Lindsay Lohan does the beach thing


Lindsay Lohan turned 20 on Sunday, which has nothing to do with anything, but I figured it was somehow relevant to these shots of her spending the Fourth of July at Malibu beach. Even more relevant, however, is her interview with Glamour in which she says she’s finally gotten her boobs back and she’s thrilled about it.

“Skinny’s not attractive. I’ve learnt that.” Peering inside her vest she added: “I like having my breasts in there – naturally, I add! The papers said I had implants, then when I was really flat-chested they said I was anorexic and had had them taken out. Truth is I have got my boobs back because I’ve got healthier again and I’m so happy.”

I’m not a professional doctor – so I should probably stop performing surgeries – but it seems medically impossible for Lindsay Lohan’s breasts to fluctuate in size so drastically with her minor weight changes. She looks like she’s put on 15 lbs, but her breasts look like they’ve gained 30. Which is great and all, but last I checked this was Earth, and not Super Happy Magical Fantasy Land.