Lindsay Lohan crashes car, arrested for DUI and cocaine

May 29th, 2007 // 151 Comments




  1. mikloso

    frist. there is a god… after all. thank you to Jesus.

  2. Sugar

    …of all the things to be thankful for, you’re glad you were first to post on an internet celeb rag blog?

  3. James

    WTF?! Why is it that whenever someone’s first to comment they write “FRIST” instead of “FIRST”?! I mean WTF?!?!?!?!
    It’s “FIRST” you dumb punch of f**ks!!

  4. Gman

    So I guess the next pron DVD we should all wait for is “Linsey does Paris in jail”…

  5. Mel

    I’m glad she’s arrested. There’s justice in this world. I like her even less than I like Paris

  6. Wicko W

    Surely that’s jail time right? Somebody could have been on that pavement!?! Won’t somebody think of the children!!!

  7. radmacdrunkpants

    Chuck her in the same cell with Paris and televise the catfight, I’d pay good money to watch the skank chunks fly !!

  8. Mel

    Was he thanking God that he was first, or that she was arrested? If it’s the former, he’s almost as bad as she is.

  9. xie

    What’s an unusable amount of cocaine?

  10. You think someone hopped up on cocaine would run faster.

  11. techclerk


    Anybody can be “first”, but who can be FRIST?

  12. CHA

    karma is a bitch, ain’t it?
    let’s all hope the justice system works for Lohan, too.

    i mean, she’s underage! and driving drunk! with cocaine in the car! if that was me, when I was 20, i’d already be in jail!

  13. It's Me Fuckers

    The update is a little late… better late than never I suppose. I think maybe The Fish was on vacation?

  14. Greg

    What I want to know is why she was driving a 2005 Merc? Can’t she afford a new one?

  15. radmacdrunkpants

    #9 – that would be the crusty bits left around the edge of her nostril….


    I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands,
    one Nation under God,
    indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

  17. she must of blowed the copz
    coz anyone else would have
    been taken straight from the
    hospital to jail..what a bitch..

  18. Darth Hater

    Too bad she wasn’t going, say, about 90mph.

    She should go to jail just for wrecking such a sweet ride.

  19. dannielynn'sdaddy

    Yes James, that’s it exactly….. Never ask for an answer when you can spew testosterone all over the place and make yourself look like an idiot when there’s a perfectly logical answer.

    When it comes to idiots…….. YOU’RE FRIST!

  20. What a twat. Thought the same thing about the dated Merc. Shame she didn’t half the other twats in Hollywood.

  21. techclerk

    She wants to get drunk and snort coke all night, but she can’t afford a sober driver to get her around?


    Is she not aware that her movies are pure box office poison and eventually Hollywood will lose too much money trying to revive her sorry career?

    Really? Wow!

    The next movie with Lohan will be so easy to produce. Just change the title of “The Dana Plato Story” and it is a wrap.

  22. Marcos Glez.

    THIS IS AMERICA! Go run over people with your car, sniff cocaine, get drunk and drive like chitichiti bang bang because nothing happens in this shitty country, go send lindsey and paris to bagdad to destroy the insurgency, this girls in 2 days will kill all of them with their cars..

  23. Damitol

    Well, only in America can burned out teen stars and Kennedys walk away from an auto accident. And if you’re a “star”, you can be filmed doing so while you shake your well-groped ass back to your publicist’s.

    You don’t find that in your Commie betwetter countries! God bless America!

  24. Not LAPD

    What’s an unusable amount of cocaine?

    They are probably distinguishing betwee a “sellable” amount of cocaine, which would be a much more serious charge, i.e. possession with intent to distribute.

  25. hey douchebag….
    I guezz she’ll now
    be carrying around
    a Bible like Paris’z
    sorry azzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

  26. techclerk

    It would be the ultimate irony if she spends her twentyfrist birthday in rehab because she wants to keep out of jail. It is just not safe to have a camera or be a tree when she’s on the road.

    Disney really knows how to scout them young, don’t they?

