Lindsay Lohan & Booze: An affair for the ages

April 22nd, 2008 // 67 Comments

Lindsay Lohan and the sauce have been mildly flirting since she got out of rehab. But now things have heated up and these two are definitely hooking up. Are they back together? Will their love stand the test of time? NY Daily News has the details of the sultry couple’s public affection at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone which, coincidentally, is where the pics I included were taken:

At least two witnesses watched her consume vodka cocktails until she appeared to become drowsy and left at about 4 a.m.
“She was chain-smoking all night,” says a spy. “Her eyes were a little glassy and she was holding her head in her hands, but she left on her own two feet.”

Aw, now that’s the Lindsay Lohan America fell in sloppy drunk love with. And, like my grandfather always said, “If you truly love something, you’ve got to down a shitload of it until your grandmother finds out. Then you blame the Alzheimer’s and pray to God she doesn’t try to sex you up.” Words to live by, people. Words to live by…

Photos: Getty Images

  1. OhNo

    God, she looks bad.

  2. Carolina

    First!! =)))

    poor lohan =S

  3. loaurol

    She is sexy.I have searched her photo on “M a r r y M i l l i o n a i r e . C o m” which is a celeb dating site. It is said that she is dating with a rich man but i do not believe that!

  4. Helena

    judging by the first picture she needs to go back into rehab, she looks like she’s still on smack, open your eyes a bit more love!

  5. English Bob

    WOW First….Awww, i think Lindsays kinda hot (…and i bet she’s a wild ride too…) Like an old time tavern ‘Liquor in the front, poker in the rear’…..

  6. ph7


    She’s trying so hard to get the studios to think she dependable enough to give try in a lead role, but the booze keeps calling….

    Just like her mom – at the end of her day, all she can trust are her liver and vag.

  7. deacon jones

    She better start drinking again, she’s aging (take that British) even faster sober.

    She looks like a 37 yr old Long Island divorcee at the Holiday Inn lobby bar

  8. bob

    I love how you guys are advertising Skyy Vodka on your home page and chastising Lindsay and her drinking problems.

    You guys are knobs

  9. HuckyDucky

    And “Tits Up” in 5…4…3…2…

    deacon you hit the nail on the head. It’s sad when you’re in your early twenties and already a cougar.

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  11. They White Urkle

    Wow she looks like crap. What the hell is it with the “V” peace sign everyone thinks they need to make? What are they, 15 year old Japanese girls? Mmmm….15 year old Japanese girls.

  12. That “V” is the universal sign for “can’t keep my legs closed”.

  13. foxy

    what is with that make up? orange is not a good look. stop washing your face with fanta girl!

  14. Auntie Kryst

    Holy crap!! Sweet jebus, now can we ship this aging twat over to the filthly limeys like we did Madonna? She is no longer up to American standards.

    PS nice one #7 “Aging” you brittish cunts “aging.”

  15. Captain-Insano

    Yes, its the “peace” sign, but in Lohan’s case it means two more shots please.

  16. Ted from LA

    I heard the only thing she eats are worms at the bottom of Tequila bottle.

  17. RENEE

    Thats one weathered looking 21 year old. Her sister Alli looks old too; she’s like, what, 13?… she looks like the 21 year old, and Lindsay looks like her middle aged slutty mom.

  18. sherry

    cool now she can just chill and drink and be happy…i think she is entitled…

  19. Anonymous

    Hey Dina!

    Is your daughter still in “an amazing place”??

  20. Anonymous

    #15: That can’t be right. When has this skank ever said “please”?

  21. Jumpin_J

    Hey Lindsay, it’s Johnnie W in the black label. I know you’ve been ignoring me for a while. I was so sad since you ignored me for so long. But you were meant for me and I was meant for you (thank you Jewel). Now that we’re back, I’ll be more faithful to you than ever. Let me come in contact with that mouth and rub me all over your bodacious ta-tas and promise you’ll never leave me. We’ll have many more forgetable nights together in someone’s backseat. You rock.

  22. English Bob

    Hey, Auntie Kryst what’s with all the Brit-Bashing ???? You’d do well to remember that us Brits are America’s ONLY friend in the whole world, arrrrr. And all the plebs/tards on this site (Montag, Hilton, Pratt, Lohan – The list is endless) are all American. In fact why don’t you look at your family tree, your probably of British dissent. Now go back to playing with your guns and rockets and leave us hardened dour northerners to fight it out like REAL men…..

  23. union jack

    *14 “Aging (blah blah) aging”, like a lot of foreigners trying to learn a difficult language Americans are no different, infact I’ve met many Mexicans who speak and write English better than many Americans. Do the math, alright already, go figure (he’s on a roll), you done real good (genius), word to your mother. Agless, absolutely agless x

  24. L.Linus

    It was only a matter of time before she fell off the wagon. If you keep going clubs and hanging out with your druggie friends what do you think going to happen?

  25. Fai

    @ #22 -

    It’s ‘descent’, not dissent.

