Lindsay Lohan back in rehab

July 24th, 2007 // 193 Comments

Lindsay Lohan checked herself back into rehab today, but not the Promises treatment facility where she just completed her 45 day program. Her attorney issued the following statement:

“Addiction is a terrible and vicious disease. Since Lindsay transitioned to outpatient care, she has been monitored on a SCRAM bracelet and tested daily in order to support her sobriety. Throughout this period, I have received timely and accurate reports from the testing companies. Unfortunately, late yesterday I was informed that Lindsay had relapsed. The bracelet has now been removed. She is safe, out of custody and presently receiving medical care.”

It’s probably smart that Lindsay didn’t check back into Promises, since they haven’t managed to help a single person. One of these days somebody is going to do a little research and it’s going to turn out Promises isn’t even a rehab facility, but a used car dealership or something.

NOTE: Check out the woman in the background of this picture. Apparently Lindsay has started befriending actual living cartoon characters.

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  1. UglyPeopleSafaris

    LOOK! Shes addicted to so much coke that it even falls from the sky where ever she goes….

    PS who are we goign to laugh at when shes in jail for 6months-year.. therefore I suggest probation!!! yay!

  2. UglyPeopleSafaris

    PS for someone that does so much coke, I would have thought that she would be skinny.

  3. Dra

    The lady in the back is wearing Lindsay’s old clothes. Take a look:

  4. luvtits

    48 finally someone getting back on topic whic is her tits!!
    Isn’t it?

  5. tinkerbelle

    rehabing lilo – - it must be like trying to harness a tornado or hurricane, or like that green ghost on Ghostbusters that kept gobbling food and booze and talking at the same time. he may have even belched and farted intermittently.

  6. gotmilk?

    LOL at 49.

  7. UglyPeopleSafaris

    PS for someone that does so much coke, I would have thought that she would be skinny.

  8. TheRage

    when is she going to OD? that’s all i care about.

  9. Italian Stallion

    “Why does coke… suddenly appear….everytime….you are near…… long to be….in a rehab facility………”

  10. Mearl

    check out the weird tranny shes got in that one pic. Dudes got sack.

  11. bored

    Why is the cartoon chick wearing the same shirt Lindsay is in the the previous story? Do all celeb friends get the hand-me-downs from the day before?

  12. Murph

    what the hell is with all the stuff in the back of the car???
    (see pic 9)

  13. Supposed former NA member

    I’m sick to death of addiction being a disease. As soon as the dopefiends found out that alcoholism attaches itself to your organizm like a disease, they thought “Hey, we could claim that too. How are they gonna prove it?”

    Hence, the “disease of addiction” was born. I’m sorry, but the only ones who can claim that is alkies and opiate addicts. Cocaine is a brain disease that goes away WHEN YOU STOP DOING IT AND TAKE SOME CONTROL!!!!

    That’s why I don’t attend anymore.

    “Wah, wah, wah, I can’t take any reaponsibilty for my actions. My mommy didn’t love me, my daddy diddled me, my dog was the favorite one, I have bi-polar disorder, I’m depressed, I was teased in school, I was raped, my uncle abused me, I was fat as a child, I started in show business too early.”

    While these are valid and terrible things to happen to people, they are not excuses. No excuses. I chose to try that shit and it ripped me a new asshole and now I’m done with it BECAUSE I HAVE PRIORITIES.

    So don’t gimme any shit. It’s becasue of the American publics lack of accountabiltiy that we have Overeaters Anonymous, Sex Offenders Anonymous, Debtors Anonymous, ets, ad nauseam. Close the fridge, stop going to the track and leave the little kids alone, you fuckwads!!!

    (Whew, I better smoke a joint after that one.)

  14. mrs.t

    Best advice for Lindsay?

    Go ahead and make the porn NOW, before the Syphilis gets to your face. If you wait until you really need the money, it will be too late.

