Lindsay Lohan denies anorexia

20050307lohan.jpgLindsay Lohan is denying reports that she’s suffering from anorexia, claiming that her appetite is far more healthy than most of her fellow actresses. Lindsay complains, “Even the doctor was like, ‘Are you anorexic? Are you making yourself throw up? Are drugs involved?'” Lindsay says she’s simply going through hormonal changes and losing her baby fat. Regarding a July 2003 “Vanity Fair” photo shoot with the Olsen twins, Mandy Moore and Hilary Duff, Lindsay says nobody but her was eating that day. She says, “I was going straight to the pasta, and the other girls were eating salad. And, I’m the one people say has an eating disorder…” I don’t know where this whole eating disorder rumor started from though. By all accounts, Lindsay Lohan is still fat.