Lindsay Lohan doesn’t wear panties

September 6th, 2006 // 55 Comments

  1. Jedi Kevin

    I feel like eating a taco now.

    Yo quiero Taco Bell!

  2. thatshot

    looks like brandon davis was wrong….

  3. MelMel

    Second nah

  4. vainandlovingit

    Hooray for SKANKS!!!

  5. jrzmommy

    she’s looking a little protective of that area in a few of the other photos.

    it’s a shame that pretty dress is wasted on such a slut.

  6. al rarow

    Looks like she’s storing some silver dollars in that ol’ saggy coinpurse of hers.

    Reminds me of that famed interweb picture of the squirrel with the big, floppy nutsack.

  7. 20,000 different swimsuits, no panties…

  8. HollyJ

    Um… I think Superwriter missed anatomy and physiology class.

    You can’t see her VAGINA from that vantage point. Her gtube is INSIDE, people.

    That’s her vulva. VULVA. Say it with me: VULVA…cuz it’s funny to hear people say ‘vulva.’


  9. Italian Stallion

    The bitch has balls……….

    To see the whole shot go here:

  10. hendero

    well, given the progession on the superfish over the past couple of weeks, from side boob to ass grab to boob grab, it only makes sense her pink taco now makes an appearance. Next time I ever need to lose a hard-on, I’ll just stare at this pic for 30 seconds

  11. RichPort

    I thought it was Sharon Stone with that wrinkly neck. I wish I would have left good enough alone and NOT gone to Spanks to see the actual firecrotch. Thanks a fucking lot Stallion…

  12. bigponie

    thanks alot stallion, i was eating oreo cookies when i clicked on the link, do you know how oreo cookies look like when you spit it out, fucking gross.

  13. Here is the sad thing, she actually started the day wearing a brand new pair of panties, but they were dissolved by the firey, acid-like fluids that her body generates.

    Ew, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.


  14. Pearly

    Is it necessary really for us to have to view every celebs nasty junk? Ugh..Paris was bad this?

  15. Proteon

    HA! I’ve been saying for months that the sole purpose of this site is to inch toward Lohans vagina. All that’s left is the pap smear. I expect it before October.

  16. Obadiah

    All I have to say is that I love Karl Wang. I want to marry Karl Wang. Also, I’m sorry that I had to post this next to a picture of Lindsay Lohan’s secret parts. That is all.

  17. jonesy

    it was a Harry-queef that puffed out the dress. thank got it went back down – you didn’t want to see what was going to come out next.

  18. HollyJ

    9 Italian stallion – thanks for the site… I think… >

    Her meat lobes look like haggis.

    I HATE when people ruin comfort food for me. =(

  19. Italian Stallion

    My bad everyone, but if I had to suffer, I figure why not bring you guy’s down with me. Told you the bitch had balls, that should have been enough of a clue…………..

  20. jrzmommy

    Did anyone see the post of her recent shopping receipt on Hot Pockets, Trojans, Unisom sleeping pills and a shit load of cold medicine.

  21. combustion8

    looks sloppy.

  22. biatcho

    may I have an order of roast beef curtains with genital herpes on the side please?

  23. RichPort

    She looks like she’s wearing a flesh colored pair of Always with wings…

  24. tracyp

    #14 with you on this one.

    #21–did you notice the three other items after? in order: condoms, excedrin, tums, sleeping pills. Did she subconsiously put those up on the belt in that order?? hhhhmmmmm…

  25. maiira

    Why do I look at this site while eating?

    A perfectly good muffin ruined.

    Thanks a fucking lot, Stallion.

  26. Looks like we finally get a glimpse of a firecrotch, so that is what they look like.

  27. That looks like one beat up piece of hamburger.

    Seriously, it looks like Tom Cruises ass after bending over his couch and letting the entire NHL use him as their “Party Hole”

  28. spatz

    i very innocently opened up to see what spanks had for us this morning and an UP CLOSE bare shot of linds nutsack was looking right at me. i swear that thing has eyes.