  15. Caroline

    Give the girl a break. We let people like Lemmy dump piles of speed on the table during interviews and praise Pete Doherty for his Junkie fashion and alcoholic antics….so what is the difference for Lolo? She got arrested for a second DUI in only three months time, that sucks and she has to deal with the consequences. Leave it at that.

    All in all, recovery isnt easy and relapse is expected again and again.Ask any serious addict.

  16. havoc

    Yeah, I’m thinking this isn’t the best advertising for this Promises place……


  17. YerMom

    Is it me, or is the shirt that LL’s cartoon-character friend is wearing the same as the one that LL’s wearing in the previous post. Linds and Brit seem to have a lot in common these days, right down to stealing clothes right off their friends’ backs.

  18. Werewolf

    The cartoon character is Dori Cooperman- the most trashtastic “socialite” ever to hail from NYC. She talks like a truckdriver and is so incredibly vulgar it’s scary. She was found quilty of depositing a check she stole from her neighbor into her own bank account. When asked of her summer plans, she just told people that she was going to rehab. Classy.

  19. mrs.t

    @ 65: Awwww, that’s so sweet. You are the kindest, most compassionate recovering addict I’ve encountered.

    So why are you here?

  20. shut up Caroline

    Shut up Caroline and go weep in your Cheerios.


    #69, because she’s not all there. (BWA HA HA HA)

  22. woodhorse

    #63 Better smoke two joints: they also get to live on disability off our tax dollars – free rent, free food, free medical care and all the drugs they can buy with the money they made from hooking or pawning your CD player they stole. If you get addicted to something you’ll never have to do the 9-5.

  23. mrs.t

    werewolf: Dori Cooperman is purebred Jersey, baby. Don’t do NYC like that, man.

  24. Former member aka LayDeeBug

    “I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints and then I smoke two more..” (R.I.P. Bradley)

    If any of those no talent whores had were nearly as talented as Bradley from Sublime, I’d feel for them. But they’re not, yet they want to run with the big dogs.

  25. Former native New Yorker

    #72, yeah, I forgot about that.

    Anyone who knows Hudson County can attest to the whoring, child-popping, crack and heroin scrounging, Section-8 living, tax draining coozes that inhabit that place.

    New Yorkers, move to Jersey and you’ll know why we always made fun of them.

    Jerseyites, this is a pre-empted apology.

  26. bob

    I wanna see her swallow a knife.

  27. dowork

    I’m over this. 1/3 of this website is dedicated to LL.

  28. supercalifragilisticexpialigofuckyourself

    Nothing to say really, just wanted try out my new name. Fuck you all.

  29. hollaback

    I bet Britney Spears is relieved someone is more fucked up than she is. When will these celebs realize rehab doesn’t work if you only go to save your image? You can’t walk out the door into the same bars and party with the same friends. She didn’t go a week without blow. She is the female Daniel Baldwin.

  30. ssdd

    65 … go fuck yourself.. and then .. well, go fuck yourself again, loser.

  31. Werewolf

    mrs.t – you are so right. Was maligning my own town. Forgive me, New York.

  32. Likka my Ballsa

    #80, Bwwa ha ha ha ha BURN!!!!!

    65 did you hear that? You gonna let 80 talk to you like that?

    70 hollaback, I think Brit and Lindsay are neck and neck. Lets see who crosses the Funeral line first.


  33. hollaback

    Hey Caroline, I am sorry about her luck. Relapse sucks. Although I think I will feel less sorry the next she drinks and drives and kills someone. Bitch can’t drive sober. I could give a fuck if she drinks or does drugs. She has the money to pay a driver. Innocent people shouldn’t have to pay for her “addiction”. Lets keep it in perspective. Drinking and driving is illegal for a reason.

  34. hollaback

    Hey Caroline, I am sorry about her luck. Relapse sucks. Although I think I will feel less sorry the next time she drinks and drives and kills someone. Bitch can’t drive sober. I could give a fuck if she drinks or does drugs. She has the money to pay a driver. Innocent people shouldn’t have to pay for her “addiction”. Lets keep it in perspective. Drinking and driving is illegal for a reason.

