Lindsay Lohan crashes Lily Allen concert

April 3rd, 2009 // 81 Comments

Lindsay Lohan apparently decided to be the one with the balls in her relationship last night and walked on stage, uninvited, during Lily Allen’s concert in LA. Reader Amy writes in:

Lindsay totally invited herself on stage during the encore, tapped Lily on the shoulder, and proceeded to dance for a few awkward seconds while Lily continued to sing ‘Womanizer’ and ignore her.

So, wait, Lily Allen was singing a Britney Spears’ song while Lindsay Lohan was on stage? And yet somehow this didn’t summon a seven-headed hydra? *looks at Bible* Are you ever right?!

Lindsay at the 3:30 mark:

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  1. Boston_Freek

    FIRST…..and no I don’t have a life

  2. NipTuck


  3. What a selfish cunt. I know I haven’t grown up with flashing lights all around and I don’t have the self-centeredness of these “celebrity” fucktards, but how full of your own saggy tits do you have to be to crash someone else’s concert? I hope she gets a rash down there.

  4. Eva

    Ha! That’s actually kinda funny. Lindsay was expecting more mic time, wa wa waaa!

  5. Darth

    Wasn’t that BS song

  6. Holyfuck

    I will never get those 4:47 back. That time would have been better spent punching myself in the face.

  7. VtFarmboy

    OMG I am no lilly allen fan but the real news here is lilly is actually singing the song. I mean when was the last time you saw britney sing one of her own songs on stage. As far as Linsey Lohan goes….. who cares we want the news that matters!!!!

  8. brooke

    She dances like a beached whale

  9. rm

    sad. some people should just accept their careers have become trainwrecks and let themselves fade into oblivion. 2 or 3 years ago lilly would have made out with lindsay on stage for the press now shes just a stupid awkward flake that can’t get enough attention. someone put her in a closet or something, she doesn’t even ‘act’ any more… why is she still famous?

  10. Photoshop Police

    have we defined ‘rock bottom’ for lindsey yet?

    if not, this might be a good sign that we’re almost there.

  11. Gando

    Background singer ambition

  12. Talk about stumbling onto the wrong stage during a cocaine blackout.

  13. Nick

    That was random. Why would Lindsay just pop on stage? Lily handled it well by just going on with her show

  14. Nero

    Background dance hugger

  15. Nick

    And didn’t Lindsay get mad at Samantha Ronson before when Sam played one of Britney’s songs (in fact, I think she got mad at her for playing Womanizer…)?

  16. Sauron

    Lily Allen womanizes Lindsay Lohan

  17. havoc

    That was PATHETIC. Crashing live shows now?


  18. Rhialto


  19. dot

    You have a strange definition of “ignore.”

  20. Any news, if Lillys floppies accidently spilled…

  21. Rae

    i love lily allen but lindsay is a fucking cunt. i wish she would have just decked her in the head.

  22. Lily should have kicked her in the meatcurtains.

  23. joho777

    Lindsay has always been desperate for publicity and fame. And famous for inappropriate behavior when she is drunk and coked-up.

    Lindsay will never get a concert of her own. She is so past her fifteen minutes!

    What a loser.

  24. Rock bottom

    That is the saddest fucking thing I’ve seen in my life, isn’t it bad enough her new movie is going stright to TV now she got blown off by lily HA!
    Sucks to be Lindsay these days.

  25. Sheva

    Gosh, how far will an attention whore go? Clearly, the end of the line has arrived.
    And that look and sound by Lilly Allen not very impressive.

    Guess you have to be 19 or 20 and think it’s great or something.

  26. ishi-san

    Too much coke makes you do things like this! ….oh right, Lindsay doesn’t do drugs or lie! *hahaha

  27. Kay

    LOL @ 22. Meatcurtains.

    This is sooooo awkward. Her and Lily are somewhat friends – remember when they got those Shhh tats?
    Looks like Lindsay was unimpressed that Lily didn’t make her the focus of the show when she walked on… what the hell did she go on stage for? She barely sang or danced, that was so attention seeking. Oh LiLo… I love her for the endless entertainment she provides.

  28. #22 – And risk burnt toes?

  29. Spo

    I bet tomorrow’s Superficial Headlines will read: Lily Allen’s fur coat is missing.

  30. Spo

    I bet tomorrow’s Superficial Headlines will read: Lily Allen’s fur coat is missing.

  31. your mammajamma

    this is so sad

  32. friendlyfires

    It was a non-event, nobody really cared or even recognized it was Lindsay Lohan, and Jaysus Key Riest, is Lily Allen as flabby and out of shape as a Harry Hines streetwalker, circa 1985. The acoustics were horrible in that din, not what I call a premium concert venue for music of that ilk, or perhaps the sound board guy had so much blow, he didn’t care, thus we get concert experience not unlike Flatbush Ave cockroaches rustling at the bottom of galvanized steel trash receptacles at dawn.
    When is Lily Allen going to appear on Ellen and flash her third nipple?

  33. mafme

    I’m actually embarrassed for her.

  34. @28 – no shit. That firecrotch could melt steel toed boots.

  35. @34 that’s what roadies are for. Take one for the team boy!!

  36. bitches

    two equally talentless cunts… blleeeeeeergh

  37. Newcastle

    What a fucking train wreck.

  38. bitches

    two equally talentless cunts… blleeeeeeergh

  39. #34 – I hear Samantha Ronson puts aluminum foil on her tongue.

  40. Amaranth

    who the fuck is that slam pig on stage?

  41. What a conceited c*nt to just walk out on stage while someone else is performing. Lohan needs to just OD and drop dead. She’s completely talentless and has lost her own career and is begging for attention with stupid stunts like this.

  42. not impressed

    wow… what a totally uninspiring performance. i might have fallen asleep if it weren’t for the crazy light show. the whole audience must have either been high or threatened with cattleprods to cheer.

  43. Bobaloo

    Better living through chemistry.

  44. jrz

    Summon a 7-headed Hydra?

  45. drew

    Did anybody actually watch this? Lily hugs her, sings the song to her and they dance together. Can we please not overblow silly shit?

  46. Britney Spears’ “people” should give “Womanizer” to Lily, since she has actually sung the song (unlike Britney, who just moves her lips along with the record)

  47. Dubya

    “while Lily continued to sing ‘Womanizer’ and ignore her.”

    Superfish = Fail!

  48. richard

    The funny thing about pop acts like Spears or Madonna (or whoever this Allen person is)? Their voices and lyrics usually stink, but their live musicians are usually top notch — like Jennifer Batten and Muzz Skillings backing Michael Jackson. Don’t know who’s drumming here, but he has some sweet ride cymbal chops.

  49. parker

    hahaha, what a stupid bitch! no one likes you lindsay, and you’re music career is a flash fried flounder. you’ve got nothing good going for you. you’re an ugly ginger twerp!



    I love it. First paris crashes a popular DJ’s booth, then this cunt crashes Lily Allen’s stage. These two are like long lost twin pieces of vapid shit. It’s all good, give Miley a couple years and it will be a threesome.

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