Lindsay Lohan back in rehab

July 24th, 2007 // 193 Comments

Lindsay Lohan checked herself back into rehab today, but not the Promises treatment facility where she just completed her 45 day program. Her attorney issued the following statement:

“Addiction is a terrible and vicious disease. Since Lindsay transitioned to outpatient care, she has been monitored on a SCRAM bracelet and tested daily in order to support her sobriety. Throughout this period, I have received timely and accurate reports from the testing companies. Unfortunately, late yesterday I was informed that Lindsay had relapsed. The bracelet has now been removed. She is safe, out of custody and presently receiving medical care.”

It’s probably smart that Lindsay didn’t check back into Promises, since they haven’t managed to help a single person. One of these days somebody is going to do a little research and it’s going to turn out Promises isn’t even a rehab facility, but a used car dealership or something.

NOTE: Check out the woman in the background of this picture. Apparently Lindsay has started befriending actual living cartoon characters.

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  1. Emily

    I love that she still has her AA tags hanging proudly from her rear-view mirror. She’s one classy broad.

  2. Angat

    First ?

  3. gossipmonger

    The countdown begins for the ANS ending to LinLo..

  4. Lindsay Lohan was found dead at the casting of her newest film, the Plastics. Go here for the facts!!

  5. jrzmommy

    As if the bracelet is an issue at this point. Hee……’d think that fucking thing would have just exploded, essentially, at this point.

  6. shizz

    Life is tough.
    But it is tougher when you are really stupid like Blohan

  7. Jen

    The cartoon character is wearing the same top as LL is wearing in the pics below.

  8. paul

    …do u think paris is super jealous and planning HER next move?

  9. adeliza

    I just read this out of OK! Magazine:

    “Sgt. Shane Talbot tells OK! the actress was allegedly chasing another car in a white Lexus SUV around the parking lot of Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (located next to the police station) before she was arrested.”

    What a stupid fucking bitch. I know she was drunk, but chasing another car in a parking lot NEXT to the police station?!?!?!?!?

    What were they doing? Pretending to play bumper cars, or was she all jacked up on road rage thinking she was gonna kick someone’s ass?

    Geez…..chasing another car in a parking lot….at 130am…… to the police station.
    That’s a classic.

  10. sicasso

    The cartoon character looks like a man. She’s a man, baby! Yeah.

    Um. Eighth!

  11. Spiff

    What a stupid bitch….this kid has just completely fucked away what was once a promising career…the people who introduced her to cocaine should be shot….not that I was ever a fan, aside from the Parent Trap, but I know several people who would kill to have these opportunities in life and wouldn’t piss them away…such a complete waste! LoBlow is a stain on the ass of humanity…and we need to bleach those tightie whites….

  12. paul

    what cartoon character…huh?

  13. jumpin_j

    In order to relapse, don’t you have to be cured first? Her career: Game over, man, game over!!!

  14. sicasso

    damn. tenth. i suck.

    What’s really depressing about all this is that we now have to wait for Lindsay’s confessional autobiography (once she learns how to write – I guess she could hire Britney’s web copywriter) and the subsequent Lifetime movie version in which she stars as herself. Followed by a career-ending series of emotional characters she’ll play in made-for-TV movies for the likes of Lifetime, Hallmark, and Oxygen.

  15. theredsnapper

    i think she should have gotten arrested for prostitution.. to promote her new movie. .the DUI coke thing is soooo played out..


  16. Ooba Gooba

    I anxiously await what her skank mother has to say about all this……you know she’s pissed because her reality show just went flying out the window. Now she’s going to have to figure out another way to whore her other two kids out.

    Oh Dina, come out wherever you are……….

  17. Lux

    Does she think going back to rehab will impress the court, like that joke sobriety anklet? Sorry Lindsay, you’re a shoe in for at least 6 months time in prison now!

  18. Nick

    The police must have patiently waited for her to fix her face. Talk about a before and after transformation. Hey LiLo, snort less shit up your nose and you might even look as young as 30 without make up.

  19. MARC!!!


  20. paul

    …maybe the cartoon character is the assistant that quit. #16 is right…DINA is the real problem

  21. Hey bitchez, ba bzz vrm vrrrrm
    sho za griz flump
    roz piff zme saz baza
    dimz dum plez grup he
    na bur tef
    grippe spleez????????????
    roz piff zme saz baza

    Also because humans occupy the provisionally most advanced level in the hierarchy of metasystems.

  22. zombieboy

    i like turtles……..

  23. FirstTimeCaller

    @#15 lol

  24. #19 Yes! It was wicked, I finished it yesterday morning.

