Lindsay Lohan is having an awesome week

March 28th, 2010 // 159 Comments

Here’s Lindsay Lohan leaving a house party Saturday night while her feet are enveloped in coke like she’s Pigpen from the goddamn Peanuts. I know I shouldn’t be as amazed by these pics as I am, but to put things in perspective, this is up there with finally seeing Britney Spears dip her kids in ranch dressing. You know it’s happening, but you just assume there’s a team of publicists covering it up. Like that secret cabin where Tom Cruise keeps all those figure skaters.


  1. cat

    Yeah, it took me looking through nearly ALL these pictures to realize her shoes weren’t smoking. Talk about confused!

  2. rorro

    inmature and ridicolous, the fame, money etc., are just too much for someone like her

  3. quinn

    16…. americas angel? when was that?

  4. Lindsay has done more coke and booze than Tyra. And when you figure that she started on both habits about six years ago, she’s lucky that she is still alive.

  5. Mister Bored

    Well… that’s the newest way to do coke. Regardless… why isn’t she on a suicide watch yet?

  6. stanlymorris

    If she wasn’t a celeb she would be a cheap hooker… work for crack

    her current lifestyle is more expensive. work for coke.

  7. Cartman

    I wish this stupid whore would OD already.

  8. Rachael

    Jeez…….how old is she now – she’s starting to look really haggard!

    It looks like some dick head paps through talc at her – Losers.

  9. Rhialto

    What happened!?
    a) Her womb fell out of her dying vagina and crumbled into dust when it hit the ground.
    b) She got a new deal with a fashion company and is showing here her latest clothing line ‘from dust till down’.

  10. Darth


  11. sickof her

    She obviously put powder IN her shoes and thats why it’s flying out when she walks. The crack whore is so high she doesn’t even realize it. Lock her ass up for public intox.

  12. Gando

    I guess the paps did make fun of her again?!

  13. talc powder is used in shoes to stop the smell and to make the shoes more comfortable.

  14. Ya its true that Lindsay is having awesome week because in different reasons she is in news. She has done many mistakes now a days which spoiled her fame and personality. After getting drunk she is always seems to do some nasty things.

  15. Shaft

    That’s foot powder bro, bitch got odors.

  16. Oh. This is horrible! She looks like she’s in her 40′s! I thought she was a good girl but it seems that she is getting to the wrong way.

  17. Rough=advocate to the save Lilo campaign

    I don’t care if Lilo was observed stomping chunks (a la Lucille Ball) of coke in Columbia. If she says she doesn’t have a drug problem, that’s damn well good enough for me.

  18. no…. it’s Dr.Scholls… that is 1000 bucks an ounce.

  19. AnnaDraconida

    I really don’t think she can afford to pour coke into her shoes. Then again, what do I know… But she was 10 miles high anyway, just look at her eyes in the closeup. Sad.

  20. Nicky

    Why are people saying the papz threw talc at her feet? There’s a video of it on X17 where she exits her car, nearly falls over (again) and walks towards her friends house, which is when the powder spills out of her shoes. The papz weren’t anywhere near her, this was her own doing.

  21. captain america


  22. MILK-A-WHAT?!

    She looks pretty cute singing. That dress is interesting. Now I want to see her naked.

    @ 58 – “how old is she now”
    Weird. Her Mean Girls costars were older than her, and six years later Seyfried is STILL playing a high school girl, and McAdams is holding up nice at 31, too.

  23. RRC

    Isn’t that Samantha Ronson in pic #8? Behind her.

  24. debbie

    what a skank, she looks like hell!

  25. henk

    first ??

  26. Linds really looks bad. I feel sooo bad for her.Thats not cocaine.i think talcum powder is used in shoes make the shoes more comfortable

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  29. Amanda

    Come on Lindsay, you can do better then this! You were a promising actress with talent and a rising star! You can get out of this terrible rut! It’s not too late.

  30. Cocaine isn’t that powdery. That’s talc.

  31. lindsay would waste coke anyway

  32. Brandon

    Why has no one else noticed that you can see her nip in half of these photo’s???

  33. Brandon

    Why has no one else noticed that you can see her nip in half of these photo’s???

  34. jacoby

    i don’t know what to think.

    it could be a joke somebody played on her. filling her shoes. she obviously didn’t go there like that because it would have squeezed out on her way there.

    i doubt it’s coke. way too fluffy. it’s coming out light as air in a micro fine dust.

  35. jlylec

    of course it’s coke…what else could it possibly be? i heard jimi used to put acid between his toes. maybe lindsay heard about that too?

    she’s so cool…i’d hit her coked up feet and i think that feet porn shit is dumb.

  36. james

    I’m going to guess that she was stealing coke… in her shoes… because there was nowhere else to stash it. (Well, maybe that enormous, crappy bag.)

  37. gen

    If I were born with her face, I sure as hell wouldn’t have wasted it and come out looking like this by the time I was 25 or whatever pathetically young age she is. Regardless if that powder is coke or not, we all know that she has done tons of it, and just take a look at that close-up picture of her face to see the effects. Sad. Just sad.

  38. skye

    bloody gums in pic 10… healthy.

  39. HORSE

    Doesn’t everyone know using your feet to absorb the cocaine is the fastest way to get it into your system. Forget the butthole, foot absorbtion works great!

  40. april

    there is no way a coke head would lose track of that much coke and not try to
    salvage it.

  41. Valerie

    She looks like fucking Richard Nixon in one of those pics!

  42. Black Chef

    Im surprised none of you male lames noticed the left nipple shot in pics #9-10. Only WOMEN argue over feet. Man-up and concentrate on what matters.

  43. She'll be dead soon

    Coke or not, what’s not in dispute is how fucked up she is. Look at the last couple of pics. She’s “posing” as a singer, just to have pics taken. In the outdoors. At night. Look at her face; she’s seriously wasted. How many times has she been in rehab?

    She’s a falling down drunk & drug addict. Coke shoe jokes aside, she’ll be dead within a year if she doesn’t straighten herself out. Too bad her friends are all enablers; she’s surrounded by losers, posers, wannabes & wimps. She’s a goner…

  44. FuckTardFreddy


  45. Dr. Scholls

    She certainly ain’t gellin!

  46. ewwwww

    Holy f*ck! Pics 10 &11 are seriously horrifying….what a wreck.

  47. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Dead by Thursday

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