Lindsay Lohan back in rehab

July 24th, 2007 // 193 Comments

Lindsay Lohan checked herself back into rehab today, but not the Promises treatment facility where she just completed her 45 day program. Her attorney issued the following statement:

“Addiction is a terrible and vicious disease. Since Lindsay transitioned to outpatient care, she has been monitored on a SCRAM bracelet and tested daily in order to support her sobriety. Throughout this period, I have received timely and accurate reports from the testing companies. Unfortunately, late yesterday I was informed that Lindsay had relapsed. The bracelet has now been removed. She is safe, out of custody and presently receiving medical care.”

It’s probably smart that Lindsay didn’t check back into Promises, since they haven’t managed to help a single person. One of these days somebody is going to do a little research and it’s going to turn out Promises isn’t even a rehab facility, but a used car dealership or something.

NOTE: Check out the woman in the background of this picture. Apparently Lindsay has started befriending actual living cartoon characters.

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  1. Matthew

    hey HOHAN you be dead like ANS in a year moron

  2. Sauron

    I think i can see her skull,is it just me or is she getting finally more beautiful?

  3. Lowlands

    She’s looking very hungry into this mirror with coke remains… I know ofcourse this isn’t a mirror,this is the frontwindow of a car.

  4. jamesgoonan

    Leave her alone, her father will get her out of this and put her back on the road to Je-Zus!!!

  5. I called it. 10 days! What was the over/under on this one? Anyone remember who one this bet? I think it was me…

  6. Lindsay is an idiot

    Hey, Stacey….that comment has been made many times. Now turn of caps lock and stop yelling at everyone.

  7. Drude

    Addiction is not a ‘terrible disease’… it’s a choice… and a crutch… get over it… she did it to herself…

  8. ashla

    why does she get to go to rehab again? why don’t they just throw her in jail? she had her chance god damn it! i don’t want to wait another 30-something days to see her ass go to jail!

  9. HeavenScent

    Buy Lindsay a shovel, she can’t get enough coke up her nose….now is she getting into Dina’s stash, or does her mother leave a trail of drugs that she can follow like Hansel and Gretel….maybe she can dangle a beer bottle instead of a carrot while she runs on a treadmill?

    #45…..that is an awesome song! Cake was cool

  10. justifiable

    Too bad Dana The Enabler and Excuser was MIA as a mother – she’s never stepped up to the plate and really told her what she was endangering in terms of her career, let alone her future life. When the producer of Georgia Rule delivered that extremely public smackdown that should have set off major alarm bells with momma and her little moneymaker. She just blew it off and made excuses for her “child” and blamed it on his having personal problems. It wasn’t Lindsay’s fault, oh no, her darling partying girl just got scapegoated. Let’s see Mom excuse this one – you know she’ll try. Buy she won’t be able to do rehab or even jail time for her.

  11. i feel really sad for this girl. she really needs some major help..

  12. Lindsay is an idiot

    I don’t know why, but I don’t feel sorry for her at all. Maybe it’s because I’m not convinced she’s an addict. Addicted to partying, media attention, and getting what she wants, maybe; but not addicted to drugs and alcohol. Plus, there are no consequences. So why not do whatever the hell you want? No limits, no punishments, no guidance. And what does she see for it? Millions of dollars per movie and her face splashed across magazines. Yeah, that’d get me to change my behavior.

  13. Anonymous

    They deliver babies in jail too. The female guards act as midwives, right in the damned cell. It’s been done many times. NOW how does it feel to be all cool and high on drugs while BEHIND THE WHEEL, hmm? Stupid sluts.

  14. shittylips

    this is just pathetic. when your colleagues/ex friends etc. get sent to jail for dui why the fuck would you keep doing it? this girl is totally toasted. is her rehab some sort of addiction service center? does she think kate moss is cool, those stupid idiots who keep on hoovering up drugs until they only have one nostril? i’m sick and fucking tired of these fuckwits. yes, that’s on the money #163, stupid sluts. look at the way crack ho’s look after a few years of abusing drugs. linds looks like a bucket of moldy shit for a 21 year old. send her stupid ass to jail. PLEASE.

  15. cat

    can’t these rich bitches hire a driver to take them places… WTF…

  16. dk

    I think the cartoon might be iggy pop?

