Lindsay Lohan does Lindsay stuff


Lindsay Lohan was spotted making out with Callum Best (some guy from Britain) at Wednesday’s Nylon Magazine party.

“This isn’t a serious relationship,” one friend tells us. “He’s a piece of s-. He’s a wanna-be celebrity. Lindsay trusts people until they hurt her.” Whatever their future, Lohan was in fine form at the Tenjune bash. “She was lifting up her skirt, and sending people over to [her friend, deejay] Samantha Ronson when she didn’t like what she was playing,” said a spy.”

And just cause, here’s Lindsay Lohan showing off her puffy face at the Nylon magazine party. I’m not sure why she looks so concerned in all the pictures though. I’m guessing she’s trying to hide a fart.

lindsay-lohan-nylon-magazine-party-01-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-nylon-magazine-party-02-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-nylon-magazine-party-03-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-nylon-magazine-party-04-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-nylon-magazine-party-05-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-nylon-magazine-party-06-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-nylon-magazine-party-07-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-nylon-magazine-party-08-thumb.jpg