fat.

  49. bungoone

    43, or all you have to do is bring up episodes of Growin up Ghotti.

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