Lindsay Lohan ditches rehab

January 23rd, 2007 // 99 Comments

Lindsay Lohan was spotted taking a break from rehab and entering the lobby of her apartment building yesterday. Residents of the Wonderland Center are allowed to leave to attend AA meetings and medical appointments, but I’m pretty sure neither of those are in Lindsay’s apartment. And notice her clever disguise to avoid attention. Nothing blends in more than wearing a jacket over your head like you’re a ghost. We’re lucky she’s not a spy, because I doubt the CIA would ever catch her. She’d end up sneaking into the White House by putting on a giant panda suit and pretending to read a newspaper as she walked by the guards.



  1. Whammer Jammer

    She’s headed upstairs to do some shots and a few lines before heading back to Wonderland.

  2. soho

    i love lindsay lohan

  3. jrzmommy

    FUCK! Dammit, Lohan, you’re killin’ my 24 mos. over/under. Get your ass back there and rehabilitate god damn you. I got cash on this shit, girl.

  4. Pointandlaugh

    that is some sneaky disguise. The ol’ jacket over the head routine. Reeeeal slick.


  5. BigJim

    Al Gore is gonna be pissed.

  6. Nikk The Templar

    “I’m going to get some vodka and blow….I mean…….uh….um…go to my AA meeting. Be right back. Honest.”

  7. Jenster

    #5, too funny!

    anyhoo, i saw the papparazzi video of her leaving the place and she had another rediculis coat over her head, seriously, leave her alone, maybe she went back home for
    some clothes or something, idk ,i’d like to believe it myself.

  8. RussianMafia

    Maybe she needed to grab some tampons

  9. aimatcha

    She’s gonna get high,
    She’s gonna get high,
    She’s gonna get hiiiggghhh!

  10. 86

    This girl’s gone wild.

  11. RussianMafia

    Can you still take Oxys, percs, vicodin in rehab? Because she has a prescription. Needed to grab it to refill at the neighborhood Walgreens

  12. 86

    Christ how long was she in rehab? Aren’t jeans-in-your-boots sooo fall 06?

  13. Mr. Fritz

    #5, hehe, good one. I wonder how long it will take for her younger sister to crash and burn like her. In a few years, she’ll be in the tabloids with Shitney’s little sis. I noticed that both of these girls’ mothers look like 100 miles of bad road.

  14. 4DPants

    Somebody ‘splain #5 to me, please. (Oh, come on! I’m not the only one!)

  15. wow

    At first glance, I thought she was carrying a half glass of pino. And by half glass of pino, I really meant full ass of penis.

  16. wedgeone

    #14 – go to
    & try reading the ramblings.

    In there somewhere she talks about how Al Gore is going to help her sue the paparazzi, or something stupid like that.

  17. Niecy

    She must have thought it was a cloak of invisibility

  18. wedgeone

    I told you, jrz. Your over/under was too high. Just like LiLo is right now. Do you want to forfeit right now & pay up, or do you actually think that she’ll make two years?

    It’s awesome how predictable these celebutards are. We all saw this one. LiLo pulling a Nicole Ritchie! Simply awesome.

  19. icyprincess2

    Maybe she is just reverting back to her missed childhood as she detoxes, that would explain the coat over the head. Or maybe she just needs some one to grab a full bottle of wine and them smash her over the head with it. Maybe then she would finally start to be a sensible person…..

  20. This whole thing is a farce. Lohan isn’t even in rehab. She’s drunk twenty-four hours a day.

    tom cruise is jesus at crabbie’s

  21. Hey, this is TYPICAL old hollywood. The internet is killing this for them.

    In the recent past somebody would say that they were going to rehab, get the press for it, then not go and NONE of the gossip mags would spill the beans, Now with the internet they are fucked. Nice try Lindsay, you coke addicted Drunk mess.

  22. You can’t be mad at her for leaving though. She had to leave or she might succeed. We all know she doesn’t want to succeed. She just wants to BE ADEQUITE.

  23. yaya


  24. magickal


    Hey Linds! It works if you work it so work it you’re worth it! (Only, by “you’re worth it”, I mean NOT worth it.)

  25. schack

    the percieved need to GO to rehab is one of the causes of addiction, a side-effect of an addictive personality: if i drink, i am sick. if i don’t drink, i am healthy.

    how about trying to find a way to WANT to drink healthily, instead of thinking it’s all or nothing.

    love is all or nothing, death is all or nothing. aside from that, everything else is moderation.

    asking lindsay to learn to love, though, is like asking a pig to give up his fortune… sorry, linds, but you are doomed.