  25. drewski

    The marketing dept. for Promises is scrambling right now. Not a very good track record with past clients. Britney, melting down, probably hours from being back in rehab herself. Lohan, just a total fucking mess. If I was in Promises right now, I’d be demanding my $40,000 back and checking the fuck out of there. Biggest problem is these girls are surrounded by shitheads that enable them. Like Loho’s attornery’s comments. Does he really expect us to believe she’s been monitored daily? Who was monitoring her when she was in vegas trying to score some X? That cost her her latest movie deal. This latest episode might just cost her an entire career. That would suck though, just turning 21 and your partying days are technically over, and with all that money! I would want to kill myself…….

  26. Troll Killing Zombie

    Her next move is to get herself knocked up like Nicole Richie, hoping to avoid any jail time.

  27. #1hater

    rehab: the last refuge of a scoundrel……

  28. Dee

    Did anyone notice the cartoon character is wearing the same top lohan had on in the previous shots…

  29. As amazing as Cheerz works for preventing hangover damage it is not intended for alcoholics.

  30. lapet

    @#22. Huh?

  31. #1hater

    if gets herself knocked up to avoid prison, she’ll just end up having retarded, alaskan king crab-looking, drug damaged babies……and who needs to see that?

  32. michelle

    she’ll be dead by the end of the year.

  33. Angy

    Poor Lindsay. I’d help her if she wasn’t such a douchebag…but then again, i wouldn’t help her. I’m just gonna sit here and watch her crack herself up ’til there’s not a breath left in her tiny body…whatever that thing is.

  34. I Switch Shirts With Others, Too...

    Did anyone ELSE notice that the LiLo and the Claymation Wonder switched shirts? LiLo is wearing the same shirt as the putty diva in the previous post.

  35. LayDeeBug

    Picture 3: Who’s the hag?

    Picture 5: The driver looks like Britney in better days. And I love the 30day keytag, so the papp’s can see when they snapps her pic.

    What a dick!

    (nice jeans tho!)

  36. rousseau

    19: I finished it on Sunday. It was awesome!


  37. ccc

    I heard she’s checking into the Betty Ford clinic.

  38. luvtits

    Hey how come we’re not talking about her tits anymore? Just cause she got arrested? What does that have to do with her tits?

  39. Christ on a Crotch

    What cartoon character? I’m lost. Turtles, I only like the caramel pecan ones.

    Promises….yeah we promise to send you out unfixed so we can take more of your money.

  40. Penis Mightier

    Turtles are fine, but what have they ever done? Nothing for nobody. I prefer kittens…..fluffy frisky kittens!!

  41. WayOuttaTune

    Lilo has given me all her leftover coke. It fills 2 suitcases. Since I can’t snort it all myself. I’m having a party at Promises later on today. You are all invited to come on down, have a line and dream with me about gang banging our dreamgirl (boy or girl, its ok she does both). Come on down and thank you Lindsay.

  42. tinkerbelle

    that woman…she has a horse-face and bloho’s top on. they did the switcheroo for the paps. come to think of it, horse-face is a close replica of bestest-friend mom – maybe they’re relatives.
    her mother should do hard time. all these celeb-bestest-friend-moms should be breaking rocks and scything dead weeds at Angola.
    i like that the attorney calls it a ‘vicious disease’ – - is that what it’s called, a disease? here’s the cure then: don’t touch drugs or booze. easy-shmeazy. it’s more like a possession, man. and … remember Exorcist? try getting a demon to leave you alone.

  43. pacomartini

    …i guess in hollywood it’s considered “tacky” to be seen twice in the same outfit you are arrested in.

  44. woodhorse

    Promises got $40,000 for putting a fake alcohol detector on her ankle? I’m in the wrong department: who’s with me for starting up a rehab facility? We can call it Pretend.

  45. How do you afford your rock ‘n roll lifestyle? –Cake, Motorcade of Generosity

  46. How do you afford your Rock ‘n Roll lifestyle? -Cake, Motorcade of Generosity

  47. Doomhammer

    I thought Hollywood and LA was full of beautiful people? When did it turn into people with stained shirts and horrificly deformed faces ? I manage to eat and drink three, hell sometimes four times a day, and my shirts stay amazingly stain free!

    Has someone played a trick and replaced all the drink ware in California with dribble glasses?

  48. louie

    i find it strange that she enters rehab and leaves with bigger breast implants and lips, a skinnier body and the same old habits. i think she went in for some plastic surgery that tricky lilo. who’s with me?

  49. Toadish

    I bet $50 bucks the AA tags have been in her pussy at least once.

  50. lickmybutt

    i saw a commercial for the Tyra Banks show where she was going to go to Promises to see what it was like. I should have watched the show, i wonder how they managed to make it look like a real rehab facility.

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