Lindsay Lohan & Booze: An affair for the ages

Lindsay Lohan and the sauce have been mildly flirting since she got out of rehab. But now things have heated up and these two are definitely hooking up. Are they back together? Will their love stand the test of time? NY Daily News has the details of the sultry couple’s public affection at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone which, coincidentally, is where the pics I included were taken:

At least two witnesses watched her consume vodka cocktails until she appeared to become drowsy and left at about 4 a.m.
“She was chain-smoking all night,” says a spy. “Her eyes were a little glassy and she was holding her head in her hands, but she left on her own two feet.”

Aw, now that’s the Lindsay Lohan America fell in sloppy drunk love with. And, like my grandfather always said, “If you truly love something, you’ve got to down a shitload of it until your grandmother finds out. Then you blame the Alzheimer’s and pray to God she doesn’t try to sex you up.” Words to live by, people. Words to live by…

Photos: Getty Images