Lindsay Lohan doesn’t need a bra

March 29th, 2007 // 129 Comments

Lindsay Lohan was spotted in LA without a bra on, which I guess would be a bigger deal if we haven’t already seen her vagina. The most surprising thing she could do these days would be to spell the word “adequate” correctly. I heard the other day she spelled it with a ‘p’ and somehow worked in a pound sign.

A few more of Linday Lohan and her pointy nipples after the jump.


  1. kamihi


  2. BigJim

    Bras are overrated, just like pubic hair.

  3. kamihi

    WOW I really was first!! OMG my first first!

  4. BigJim


    Get a life.

  5. allgravybaby


  6. What she needs is a shotgun just like the one Kurt Cobain owned.

  7. Gerald Tarrant

    The only thing she needs on her is me.

  8. kamihi

    BigJims been drinkin whiskey
    And playing poker on a losin night
    Pretty soon, BigJim starts a thinkin
    Somebody been cheatin and lyin
    So BigJim commences to fightin
    I wouldnt tell you no lie
    And BigJim done grab his pistol
    Shot his friend right between the eyes

  9. Saera

    why the fuck is she wearing two different shoes? and i really hoped she had a vagina slip seeing that 8th picture.

  10. Jimbo

    Thngs could be worse. We got Tara Ried’s somewhat big tits with no bra this morning and now Lindsay is showing a little nipplage through her shirt and lets not forget Haley showing some nice cleavage.

  11. kamihi

    BigJim I am now gonna wait for the occasion I can do it properly by typing “FRIST” that day I’ll have nothing left to live for! I might suggest thouhg your are trawling a site for gossip on celebs so the same statement “get a life” applies to you too!
    @#6 – too funny

  12. Jimbo

    @6 I am hoping the same thing. I have Linsay in my gool pool this year.

  13. veggi

    what’s a gool pool?

    why am I still at work?

    Where are my pants?

  14. BarbadoSlim

    Get this skank some support, and a vat of penicillin, STAT!

  15. diddleysquat

    Lindsay’s looking gooood, but something’s not right about the boobs. Gotta be implants.
    I would like to investigate further.

  16. LilRach

    This girl is going to have to strip naked, shave her head and run down the street screaming “i am the firecrotch, i am the firecrotch” before she can surprise me anymore.

    and yeah what is a goo pool??

  17. Negatrice

    Good paparazzi shots in a few steps:

    1- Walk.
    2- Carry a drink and/or a purse.
    3- Wear something silly (+1 if no bra).
    4- Step in a car (+1 with no panties).
    These are the basics. Set in stone.

    Now optional is:
    *- tons of (+1 if orange)make-up.
    *- stupid girl/boyfriend dragging you.
    *- stoned at party.
    *- car driving challenged. (you can make interesting combinations with these last two).

    Highlights remain:
    - genitals exposure.
    - car crash exposure.
    - cocaine lines exposure.

    Anyone feel free to contribute.

  18. NaughtyMandy

    Hey! If she keeps the trend with no bras we can use her nipples as an age dial as they slowly point further and further down over the years.

  19. imran karim

    you can’t ask too much of her

  20. Topaz Vamp

    Hey, Saera, in answer to your probing question, “why the fuck is she wearing two different shoes?”… Uh, she changed them. I hate Lyndsey too but criticizing her for changing her shoes is really grasping hard for something to criticize.

  21. BarbadoSlim

    That last picture shows just how out of shape she is. Never done a squat thrust in her life. If she makes it past thirty-five (doubtful) she’ll be a sickly pathetic wreck.

  22. Pedicure = the only allowable reason to trash around in cheap rubber flip flops.

    Why not class it up and just go barefoot like Britney?

  23. Saera

    #21, the only reason i asked that was because wouldn’t it be easier to stick with one pair instead of changing shoes? and it’s nothing to serious, yo.

  24. AreYouSerious?!?!

    Ghoul Pool = Place bets on who is going to die this year
    come onnn… you’re smarter than that!
    there’s even a web site dedicated to it!!!

  25. suzy

    walk in with yellow flats and black nail polish

    walk out with hot pink nail polish on fingers and toes with pink flip flops

    lol… even with all the paparazzi.. she’s got time to fix her nails– but not her clothes..


  26. BarbadoSlim

    How is it that she has time for all this shit, but can’t seem to get to her work on time?

  27. bungoone

    note to self – shorts are too short if your vagina eats them when you sit in a car. that wedge must be painful, if she still has feeling down there.

  28. HollyJ

    Gyno Doc, while peering at her vag: “My Miss Lohan, you have the largest vagina I’ve ever seen… ever seen…”

    Lohan: “Doc, you don’t need to repeat yourself.”

    Gyno Doc: “I didn’t…. didn’t…”

  29. freak_show

    I love how attractive her hair looks from the back. Hello, rear view mirror? Very desirable the way that you can tell her extensions from her natural growth. Pretty soon she will start shaving it bald like Britney.

  30. Courtney love losing some weight, lindsay not wearing a bra… when are we going to read really breaking gossip? :-(

  31. therapture

    I would hit it, gladly. And so would 99% of the males (and gals too!) on here. At least I am man enough to admit it.

  32. She doesn’t. Why would she need one?

  33. bnawtee

    Thank GOD!

  34. kris10

    Who the EEFFFFF cares? how is this “breaking news?” if my tits looked that perky without a bra i’d go without one every day

  35. danielle

    “Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Need a Bra”

    Well, The Fish obviously doesn’t need any writers either.

    This shit is beyond whack.

    Next thing ya know they’ll be posting a story on how Teletubbies are cool or how Barney is making a comeback.

  36. teetee

    She needs to get her fire-crotch waxed.

  37. herbiefrog

    missed it…

    …isnt tonight
    …movie night ?

  38. gatorgirl

    #30 you’re right, the extensions are so noticable. Why else would 1/2 her hair be red, then stop, then dangly blonde under-neathy layers be hanging? ugg you’re a millionaire, can’t you get at least the hair right? And for that nasty coochy bite, good lord, woman, put some panties on with tight denim shorts, your hoo-ha is gonna be in pain later!

  39. Saera

    #26, thanks, i never thought about that.

  40. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Just because she can go without a bra does not mean it’s a good idea. Her tits will be hardcore sagging before she’s 30. Oh well, they’re her tits.

    And who the fuck gets a manicure & picks clashing neon pinks?? That’s even worse than buying those tacky 99 cent bottles of polish & doing it yourself. Which is what I always thought she did. LMAO that she pays for that shit.

  41. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    “What color you rike today Miss Rindsay?”

  42. onewickedhoe

    thunder thighs. i’m surprised she’s never photographed rubbing desitin between her thighs. barf.

  43. andrewthezeppo


  44. fluffbottom


  45. Carsten5577

    To call her a whore would be offensive to whores.

  46. Punkgal

    Not that i find her appealing or anything positive at all in the slightest way,but she doesn’t look like a HUGE slut in these pics, she just looks like she just went to the pool/beach.
    I know it sounds like i am defending her, but like i said i don’t see anything good in this woman at all.. she just doesn’t look as gross in this pic as she has in others.

  47. Pelted

    This is what’s so sinister about her. She plays so clean and innocent. And underneath is a festering sore of a human being.

  48. Barbie

    notice how she goes from having pink shoes and neon pink fingernails to yellow shoes and black fingernails…strange?

  49. Hemlock Queen

    LMAO #42. She better hope she doesn’t get any flesh eating bacteria. Oh wait…. Firecrotch!

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