  29. FashMags

    Photoshopped, and not well.

  30. SweetPeazy

    Looks like balls to me. Somethin’ you wanna tell us, Lindsay?

  31. Apparently we now know where her boyfriend got the name of his taco joint. Linds’ legs aren’t the only part of her anatomy that looks like an old lady’s. That clamshell looks like she borrowed it from Betty White.

  32. saltpeanuts

    Ahhh, there is nothing better in life than a young, tight, freshly shorn vagina staring you in the mouth, unless it is a young, tight, fresh and clean chocolate starfish. Looks tasty. And, according to my doctor, HSV2 transmission from vagina to mouth is relatively low-risk as far as sexual behaviors go, so quenching ones thirst with Lindsay’s trim is virtually risk free. So, dine at the Y, and enjoy your meal.

  33. happy_bunny

    Someone needs to brush up on their photoshopping, because that sucks.

  34. Fake or not, I think I’m gonna hurl.

  35. RichPort

    #32 – Aaaahhhh… I remember seeing Betty White’s juicebox when watching some of the unauthorized outtakes from Golden Girls. Just me, a few candles, some smooth jazz, my DVD remote, a bottle of Jergens, and some Ben Gay for my elbow. Good times man, good times.

  36. LL

    #36: Betty White is a handsome woman… remember her as the horny chick on Mary Tyler Moore? Ay carumba!

    Have not checked out Lindsay’s alleged crotch, really don’t want to. Seen one, seen ‘em all.

    I was more surprised than anything that the dress she’s wearing is actually pretty. Makes her look a teeny bit preggers, but all in all, not bad. And it’s not a bikini, that in itself is amazing. She has decent-looking clothes and can throw them on every once in awhile. She seems to be doing better than Paris right now, sad Paris who can’t get into clubs and is forced to hang out with that greaseball.

    In fact, in the Paris-Lohan Stakes, I think Lindsay has pulled ahead by a nose.

  37. Dr.Rokter

    Large orange bush located in the pubic area of the human body. Forest fire crotches are known to occur most often in Ireland and Scotland. quote: “I have a fire crotch and if you mess with me I will burn your fucking face off you fucker.” Don’t touch that fire crotch…it will burn off your hand,or maybe even your tongue. Caution:
    These people have the ability to light cigarettes without the use of an incendiary device purely by placing their crotch in contact with it! I need to scrub my brain with acid and a wire brush now.

  38. happy_bunny

    #36 – never ever EVER put Ben Gay on your – um – you know – “elbow”.

  39. babydollz217

    ok adn eff Lindsay Lohan she is such a whore. can someone please arrest her for under age drinking?

  40. Tracie

    Definitely a photoshop. Her “lips” would actually be parted and stretched a wee bit by the action of raising her leg to step out of the boat. Funny shot nonetheless.

  41. shierkahn

    Look like Billy Idols lips. When I saw it, in my head I heard “It’s a nice day for a White Wedding”

  42. thank you superdooperfish for posting this pic! firecrotches are funny!

    i’m going to mail her a pair.. no, a box of my funderpants and ask that she wear them all at once (and put the box on her head)

    pop art undies –>

  43. Mike

    Holy crap! It looks like she has E.T.’s finger down there between her legs.

  44. Nikk The Templar

    Once again, Ms. Lohan is rocking the shoes that don’t fit.

    Way to go, Smokey The Firecrotch.

  45. MyWellRehearsedMistake

    38. hey Dr, good to see your back from where ever the hell you were (in Peru or somewhere we heard?) stitching people’s legs back on and all sorts we were told… bet that doesn’t compare in grossness to looking at this skank’s firecrotch.

  46. cayana

    She has weasel teeth.

    Check out this pic:


    Sorry but her vagina doesn’t interest me. It’s like, been there, done that.

  47. RichPort

    #39 – Let’s just say that’s something you’d never do TWICE… damn you Betty White, damn you to hell!!!

  48. Ms. Sass

    Aren’t freckles a sign of cancer?

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