Lindsay Lohan can’t breathe

January 3rd, 2006 // 24 Comments

lohan-asthma.jpgLindsay Lohan was admitted to a Miami hospital last night after suffering a severe asthma attack. She was in town celebrating New Year’s Eve and hosted a party at Prive Nightclub, though a source tells People Magazine that she’s currently “resting comfortably” in the hospital.

Usually when a celebrity gets hospitalized for something other than being old or giving birth, it means they’re either getting plastic surgery or doing some top secret drug rehab. I guess an asthma attack is pretty believable, although I had no idea Lindsay even had asthma. Looks like there’s finally an explanation for why her voice is so raspy. And all this time I just thought it was throat damage due to excessive penis poking.

Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized [People]


  1. I don’t have anything clever so say about this one except I love the superficial.

    You really brighten my day, and not in a gay way:)

  2. OMG!

    And by “suffering from a severe asthma attack” they mean “suffering from a severe hangover after she was rip-roaring drunk on NYE”

  3. Georgia

    Of course she had an athsma attack. Believe me, I have athsma, and nothing gives me a attack like having a nose full of COKE!!!!!

    Who even cares about LL anymore. Now that she is skinny she is totally UNSEXY.

    Her skin, Hair, and body are GROSS.

  4. amma

    …Gawd, she goes to the hospital *a lot*.
    And its always for exhaustion or now like asthma…She is starting to remind me a lot of Elizabeth Taylor…Can you imagine even for a second what she’ll be like at 35?

  5. aims_25

    I’ve got asthma too and sometimes drinking can cause an attack so my guess is she was drinking a little bit too much.

  6. hafaball

    no, suffering from ashtma attacks means “I keep losing and gaining weight in a very unhealthy way, that my body can’t react to alcohol, and jumping around like an idiot, and not sleeping because I need to have parties and attention.” or…asthma just means asthma…

  7. diddleysquat

    What really disturbing is how this incident becomes a media story. Try to think about the chain of events without puking.

  8. HughJorganthethird

    can’t breath, cant sing, can’t act, is there anything Lindsay can do?

    Oh right.

    Blow. Lots of blow.

  9. suzy

    and according to Entertainment Tonight… her asthma attack was so bad.. she broke a vein in her neck… *shrugs* but she’s suppose to be better now… they had video of her dancing and laughing and drinking.. it’s prolly the hair dye

  10. Tha-Flash

    Blow, that’s ok… She can blow, I don’t mind.

  11. booyagrandma

    Car crashes, anorexia, and now we learn she has asthma WHEN SHE IS A SMOKER. Lindsay’s obviously trying to commit suicide, who are we to stand in her way?

  12. Sheva

    People Magazine is all over her rumored confessions to Vanity Fair. The girl was disgusted with her problems and body as a result of bulimia, drugs and partying.

    She doesn’t say coke and tries to change the subject of drugs altogether. But there’s no surprises here, just the confirmation of major problems.

  13. “Asthma” is such a designer disease. It used to be Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, then it was ADHD, then Hyperobesity, then AIDS, and now asthma.

    Hollywood stars will do anything to look cool and hip. Soon they’ll be checking in to clinics to show off their herpes. It’s sick!

  14. julema

    asthma when you are a smoker!!?? Lindsey is a crazy-stupid young woman. She say shits and thinks that will believe it. I go for the plastic surgery or the drugs-alcool abuse. The way she looks and acts at her age, i don’t want to see her at 35! she will be a kind of Courtney Love, too much surgery and too much drunk and drugs abuse.

  15. LoneWolf

    “Usually when a celebrity gets hospitalized for something other than being old or giving birth, it means they’re either getting plastic surgery or doing some top secret drug rehab.” Maybe she’s getting some replacement boobs. That would be awesome. And by “awesome”, I mean “an attempt to get some positive press for a change before she becomes as much of a punchline as Ashlee and Paris are”. That said, I’d hit it like Britney’s hit the wall – hard and with devastating results.

  16. CelebGossipAficionado

    Does anyone remember what this girl looked like at the beginning of her career?! Her image had such potential….her PR rep should be fired and sued.

  17. CelebGossipAficionado

    Sorry, I forgot…it’s just Lindsay Lohan. Sigh.

  18. wateva

    im sorry i have to say…you guys are all fucked…im mean dont take it to personally but just leave the poor girl alone man…if she says shes got asthma than shes got asthma if shes tryin to hide something let her…i mean why do u always want to kno wats hapening with these celebs, i mena they are just normal people like us excapt they have paps chasing them…im sorry all i can say is i disagree with u all, hope she gets beta so she can go back to her acting becoz it rocks…and for those of u who think otherwise …u just dnt no wat acting is

  19. Jgirl

    Well I mean this is a message board and you are on a celebirty infested website so their is really nothing else you can expect but nosy people and rude comments.But I appreciate your honesty!WARNING: IF YOU HATE HONEST PEOPLE THAT ARE NOSY CLOSE YOUR EYES AND EARS!
    LL probrally had an athsma attack because she was drunk during the vanity fair interview and when she found out she siad to much..well she PANIKED. She saw her self one the cover of vanity fair rolling around in her underclothes..siad oh crap..she opened the magizine and all she saw was the words bulimic pothead. Then she had an athsma attack..see I know what I’m talking about. I am an athsma patiant..I HAVE FIRSTHAND EXPERIANCE…OH YEAH BEAT THAT STAR MAGIZINE!

  20. Wiseromancer

    It can’t be easy going from a young, cute kid whom the whole world adores to hitting puberty, having tons of money, having parents who see you as their ticket to fame and fortune and agents who want you to transform from freckle-face phenom to sex siren overnight. Unlike Nicole, Lindsay IS recovering. She’s got moxy, beauty, and style (can anyone say, “WWD’s best-dressed”?) and I’m betting she makes it.

  21. lael

    Asthma attack = drug overdose.

  22. LaydeeBug

    Oh, by the way, let’s not forget freebasing. You can lose a shitload of weight in a matter of weeks. And now that Meth is the Hollywood heroin, we can count that in too. Smoking coke and meth and then some H to come down would definitely give me an asthma attack (she said while picking up her pipe to hit it again) Uh, excuse me folks, BRB. (Flick, crackle, crackle…)

  23. minty

    She probably drunkenly puked her undersized stomach into her throat and choked.

  24. why do we have to keep hearing about a raspy squirrel?

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