  26. I think she was trying to determine if we’d forgotten
    her yet. Guess she got her answer.

  27. cherie


  28. schack

    why are rehabilitation rates like 5%?

    these clinics should be ashamed of themselves, knowing that only the incurable would even go to them!

  29. KimIsSarcastic

    wouldn’t she wear a panda bikini?

  30. schack

    that’s not sarcasm, that’s pomo

  31. Binky

    -It’s the publicist’s fault. Wonderland ? She told Linds she was on her way to ‘Boogie Wonderland.’ (“Lying bitch,” was overheard.)
    - But my sources are saying even Alice would bolt that place. Once you’ve done the Mad Hatter – the place blows. And the Queen of Hearts looks a lot like Perez.

  32. magickal

    From one of my ver yfavorite episodes of Will and Grace, “One Gay at a Time”:

    Grace: Don’t get so worked up, Karen. Just take it one day at a time.

    Karen: What did you say?

    Grace: I said take it one day at a time.

    Karen: One hoo at a ha?

    Grace: You know, easy does it. Let go and let God.

    Karen: Where did you hear that? Who taught you that hate speech?

  33. KimIsSarcastic

    Edna greeted her at rehab and she bolted

  34. magickal

    Durrrrrrr. That’s “vewwwy favewit”. I am Corky Sherwood, dammit!

  35. karifarrell

    So, does she have some kind of drinking/drug problem? Why is she going to (or should I say escaping) rehab?
    I’m kidding. I guess if my liver was giving out at age 20 I might think to ease up on the whiskey too. But I’m 35, and my liver is fine (knock on wood), and I drink every single day usually after work, sometimes during, depends on the day…
    Anyhoo, get back in there, you alkie! Or don’t…doesn’t really affect me one way or the other. I’m just sitting here biding my time til 5:00 so I can go home and have my vodka tonics…

  36. This looks kinda funny.

  37. magickal

    On a completely serious note……what the hell is this chick’s problem? I find it hard to believe that, in any reputable rehab (the name “Wonderland” makes me question that) it would seem that they would not only HAVE in-house AA meetings, but they would INSIST that you attend them. From what I understand, the first 7 (or however many its been – feels lie 1000) days in rehab you would be “discouraged” to have contact with the outside world. I’m fairly certain blackberrys and other devices to communicate with the outside world would also be a no-no. Stopping off at your home – for any reason, to get your favorite sweatshirt, anything – would probably seem an unlikely option as well. What pisses me off the most about this little trainwreck of a girl is her narcissism. Like, the rest of the people at rehab have to follow the rules, “work the program”, but she’s entitled to break them and bend them as it suits her. The bottom line is, she probably didn’t stop home to get her stash of vicodin, or set up one quick round of shots – she couldn’t stand not being photographed or gossiped about for five seconds. That fucking Jessica Beil! Damn her!

  38. Face it, rehab is simply a publicity stunt nowadays.

  39. Lesbianesque

    wow….magika-ka that’s deep, real deep…….forgot to put the crack pipe down today????

  40. So what you are saying her magickal is that her actual addiction is not alcohol or drugs, but in fact, paparazzi.

  41. magickal

    #39 – I aim to please, bitch. Actually, I didn’t “forget” to put the crack pipe down (exhale~phooooooh~) but I did have to part with it for a couple minutes earlier so I could lend it to these two black guys who were fucking your mom for a twenty piece.

  42. Lesbianesque

    #40, you may not want to ask ka-ka a question right now, she went out to buy another rock, and when she gets back she’ll probably quote Will and Grace again

  43. Lesbianesque

    in your crack induced haze you mis-took my mom for your mom.
    my mother died years ago

  44. magickal

    #43 – waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh. I’m sorry I hurt your little feelings.

  45. It disturbs me that anyone would make light of addiction, a serious disease that ruins many lives. As a recovering addict, I understand all too well the obsession that consumes you, a craving that you can never satisfy, …

    My name is RichPort, and I am addicted to cock!

  46. Binky

    Thanks for sharing Rich.
    And in other news – It’s great to see the Democrats cut the standing ovasions in the State of the Union Address down to like – forty. What revolutionaries ! Guy Fawkes lives !!!

  47. Binky

    Thanks for sharing Rich.
    And in other news – It’s great to see the Democrats cut the standing ovasions in the State of the Union Address down to like – forty. What revolutionaries ! Guy Fawkes lives !!!

  48. Binky

    Thanks for sharing Rich.
    And in other news – It’s great to see the Democrats cut the standing ovasions in the State of the Union Address down to like – forty. What revolutionaries ! Guy Fawkes lives !!!

  49. Binky

    ( I only pressed once – honest )

  50. magickal

    Rich – Keep coming back. Cock addiction is as serious as any.

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