Lindsay Lohan Dating Olympic Champion?

*lindsay_lohan_thumb8.jpgLindsay Lohan may have a new man in her life – Olympic gold medalist Shaun White. The couple shared an intimate night together at New York club Bungalow 8 on Tuesday – and White is already boasting about his conquest. The snowboarder says, “Her and I ended up meeting up at the famous Bungalow 8. It was a good time. It was a trip. Coming home from Italy, everybody’s been running up to me, saying how proud they are. It’s been crazy and so I had to get some time to have fun.”

I have no idea if this is true or not, but I’ll choose to believe it, only because it’s hard to imagine Lindsay Lohan not having sex with a new man every night. The girl smokes more meat than a Texas barbecue. It’s like I was telling her the other day in bed: “Lindsay, you’ve gotta have some self-respect. Now hurry up and put those antlers back on.”