Lindsay Lohan caught snorting cocaine

May 7th, 2007 // 159 Comments

A friend of Lindsay Lohan has leaked a video of Lindsay snorting cocaine and shoving it up a friend’s nose while the two were crammed in a toilet at club Teddy’s. The video was taken just 20 days after she left rehab and in it she’s also heard saying: “I’m going to New York tomorrow to fuck Jude Law.” The friend that leaked the video says she’s worried about Lindsay and “that’s why I’m showing this video. So the world can know what Lindsay has been doing and she can’t lie about it to herself or anyone else.” She also says:

“That night I saw her do more than 20 big lines of cocaine. She was still up doing drugs at 11am even though she had started about 8pm the night before. She wasn’t even trying to hide it and was blatantly doing it off table tops, keys, books and in the wardrobe, where she was hunched over with her legs crossed almost bent in half doing it off some magazine on the floor. I remember looking at her and thinking how pathetic she looked and how out of control she had become. When she is on coke, which is most of the time, all the attention has to be on her. I have lost count of the number of times I have watched as she stripped naked in front of everyone. Then she loves to check herself out in the mirror as she parades around with her boobs hanging out. One night we had gone back to her place and, as always, as soon as she walked through the door she stripped down to her thong, bent down and snorted cocaine off her coffee table and then off her toilet seat. She has told me that she has slept with James Blunt, Jude Law, Calum Best, Joaquin Phoenix, Benicio Del Toro, Jared Leto and James Franco. She loves Brits and has told me she has slept with the singer James Blunt a few times over the past month. The last time was on April 15 after another house party. I think they went back to a hotel together afterwards. She is very protective over him and when she heard I had met him she sent me a text saying, ‘Stay away from him Bitch, he is mine.’ Lindsay told me she has messed around with Leonardo DiCaprio a while ago too but claimed that she didn’t sleep with him. She also flew to New York about two months ago to go to bed with Jude Law. Last November she slept with Calum Best. She didn’t tell me if he was any good but she is usually too wasted to know what is going on anyway. Going to rehab was all for publicity. She wanted people to see her seeking help but it hasn’t got her off the drugs at all. In an average night Lindsay will do two and half grams of coke on her own. She doesn’t buy it – she is given it by friends and acquaintances, and it turns her into an angry monster. I have watched many a time Lindsay treating her staff like crap.”

I know you were tempted to skip that giant quote above, but do yourself a favor and read it. It’s not like anybody believed Lindsay was sober, but this is just ridiculous. If Skeletor wrote an autobiography it’d probably be less dramatic.

EDIT: Had to take down the pictures. Go here to check them out.


  1. Ghert

    Don’t believe anything from the NOTW, get a decent video of it then I look at this again.

  2. GoGatsuGirl

    The picture is too blurry but it’s suggestive enough. It’s certainly not Vicks Vapor Rub they’re using, but could the police even prove anything with that shoddy camera quality?

  3. arrogances

    F*cking snitch;)

  4. fontaine42

    Thank you, commenter 125. Two grams of coke isn’t very much, especially for someone with a tolerance. Frankly, I’m surprised she’s not doing more, as much money and time as she has on her hands.

    Also? Doing a couple of lines of coke isn’t going to INSTANTLY make you look like a haggard old drug whore. Courtney Love was not built in a day. It takes years to achieve that kind of appearance. LiLo is TWENTY. She’s an infant. It will be years before she looks like a dessicated junkie husk.

  5. Lohan looked stoned as hell on Leno tonite.

  6. madison

    If the friend wanted to help she could have taken her back to rehab or done something else, instead of in the public eye. Now she could be screwed… smart person and shes not a friend at all just someone who wanted to say they hung with lindsay and did lines and, whos to say she didnt do the so called 20 lines or whatever they are saying with her shes only sayig what lindsay did. Lindsay is a cool person and you need to look beyond and yes she needs help but dont we all have some kind of addiction!!!!!!!!

  7. arroyo

    Wow, someone who makes Paris Hilton seem sensible, coherent and prudish.

  8. z

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