Lindsay Lohan cashes in her lesbian relationship

April 7th, 2009 // 69 Comments

Lindsay Lohan got a momentary break from the shitfest that is her life when People magazine reported Samantha Ronson is NOT pursuing a restraining order:

Ronson’s attorney, David Bass, tells PEOPLE: “Samantha has no plan to request a restraining order. There is no basis for one.”
And a source close to the deejay offers this spin: “Sam does not want a restraining order against Lindsay Lohan. Sam had nothing to do with the restraining order against Lindsay that the police are talking about.”

Of course, by that point, Lindsay had already sold her harrowing tale of love lost to Us Weekly which is the equivalent of a career death rattle:

“I’m not a bad person and this is what happens,” Lohan told Us through tears. “I was raised to treat people well, and I’m so tired of this drama.”
Lohan says she’s “so alone” without Ronson.
“Everyone’s turned on me,” says the actress. She tells the magazine that the night of the Chateau showdown, Nicole Richie walked by her and said “Uck,” and Drea De Matteo said, “Come at me, bitch.”
“I’m a f–king 22-year-old girl who’s in love,” she says. “I felt like I was in Mean Girls, but worse: Mean Girls was a movie.”

Wow, nice Mean Girls plug, Lindsay. Glad you could see through the unimaginable sadness to pitch your only successful film. If you wanted to be more subtle, you could’ve ran naked through Hollywood tossing headshots like confetti. — Actually, you should do still that. Make that stuff happen.

Adding… Drea De Matteo, will you marry me?

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  1. fee

    isnt Drea 36, 37? OOoo so badass of her to gang up on her like everyone else.

    God who gives a shit about LL and SR?? It’s just as craptastic as Rhianna.

  2. aja

    I agree with number 31. You folks are hateful. What did Lindsay ever do to you people? Jealous much??

  3. Aja

    I also agree with number 49…Poor grammar drives me nuts. I HATE when people say ‘ I could care less’ LMAO. They are CLUELESS!!

    and thanks for saying you’re instead of your

  4. bitingontinfoil

    When was Lindsay dating Mr. Bean???

  5. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD rescinded

    I don’t know what a Drea De Matteo is, but that is a fucking classic line: come at me, bitch!! Ha ha, would have loved to see the look on Linseed’s face!

  6. Valkyrie

    People who point out poor grammar just look like self important assholes. As if deigning to instruct someone on their incorrect use of a very POPULAR phrase makes them an idiot.

    Why would you even BOTHER on a forum like this and then gloat about it?

    Go do something helpful in the world and then maybe you wont need to feel superior by being a douche.


  7. satnswombat

    Is it just me or does Samantha Ronson look a heck of a lot like Barak Obama?

    I really wish I could care what Ho-Han does/ did or diddled but she is just not as intresting since they started calling her li-lo.


  8. questions

    Since Samantha Ronson seems to want to be a boy so badly that she dresses and acts like one, does that mean I can punch her/him in the face at the next opportunity?

  9. abbs

    stop bitching about your personal life and get your nose bent over that grindstone. Sure you’re only 22 but I’ll be damned if you’re not fucking your life up already.

  10. I’m a fas learner in licking, sam!!

  11. stu

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug

  12. Cutegirl

    I have seen her da ting profile on a celebrity and Mill ionaire da ting site …C e l e b m i n g l e . C 0 M…I tried to put her dat ing photo or profile, but the link is too long, this site dosent allow me to do such a thing. If you don`t belive, please ask me for the link or search at that site with her criteria.

  13. celeb

    I was her fan before, but now I don`t like her any more, she is becoming more and more die-away because of cigars, looks like a drugger currently! And more, I was told she is dating with a few rich handsome guys from “C e l e b M i n g l e . C 0 M”, you know it is a romance site for wealthy people.

  14. mikeock

    That’s a chick?

  15. dontlooknow

    Jeez, it’s all been done before. Remember Britney? Nobody’s gonna fall for that again….

  16. JustJess

    The first one is actually…

    a really good pic…

  17. whoami

    this photograph, for whatever reason, totally drives me to irrationally hate both these girls. They seem so self absorbed.

  18. Gary B

    Please tell me that this relationship was not going to implode in some spectacular manner? Ever since Lindsay hooked up with SAM I have been waiting for this day to come when her coked up ways final turn everything to shit just like her career.

    Give Miley Cyrus and Ashley Tisdale some credit at least they can stay of the junk and in Ash’s case can at least adhere to professional standards, like showing up to work on time and doing their job.

  19. herbiefrog

    aaarrrgghhhh : )))

    [no postnig]

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