  17. lindsay

    does any one notice that she is wearing the same shirt as that fugly bitch next to her in the post before this one

  18. lindsay

    does any one notice that she is wearing the same shirt as that fugly bitch next to her in the post before this one

  19. I love what you’ve done with the place.

  20. GG1000

    Argh, I am so sick of these morons! It would probably cost her less than she spends on her nails to have a driver standing by 24/7, but she can’t be bothered. I hope she kills herself quick before she kills someone else driving around trashed in a big SUV.

  21. Rimmy

    I’d like to see this bitches get together in a sort of Spice Girls thing. You have CokeHead Spice (Lohan), Drunken Spice (Britney), Vomiting Spice (Nicole Richie), Blowjob Spice (Paris), and Trent Reznor Spice (Mary-Kate Olson). Gay, I know, but take a look at some of the posts before mine.

  22. “Addiction is a terrible and vicious disease”

    Yeah right. Like anyone with the flu or cancer just stumbeled into a needle or snorted a line of jerms, infecting themselves. Poor little rich girl. Drugs are gods way of telling you you have too much money and too little brains.

  23. Pass_the_Pepto

    OK, all kiddin’ aside for a sec. This photo is truly frightening…I mean, SLEEP WITH THE LIGHTS ON scary! I cannot believe this is the gal I actually was sorta charmed by in “Mean Girls.” Good GAWD. If she’s lucky she might get a road tour of “Beverly Hillbillies-The Musical…” as Granny. Again I say…GOOD GAWD. I know the drugs can do weird things to yer mind and body, but this is Worm Hole s**t.

    I’m gonna put on my Mister Roger’s Neighborhood DVD, hold my stuffed panda close, and try to keep the nightmares at bay. Brrrrrrr.

  24. YaPoo.Mom

    “But the steel eyes, tight jaw, say it all, say it all…”
    – Cake

  25. Christ on a Crotch

    Can people notice how many times the “SAME SHIRT” reference is coming up. STOOOOOOPPPP!!!!

    “Open your eyes, look around sometime”

  26. MerriamWebster

    #131 – “Stupider” is not a word. It’s “more stupid,” stoopit.

  27. 122/My man: U can Veto my azz anytime…
    My zweet Bill…..xxxxxoooooooxxxxxx

  28. Somehow i find it hard to believe that Lindsay relapsed just yesterday, especially when one takes into account the stories of her asking for ecstacy from fellow club goers, and the reports that she wasn´t sober for a single day in jail.

  29. WTF, Inc.

    #178 When was she in jail for a single day? That’s part of the problem.

  30. Man, you’ve been a naughty girl, you let your face grow long.

  31. herbiefrog

    goo goo ja joo

  32. Blve

    dude… she’s going down so fast!
    she’s fucked up.

  33. Frankie

    Tell her Lawyer that Not only is she safe but ALL the pedistrians walking down the streets of L.A. are NOW SAFE!!

  34. casey

    is it me or is it raining cocaine in her car?


  35. man_phat

    that ugly thing in the background is what I imagine that nice young man KraziHottKelli will look like when he grows up

  36. Hello fuckerz…did cha have a nice day?
    thought zo….victor..U R one horney baztard….and Jimbo
    zo, your victorz little dick? U had zome help today…U
    probably heard, didn’t cha…..I guezz FRIST!!! izn’t that ztrong
    of a bitch like I thought…whatever??????????????

  37. triny

    bohemia y todo esta es la mina mas linda q existe, y eso nadie se lo quitara.

  38. milwaukee's beast

    Lindsay Lohan rulez. She’s a classy broad if Iever saw one. Check the funny white spots in the air. I guess she’s just let off a fart and one of the cocaine baggies she’s keeping in reserve somewhere way up in her tailpipe combusted, sending out a blizzard of tiny little snowflakes.

  39. lidiya

    whoa, background person! i mean: fish outta water!

  40. Hoover

    Did she spill her cocaine on the windshield or is that just lice?

  41. bitch

    it kind of looks like a Balenciaga or a Chloé but i’m not sure


  42. I don’t know why people focus on this poor pathetic attempt of a woman. Why don’t you pay attention to all the prostitutes in te streets, it’s the same thing. Just to think about all the girls that look at her as an idol ar an example, makes you realise why the world is woing straihgt to the deepest hole in history

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