Lindsay Lohan desperate for attention

November 27th, 2006 // 58 Comments

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly pissed because while shopping at Madison over the weekend a swarm of paparazzi suddenly ditched her to chase after Britney Spears and Paris Hilton as they drove by. And to get back at them she allegedly followed them around blasting K-Fed’s new album.

“All the photographers just took off running after Britney and Paris,” the eyewitness tells Star. “And you could see Lindsay pop her head out of the shop and start looking around like, ‘What the hell just happened?’”

But insiders tell Star that Lindsay tried to extract her own kind of revenge by driving around town and blaring Kevin Federline’s CD! In fact, things really got tense when Lindsay pulled up behind Britney and Paris at Teddy’s on Wednesday night and purposely cranked up the volume, making sure the pap video cameras standing outside could pick up the tune. “Then she had the nerve to come inside the club and try to hang out with Britney and Paris,” our insider said. “But the duo gave her the cold shoulder until she removed herself from their VIP table.”

Later in the evening, friends said Lindsay was singing Kevin’s praises as an artist an actually said she thought he was so sexy, she wouldn’t mind “hooking up with him,” sometime. The rumor got back to Britney, who could only roll her eyes at the news. “Take him,” she told the table of friends. “Tell her please, seriously, take him!”

I wish to God this is true, but keep in mind the source is Star. You’d get more accurate reporting from a crazy homeless man’s diary or a Bazooka Joe comic.


  1. cardio

    First? On a Ho-Han comment? I feel so ashamed.


  2. jesseeca

    even if it isn’t true, lindsay IS that pathetic.

  3. She looks like a cancer victim with a bad wig.

    I’d still do her. For the record.

  4. Bioplant

    Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears – it’s like a hairpie buffet.

    I’d pay (lie) big bucks (lie) to get in a four-way (truth) with those bizzles (not sure what bizzles are).

    Happy Monday, you cocksucking racists. Mad Max and Kramer love you.

  5. RichPort

    Only bad lyrics and gold teeth separate this from becoming another gansta rap drive-by. I’d like to shoot each of them nine times… you know, to build up their street cred.

  6. llllllllll

    Good answer Brittney…it’s about the only good thing I can say about you.

  7. pop

    and now her ex Wilmer Valderrama is hitting one of her family members….is that better or worse??

  8. crabbie

    Is she crying in that picture?

  9. jrzmommy

    If only we could corrall them into one room and then nuke the fuck out of said room…….if only…..

  10. sexybitch

    This can’t be true because it would mean she’d have to have a Fed-Ex CD and not even Blohan is THAT pathetic.

  11. I thought Blohan was still mad at ParAss for hitting on Harry Morton? Now, they’re fighting over paparazzi and K-Fed? It’s like jr. high for the rich and fucktarded.

  12. Harry Morton is my hero.

  13. NipsyHustle

    harry morton has herpes

  14. NipsyHustle

    isn’t it funny how on the first single ofher album she was bitching about paparazzi and celebritygossip columnists invading her life and writing about her and now that they care less, she’s missing them.

    so funny indeed.

  15. PapaHotNuts

    This feud should be solved with a spelling bee between the three of them.

  16. TajAmazon

    The most difficult part in all this is picking a side. Team Lohan vs. Team Hilton-Spears… there’s just no good decision.

  17. biatcho

    What’s the deal with the hilarious story I heard about Hohan ODing last week (the day before she hosted that fucking awards show). Apparently she mixed coke, vicadin & heroin and got all sorts of fucked up, then decided it would be good idea to not get better and host that show, wherein she flubbed all her lines and feel down a flight of stairs. Now that’s a story I’d like to hear more about. None of this high school shit, I wanna drugs, sex & overdoses baby.

  18. PrettyBaby

    hhahahhahaha This is the best day ever!! First NO ONE is here at work and now this?! Somebody loves me!! It is so funny to here Hohan bitch her heart out about the paparazzi and then BEG them to follow her.

