Lindsay Lohan & Booze: An Affair for the Ages

June 5th, 2009 // 46 Comments

Lindsay Lohan got drunk off her ass at the Cuckoo Club in London last night. Remember when she was in rehab and trying not to drink? Neither does she. Now, who wants to be Lindsay’s lesbian lover for the night who she won’t reciprocate oral sex with because she’s basically trying to piss her dad off and would honestly kill for a penis right now? Ladies?

Photos: WENN

  1. havoc

    Damn, she’s looking pretty rough. Beyond her years.



  2. PoisonIvyLeague

    Her face is looking like a leather couch in a strip club.

  3. Vivid Video is going to call her any day now…

  4. she doesn’t have the acting skills that Vivid Video would require.

  5. Funeral Guy

    In two years she’ll be a barfly in some dumpy bar in the San Fernando Valley trying to pick up any guy that will have her. Dirty nails, bad skin, slurring and stumbling around the bar. “Hey, buddy, I ushed to be an…an…actress…yeah and I was good too.” Pathetic.

  6. Zanna

    What is with the goddamned leggins all the time?!?

  7. Arthur Kade's Ballbag

    Even though my owner is on an amazing journey, I would still take the time out to bone her. The drunker the better.

  8. tmi

    I would not like to smell the crotch of her leggings.

  9. Lindsay

    (lurches) “‘When Semen Met Freckles’ that’s the title?” (hiccups) “Sure, great, I’ll do it, it’s like a remake of that Hairy Sally movie thing right?” (burp-vomits)

  10. Samantha R.

    You can get drunk and high on her discharge.

  11. Ella

    And yet, who is worse than Lindsay? Her mother. How can they see their child basically hit rock bottom, and not step in and try to save her? It’s repulsive how little they obviously care about her.

    I don’t count her father as a problem, only because as much as he does run his mouth off about her, at least he does care enough. If he didn’t care for her, why would he even bother. Her mother meanwhile, hasn’t said a peep about her in a year. Such a disgrace.

  12. Mike Nait

    I would never go near that freckled puss fire crotch if you paid me. Especially not after licking Samantha Ronson’s dirty ass. I bet her pussy stinks. I bet its disgusting. The thought of going anywhere near her dirty infected stinky pussy ass makes me want to vomit. Could she have any more freckles. It’s disgusting. EWWWWWW. She should pay to have each one of those 2 million freckles removed. Even the ones inside her ass and pussy. Ewwwwww.

  13. Delgo

    I used to love her, but I’ve since moved on to Katy Perry’s big thus (t9)

  14. Matthew

    HOHAN is at it again!

  15. Christina

    Lindsay’s my type of girl. Slutty and drunk. Kind of like myself!

  16. Sport

    Scabby trailer trash.

  17. Doc

    She is not going to age well. Poor misguided celebrity.

  18. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Pic 4 and 5 are absolutely RANCID!

  19. JPRichardson

    She makes funny faces when drunk.

  20. Sher


  21. herbiefrog

    hey babe…

    maybe [while you are here] you should visit
    so that we could talk…

    no idea how to make that happen
    not going to publish phone numer
    maybe just listen ?

    [we love having fun too...]
    [...but noone knows whowe are]
    [...and we almost never go out]
    [ we can do whatever we want]

    maybe we’ll try to send you a dm ?

    take care
    luv u )

  22. dirk

    Does this girl ever wash her hands? Nasty. Just nasty.

  23. galwaygirl

    So the girl went out partying? So what? In LONDON? Everyone gets schmackered there. Give her a break–she doesn’t even look that bad (for being housed…)

  24. Max Planck

    Smokers suck.

  25. Tad Bit Tipsy

    I know crack whores that look better than that!

  26. what?

    This leather faced CUNT is going to look older than her skank mother if she keeps up the fast life. Can you say career suicide?

  27. Pablo

    She’s gonna end up looking like a cross between Erin Moran and Aunt Bee.

  28. Joey Heatherton

    You’ve done well grasshopper

  29. juniper

    she looks like judy garland did in her 40s.

  30. angel

    Third picture shows her finger which has all the cuts of a bulimic

  31. Christina

    Ah come off it, she’s got a really nice figure and her face is pretty! She doesn’t even look bad for being drunk and she doesn’t even look that drunk!

  32. Hottest quote i ever heard from Lilo: “I dont drink asshole”! precious!

  33. DAMN, is she still alive, folks?

  34. California Red

    Dinah looks good for her age.

  35. JustJess

    Ya know – I know it seems like Lindsey Lohan has been around forever – but honestly – she is really only 22. People forget what 22 was like – I sure as hell don’t – it was a few years back – but who we are at 22 sure as shit isn’t who we usually are at 30 or 35.

    She’ll either die or be totally turned off by her “now” lifestyle by 30. Living under a microscope picks out what most normal people hide – and most of us – if you think about it – were not much better than Lindsey…

    Just sayin…

  36. Hilsy

    Pic 4 … she is looking rather British…

  37. Lisa

    she has disgusting yellow ear wax!

  38. Sardonic

    Pic 4 will work well for the cover of her posthumous biography to be released in bookstores just in time for Christmas.

  39. Ringo

    if I pull the green string will the meat curtains close?

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  41. David55

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  42. Rhialto

    She’s still young but i’ve an idea how she’s going to look like in the near future.

  43. pcaires224

    What a train wreck shes becoming

  44. luckynumber8

    All those critical commentators are living vicariously (and viciously) through LiLo. To criticize a girl because she has freckles is just ignorant. and to add obscene remarks into the mix is just a reflection on what a disgusting mind the commentator has. She has beautiful bone sturcture.. she will age well even if she does get too much sun or smokes a bit. Besides, she has accomplished more in her short life so far than any of you loosers ever will. Who gives a shit if she drinks or smokes? Who the hell are you to judge ANYONE… a celebrity or not? If ever met her in person you wouldn’t have the balls to say a single one of those horrid remarks to her face. And, you would most definately want to be with her in some way shape or form. But unlucky you, you will never have the chance. You all may just be a bunch of homophobes who love to watch girl/girl porn but loathe the reality of bi or homo sexuality. IGNORANCE. What you see in pubic figures is usually what is inside of you… What a bunch of loosers these commentators are, with the exception of the very few sensitive. Leave the girl alone. You are sick and twisted and sadistic. Go fuck YOURSELVES.

  45. Melanie

    wow… have you seen that??? She just looks like Samantha in the 4th picture!! that’s crazy…

  46. Living under a microscope which picks up the most ordinary people – to hide and most of us – if you do not think about it – was much better than Lindsey …

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