  35. Rosie's Mustach

    This is such fucking bullshit. I am so sick of seeing pea brained losers destroy their bodies. There are so many people who are sick out there through no fault of their own who would give anything for a normal life, who can’t afford the medical treatment they need and then there are all these rich douchebags who smoke, drink, drug and binge themselves into poor health. It’s fucking revolting. She can pay for the finest treatment for her little “disease”. While life is hard for everyone and addiction is a serious psychological condition it’s not a “disease” like finding out one day that you have a brain tumour or M.S. or a rare illness that’s attacking your organs. There are so many diseases out there that destroy peoples lives and cause them to live with extreme pain everyday and no amount of “rehab” will ever change that.

  36. I feel like that ugly woman is from a reality show, or something.

  37. LayDeeBug

    LET’S HEAR IT FOR ROSIE’S MOUSTACHE. (Thunderous, Humungous applause from LayDeeBug)

    More, MORE~!!!!!!!

    See post #63.

  38. FirstTimeCaller

    Hollaback (83, 84) hit the nail on the head. DUI laws weren’t created ’cause some old guy in a stuffed shirt was bored one day. People die, and it’s unfortunately usually not the person who’s at fault.

  39. justifiable

    Use the words “film completion bond” and “Lindsay Lohan” in a sentence without laughing! Anyone? Didn’t think so!

  40. That is the horse faced transvestite that she was seen hanging with at Pure in Las Vegas earlier this month. I think the creature is her dealer. How could she get caught with the drugs in her pocket anyway? You’d think a rich celebrity could afford to modify her car to have a secret stash compartment. And anybody with common sense knows better than to take the drugs into a police station. She is such a moron. I imagine her thinking was along the lines of “Oh crap the cops! I’ll hide it in my pocket. They’ll never look there.”

  41. Lindsay Lohan's Brain

    #90 Drugs make you SMART! Yes, they do.

  42. Julie

    OK, what the hell? Why is it that these people are always wearing each other’s clothes? See the “cartoon” person in the pic’s shirt….now look at what Lindsay is wearing in the pics attached to the previous post. You would think with all the damn money floating around these people that they wouldn’t have to share freaking clothes.

  43. FRIST!!!

    Ok, that’s it, as soon as Blohan gets out of prison and S-Beers takes a nap, I soooo want to party with them. They must get all the good shit!!!!

  44. this is getting sad now. I think she is honestly trying to turn her life around and she can’t.
    She used to be so hot, i hope she can straighten up and then take my cock in her mouth.

  45. Chauncey Gardner


    Who the fuck is “praising” Pete Doherty for being an addict? And, when was the last time anybody on the board besides you even thought about Lemmy???

  46. jrzmommy

    she blew a .12…did she win anything for that….because that’s quite impressive.

  47. herbiefrog

    > …informed that Lindsay had relapsed. The bracelet has
    > now been removed. She is safe…

    as long as she’s safe

    …is all that really matters

  48. justifiable

    #94 What makes you say that? She uses rehab to hide out in, and so far, avoid any prison time. She’s paid for nothing yet in terns of consequences. When she can’t get work at ALL and she’s done some time for coke possession, then maybe it will finally sink in. It’ll be too late by then, tho. Stupid, to squander everything away.

  49. jean


  50. Jacket Off

    Most normal kids — even college age kids — who do this kind of stuff have parents that beat their ass, cut off their cash, lock them in their rooms, and ban them from seeing their friends who were bad influences. They don’t have the unlimited money or friends with money to go wherever they want and buy whatever drugs they want.

    The kids that do this sort of stuff but don’t wise up or have someone to slap some sense into them end up in and out of jail for most of their lives.

    Lohan has zero supervision and accountability and the resources to go and do whatever she wants (same with Britney). There’s no stopping them until they hit rock bottom or wind up dead.

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