    Please, Star Magazine, please be tellin’ the truth!!

  19. Wow, now I know I am getting older… sweater dresses are coming back.

  20. why do i feel like i’m watching Disney Channel news whenever i come here?

  21. honest abe

    they’re all more attractive and talented than we are

  22. if this is true,then thats so damn sad.

  23. NipsyHustle

    she’s washed up at what? 20?

  24. She looks like Elvis at 60 above the chest.
    Does anyone pay to see her films anymore?

  25. ph7

    She looks like a beaver.

  26. xTropicalx

    She’s so ugly, untalented, and dumb.

    Someone kill her already.

  27. I don’t see why anyone would want to follow these retards.

  28. jrzmommy

    17–you can always choose Team STD

  29. I guess Lohan is actually one of the 8,000 who bought that cd. I’d like to see her drive around Bodymore blasting that shit. I have a feeling the locals would blast back, with gunfire………..

  30. JungleRed

    Gross! Doesn’t she know hooking up with K-Fed pretty much guarantees she’ll be spitting out his retarded babies in 9 months.

  31. Jenster

    God I hope it’s true; Hohan makes me ill.

    and yes, she is washed up at age 20. She’s about 15 minutes away from being recruited for the next “Surreal Life”

    Dosent ANYONE have decent hair extentions in
    LaLa Land? Anyone?

  32. sexybitch

    We do, but the crap ones were in the same aisle as the giant tube sock dresses and black nail polish.

  33. Kitty

    I am about to reach a new level of lameness and gossip about gossip blogs.

    Perez Hilton posted this exact thing on his site but he did not mention it came from Star and it reads like he got the inside info himself.

    ALSO, x17 has pics from the night in question of Lindsey in Paris’ car with Brittney and Paris, the three of them all smiles.

    These bitches are playing with the paparazzi. All the gossip sites are flooded with these three sluts.

  34. ccdluna

    Wow, Hohan looking like shit (as always) and wanting to hook up with Fed-Ex? Lol, she probably found that CD in the dumpster, that is were it belongs Lindsay. And you should’ve stayed in the dumpster as well, this is probably the best place to meet K-Fed!

    You look almost worst than Britney, you’re only missing two dumbass kids now. Paris will probably take you back as a friend after Kevin, just so people finally believe she is classy. (Once again, only by comparison.) Good luck, idiotic piece of shit!

  35. NipsyHustle


    why is it every ghetto bird on the planet with a 15 syllable name and a minimum wage job can afford a better weave than these “rich girls”?

  36. lew insky

    earlex has a monster schlong, he’ll never be hurtin for poon

  37. PrettyBaby

    #23 speak for yourself there, k?

  38. PrettyBaby

    #38 YES, K-Fag, I mean lew… We believe that, reallly we do.

  39. PLEASE let her date K-feltch. Please Please Please.

    She’s only got a few million bucks and he would burn through that in a month or so. THEN we would see the REAL Lohan Downward Spiral……

  40. Ms. Sass

    So Linday is one of the 100 people who actually bought that crappy cd made by K-Fed.

  41. sexybitch

    One guess is that she got it in a gift bag, but no way – the gift bag would’ve rejected it.

  42. PrettyBaby

    I think he gave it to her himself, that’s how he rolls wit the ladles.

  43. Holy shit, if Lindsay Lohan were in fact one of the few thousand people that actually owns the K-Fed CD, and just happened to have it in her car during such an opportune moment… this… it’s… I… priceless.

  44. 86

    I can’t believe she owns that CD…or would make it public knowledge that she owns it. She’s…I…wow.

  45. superlyficial

    her face looks like that guy in napolean dynamite…shmexy XP

  46. 86

    PS her fingers are fat.

  47. jojo

    She needs longer teeth and more freckles.

  48. ElatedPornStar

    Bitch got Popozaoed

  49. herbiefrog

    silly girl…
    …dont let *him* go out shopping
    …that’s not the plan : ))

    but more freckles would be good :)
    always good…

    just watching both

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