  26. Anonymous

    Who will Dina blame this time? It’s never her precious daughter’s fault. She’s running out of blame options.

  27. Jaffo

    This makes it official–I am having my crank inked in the style of a bottle of Grey Goose tonight. Soon, Lindsay, soon….

  28. deacon jones

    WHAM 23!!!!!!

  29. Michael Lohan

    Drink all you want, sweetie, you’ll never remove your memories of Daddy’s taste.


    While no one would be happier if my favorite angry redhead was hitting the juice again, my guess is she’s probably on pills, and that’s what makes her glassy-eyed and droopy. The fact that she’s chain-smoking like the Devil means her nerves are raw and on edge. She needs a drink, that’s what she needs. And out till 4am? That means she’s got no home life, either. In the past, I admitted to this forum that Uncle Ned had to break a pot-addiction, and it takes a couple years, especially psychologically. A month or two in rehab is just the start.

  31. Anonymous

    Uncle Ned,

    Pot isn’t that hard to stop doing….I think the key is how old you are. Younger people have a tougher time.

  32. KEVIN

    This girl a complete waste !
    what is she exactly famous for? oh… I know for being a dirty slut spending her time cooped up in different rehab centers. But the worst part is that she is making her little sister join the club ! NO PLEASE NO, ONE FUCKING LOHAN IS MORE THAN ENOUGH


    #31 – it wasn’t the physical aspect, for me at least, it was psychological. After 20+ years, it took some time to work it all through. We’ve all got our journey, for instance, booze doesn’t effect me, but look at Lindsay. I still say she needs a drink, and that’s not going away anytime soon. She’ll always be an alcoholic. If I’m anywhere near the smoke, I have to walk away from it. The last place she should be is a nightclub or anywhere that booze is being served. Her rehab should have taught her that, but like the man says, her love affair is probably ongoing.

  34. Thank God I Don't Have Her Genes

    She looks older than Jennifer Aniston.

  35. Sue

    Here’s the deal – she got sober, which couldn’t have been easy in her case, then made the rounds looking for work, and discovered that nobody wants her now. This is the beginning of her slide. There will be a few “wild” stories but within a year she’ll commit suicide the standard way for her personality type – bathtub wrist-slashing. She’ll arrange it so that her mom finds her (which won’t stop her mom from continuing to pimp Ali). Her dad will fall off the wagon and make a drunken confession that he had sex with Lindsay repeatedly while she was between the ages of 13-15.

  36. Are we bashing Brits today? I don’t think we should bother the fucking snaggletoothed limeys, so I’ll refrain.

  37. Auntie Kryst

    @22 Hi Bob, honestly I am a habitual poster here, it’s sick really.. Anyway, limey bashing is sort of my thing. I know it’s a stereotype but I just think the english are the most ineffectual and effete nation on the planet. Hell I even give the Frogs credit. They piss me off, but they got balls enough to be contrarians. I got to respect that. You are right though, as much as I hate to admit, there are a few drops of rotten brittish blood in my veins. So as long as I don’t read anything to effect of saying Americans are bad because of (insert dumbass comment here), we’ll get along well.

  38. agreeone

    She is my favorite . I saw her profileand photos on a milllionaire dating site ——”W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m****** last week. What kind of relationship she is looking for on that site>?

  39. Anal Fistula

    #7 is so right…she does look like a scary, early 40′s divorcee in a hotel bar

  40. Dorito Man

    A 40 something divorcee in a Motel 6 lobby who is on her way to the motel’s office for the complimentary “Continental Breakfast” being served right next to the cash register..But with extra baggage poised, ready to fall right on the next guy’s head.

  41. Anonymous

    Uncle Ned,

    Glad you conquered it. Congrats to you. I know it’s a tough thing.

  42. Mr. Mister

    If you want to stay in Iraq yourselves, then you are very welcome guys. Until then, a bit more respect.

  43. Hecubus

    I was gonna make a joke about how she looks good for 49 years old but in all honesty she doesn’t.

  44. PunkA

    Nudge me again when she gets really sloppy again. From there, it will be a sort trip to another drink driving crash, and some jail time. YIPPEEE!!!!

  45. Harry Ballzack

    “Her eyes were a little glassy and she was holding her head in her hands, but she left on her own two feet.”

    Well saints be praised and pass the fucking martinis & olives !!
    Somebody please tell me this sweetheart of a girl (who was only toasting the short comings of an old friend – the Absolute Vodka Corp.) uses a limo driver like all the rest of the responsible hollywood celebs …. wait ….. that’s an Oxymoron – “Responsible Hollywood Celebs”

  46. Matthew

    Hohan is at it again I bet dina party with her

  47. Grunion

    Maxims hottest woman of 2007.

    Wow what a shitty year.

  48. korina_jebediah

    Why does she have skinny arms and thunder tighs?

  49. Ted from LA

    Trying breaking a pole smoking addiction. I have been trying for years.

  50. Member

    Is she getting fat, or just bloated from all the vodka.

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