  27. Seems like there’s a little bit of a coverup going on already. Photos taken about a mile away from the final crash indicate that she HIT A PEDESTRIAN and drove away right before losing it.

  28. techclerk

    Herbie “Fully Loaded”

    Prophetic title and casting.

  29. God Bless America!!

    come fly with me and Peter Pan..

    there are no skank coke whores
    where we are going…………

  30. Lohan Fan

    I don’t know why you guys are hating on her. I think she is a beautiful and a wonderfully talented actress. You guys are all just jealous.

  31. like rehab ever helped anyone..
    they have better drugs there
    then what she’s on…
    this bitch deserves jail time..
    how many times must she wreck
    that car before someone steps
    in to save the next person in
    her way!!

  32. NicotineEyePatch

    Oh, how the skanky have fallen.

  33. oh, I’m so freakin jealouz
    I want to be a drunken coke
    whore, who wreckz my car ..

    I also want my body to be
    covered with extreme frecklez..

    I also want it to be known
    how many guyz that I have slept
    with..give me more coke,,I am
    so jealouz..

    STFU==Lohan, the only fanz U
    had were small children watching
    that FreakyFreakinFriday, and
    now, trust me,,those small
    childrean R no longer your fanz
    U coke crashin whore..

    Lookz like the apple doesn’t fall
    far from the tree,,you’ll end up
    in prison just like your dada….

  34. Did you take a vacation to fucking Zmunda or the 3 other countries in the world that doesn’t have Internet access? Being on vacation is a poor excuse, just say your were knee deep in sucking dicks and fucking the ripe assholes of 15 year old boys.

  35. #31..if I was an investor of her movies,
    guess what,, the money would be no longer
    invested in that coke whore..she isn’t
    even 21 and her live has fallen apart like
    a middle aged washed up coke whore!

    why would anyone be jealous of that?

  36. Wow. I’m really suprised. I mean, who would think Lindsay would do something like this?

  37. hater

    i hate lindsay lohan, shes ugly. and whats so great about her.

  38. last time I checked, cocaine was
    a felony.. then why didn’t she have
    to sit in jail for the night?

  39. CHA

    @31 jealous?? of crashing a car and arrested for DUI/coke possession? you gotta be fucking kidding me. what are you doing on this site anyways–i didn’t even know lohan fans existed anymore.

  40. Chauncey Gardner

    Bummer they didn’t find a couple of keys of coke in her car. That would have been pretty fucking rad. But, with this much ham, you don’t complain about having no bread. Kudos, cunt!

  41. she didn’t go to jail because she pays of the police just like in the Sopranos..

    must be nice to own the police dept.

  42. Steve Zissou

    She’s just THIS close to winning an Oscar right now…

  43. The police deptpartment is looking like a joke..don’t they know the world is watching them give favors to young troubled girls who need help! Police, you are enabling her just to keep up her bullshit habits. This chick is spinning so out of control..where are her parents?

  44. fleeing the scene automatically
    sends a normal person to jail,
    let on DUI and cocaine..this
    pisses me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. jemfysh


    Because they want to be first, they type too quickly and don’t take the time to proof-read, so “frist” is a typo (which has now become an “in” joke). You should understand that, typing “punch” instead of “bunch”, although I suspect that’s just crappy spelling…

  46. hurry, someone call
    Al Sharpton…….
    I’m sure he can help
    with those Krookedkopz!

  47. So let me get this straight. She flees the scene, they find cocain in the car and she has priors for car crashes and she is charged with a MISDOMEANOR?!?!?!?

    Now she’s back in phoney re-hab and her pubsicst is planting phoney comments from “Friends” that “She really understands she needs it” Bullshit, if she was REALLY serious about rehab she wouldn’t be going into that phoney hotel Promises, she would be in a REAL re-hab. This chick needs court ordered rehab and some nice jailtime full of bad food and shower sexual harrassment.

  48. techclerk

    Somebody sneak a gun with no bullets into her purse the next time she goes out, PLEASE!

  49. techclerk


    No, FRIST is actually the name of a person. It is an old joke. You had to be there.

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