Lindsay Lohan can’t get over Wilmer

lindsay_lohan_thumb4.jpgLindsay Lohan has hinted she split from Wilmer Valderrama after finding love letters written by an ex-girlfriend.

On TRL yesterday, she was asked if her new song Black Hole was about a specific person or just made up, and giggled, “Dammit! A little bit of both. I mean I incorporate everything. It’s an ex so it’s already (past),” Lohan begrudgingly added, “Obviously some of it was from Wilmer. Fine.”

Wilmer Valderamma terrifies me. He is obviously some sort of alien and/or demigod, because there’s no other explanation for his Sauron-like hold over hollywood starlets. I’d like to ascribe Lohan’s ongoing obsession with him to either 1) a bad father, 2) drugs, or 3) general whorishness, but can’t. This whole thing is like an episode of the X-files. I just hope Lindsay figures it out before she ends up in a space-pod on Rigel-7.