Lindsay Lohan crawls out of Paris’ ex’s house

November 13th, 2009 // 33 Comments

Lindsay Lohan attended the Nu Pop Movement event at Kitson last night then apparently did enough partying to end up doing the walk of shame out of Stavros Niarchos’ house at seven this morning. I’m not saying they had sex, but I’m also not saying he didn’t make a giant trail of cocaine throughout the inside of his house to keep Lindsay away from the silverware. Just so we’re on the same page.


  1. Donny

    Bitch go away!

  2. Hey now!

    Go suck some dicks ya dirty ho!

  3. Toolboy

    That dude is the Evil Knievel of cock masters, he must use spray on truck bed liner for a condom. 2 very nasty beeeyotches.

  4. This greasy fuck… how is he attractive. there are plenty more other less greasy dudes with money. SMELLY GINGER.

  5. Hiya

    Doesn’t Hilton have the Herpes?

  6. His Huge Greatness Himself

    In the beginning when i first created this world.It was good.But then these kind of inbreds started to show up.

  7. HB

    Who the hell would still have sex with that?

  8. *cough* *cough* I would. Then I’d sell the sex tape.

    You would too, admit it.

  9. HB

    I would rather have sex with one of those homeless guys who wipes your windshield for a quarter when you’re at the stoplight. At least you’d know they’d be cleaner.

  10. Take. A. Shower. And lose the Madonna corset.

  11. nastyjay

    here another … if no one wanted to fuck this chick, no one would care.

  12. Champ

    scabby freckled pasty ass white BEAST.
    Ewwww. Riding on top of the world there, Linds. Sloppy seconds from Paris – classy!

  13. Lazarus "Bubba" Tubbs

    Poor Lindsay…so young to be so fucked up.

    First she was abused by her parents who manipulated her into being their cash cow…

    Then mistreated by the paparazzi who stalked her, photographimg her every move…

    Then her lovers, of both genders…

    Now her fans and the public in general…No wonder her self-esteem is so out of whack! How could she help but feel less-than, like a two-dollar whore?

    I believe I should go to her, wrap her in a warm, fuzzy blanket, and sing her some lullabies while driving her to a rehab facility that would make her feel like a worthwhile human being once again…

    First, of course, I’d make her suck my dick and howl at the moon. I’m not stupid. Jeeez…

  14. farttits

    No dashy-dine on Stavros!

    ps. Bubba, your recycled concerned citizen / horny old pervert rant is getting old my man. I know you’re proud of yourself but it’s time to let it go.

  15. KB

    How desperate must anyone be if they have sex with Lindsay Lohan?

    She doesn’t have a good body, nor is she particularly good-looking — in fact, she looks god-awful these days. She doesn’t seem to have a good personality — in fact, she seems somewhat deranged and attention-crazy.

    And it’s not as if she could be considered a notch in anybody’s bed — in fact, anyone who had sex with her would have to deal with the loss of reputation and people just laughing at them.

  16. Tire Swing

    Maybe she’s into Greek?

  17. Shellie

    what does her tattoo say?

  18. Amber

    The saddest aspect of Lindsay’s story is she knows better, she knows what drinking and drugs are doing to her, she see’s the things that are being said about her and the way people look at her, and she embraces it! She wants the Marilyn Monroe story, she wants to be a young hollywood star that subcums to drugs and dies of an overdoes. And I’d love to be able to say her family would miss her, and I’m sure they would, but her mom and dad both seem more intersted in thier own social life and making money off of her trainwreck than helping her. And her sister, Ali, how old is she? 15,16? And already she is partying with her sister, her sister who has been to rehab repeatedly?! Her mom and dad should be ashamed.

  19. Lindsay is my favourite actress. I just like her smile very much. She is looking really awesome .. Thanks for sharing this.

  20. sexchill

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  21. Martin

    She is a dirty nasty smelly rat. She does need rehab bad.

  22. MyCocaine

    Yep, using cocaine again to answer for all the legal extortion? Come on man! Didn’t Anna Nicole got herself legally extorted by marrying a rich old man, with a “acting” lawyer, pretending to fight for her rights for donkey years, even get himself married to her and psychological abuse till death. Blame the doctors and the abuse the DNA’s rights to gain financially through her kids, with legal right even to fuck up her parents who had no rights to her dead body and their grandchild? What rational is that?

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  24. Rough by popular demand

    Uh oh guest whos going to have tinkebell and a size 12 pry out of her loose shute…

  25. kar

    rihanna has the same corset

  26. Who Knew

    That new tattoo on her arm is so discusting. It reminds me of many Holocaust survivor number tattoos, which are the same size and in the same place. Lindsay is an uneducated boob!

  27. Fashion Police

    Is this coke whore really so fat that she needs to wear a corset?

  28. Jake

    Sun glasses at 7am. ?!?!?! (pic. 8, 9, and 10). I hope it’s because she headed to a re-shoot of a Cory Hart music video. I really hope she starts to take better care of herself. : /

  29. Googler

    I have her #1 in my dead pool.

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  32. Her life is a mess, but she still looks amazing.

  33. Why do we see the same peopl over and over?

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