Lindsay Lohan evaporating into a cloud of coke

January 25th, 2009 // 146 Comments

Lindsay Lohan and little sister Ali did some shopping this weekend in New York where Lindsay frightened onlookers with her increasingly rail-thin figure. It’s gotten to the point where you can see her spine through her clothing which proves my theory about lesbians: They have bones. Ha, I win, scientific community! Who’s laughing now?!

Photos: Splash News

  1. cody

    Wow, that’s scary

  2. tbone

    the crypt keeper’s body with a scarier head. and what’s with the diaper in the spine shot? poop much?

  3. dude_on

    The South Beach diet ain’t got nothing on coke. You don’t even have to exercise.

  4. Gene Simmons

    Yikes. Someone give her a carrot.

  5. ana

    lol that’s not her spine, it’s the seam on the shirt underneath!

  6. Chrissy

    Unlike me to back up Lindsay Lohan, but I think those bones you’re seeing are actually the seam of her camisole…look at the seam where it hangs down below her shirt. Also, the bumps are too small to be vertebrae.
    Still, way too skinny.

  7. eeeew

    This is what happens when naturally big girls get unnaturally thin: ugly, sick and disgusting. Can’t even compare this shit to the VS models on display all week (who people were slamming for being too skinny) – those women are naturally thin with actual muscle and not a spine in sight. You can’t fight your DNA Lindsay, and you look like shit.

  8. Char

    I think almost worse than her weight is her hair… It’s disgusting…

  9. Sequin

    Agree with 6/7 – not many girls have vertebrae on their bum, however skinny it is. I think she’s way too thin. She looks sick.

  10. dozer

    She looks like she’s wearing a saggy diaper that leaks in photo 8.

  11. stuff7373

    Doesn’t she realize that the peak of her hotness was in Mean Girls? I would have cut off both my arms to hit that. NOW? She’s just disgusting.

  12. Dare I say it’s because she has been on a strict tuna diet (Sam Ronson) for too long and needs a nice healthy serving of cock?

  13. Kitty

    where did ali’s boobs come from? she didn’t have those a couple months ago!

  14. rawrdinosaur

    I wonder if it’s at all to do with Sam Ronson’s weight. She strikes me as someone who’s naturally bony, with a straight masculine frame, and maybe that could affect someone like Lindsay, who has had body and eating issues in the past. Self comparison- because until recently, while thin, she looked positively voluptuous next to Ronson.

  15. sydd

    i wish i were that skinny.
    i would eat so damn much.

  16. Shep

    get on a diet fatty.

  17. NipTuck


  18. bigdeal

    good. it’s good to see a woman out there who’s not so fat that she makes me vomit uncontrollably in my mouth. it’s a good look.

  19. minty

    poor girl. she clearly has an eating disorder and/ or drug problem. i hope she gets help.

  20. dew

    #5 hipbone, eww

    I always thought extremely thin females were afraid of sex, so they got disgustingly skinny to scare off the males. But Lilo seems very much into sex, so I guess it’s just the coke?

  21. Fati

    it’s not even about her skinniness any more. look at her! if she wasn’t famous, eould you ever give this girl a second look on the street? what the hell is going on with that hair? it looks like she hasn’t washed it a week. where the hell is the glamour, the beauty, the make up, the fashion? who is this hobo? i really think people should stop paying any attention to this sorry excuse for a woman.

  22. Ein

    She must’ve gotten into her man’s diet of only eating nails or something like that.

  23. jt

    what a shame. she has (had) such a smokin bod.

  24. She does look very thin and I hope she can overcome whatever is causing it. The hair extensions, however, are an intentional choice and quite a bad one at that. Too long, un-matched color, and not blended at ALL with her own hair!

    Good extension examples:

  25. amelia

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ AgelessMate. COM ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    A 35+ year old female who is on the “hunt” for a much younger, energetic, willing-to-do-anything male. The cougar can frequently be seen in a padded bra, cleavage exposed, propped up against a swanky bar in San Francisco (or other cities)waiting, watching, calculating; gearing up to sink her claws into an innocent young and strapping buck who happens to cross her path. “Man is cougar’s number one prey”

  26. What Do You Expect?


  27. V-ness

    Just look at their faces…they LOVE the attention…she probably got this way just to grab headlines again because seriously WHY IS SHE STILL FAMOUS

  28. amoi

    #15 raises an interesting point and yes, she did until recently look very curvy and healthy next to Sam.

  29. Cherrylips


  30. shalita

    #26, what does that have to do with this?
    and wtf? how are her boobs still so big?

  31. angie845

    wow. now i know for sure she’s got breast implants. those side pics are ghastly. rumor is she’s moved on to smoking crystal meth. please please get it together lindsay. or one day you’ll be on confessions of a teen idol.

  32. bust it

    Dew-your theory is the most retarded nonsense i’ve heard in awhile. go fuck yourself.

    seriously, people either yap about her being too big or too small…fuck off.

    the “spine” shots are the fucking seam of her shirt, christ.

    i love how shit like this turns into a field day for the Fatties…

  33. Oso Polar

    WOW!!!!! She is getting HOTTER by the ounce.

  34. Oso Polar

    The lighter the tighter. Cry over that you COWS.

  35. authorego

    What is the difference between the drug she is doing now and the one she was doing when she was fat? Or did her liver just quit?

  36. Mike

    Obama will save her. By the way, where’s my fucking check?

  37. Guest

    Maybe if people would LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!

  38. Guest


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  43. Jamie

    why is it that if you point out someone being too thin, it must be that you’re “a fatty”? the two do NOT go hand in hand.

  44. ye

    lol keep it up Lindsay. Please. You’re too fat.

  45. Gen

    According to imdb Ali Lohan is 15. The girl has implants. WTF is wrong with her parents??

  46. Ummm...yeah...

    The bitch obviously has AIDS…Doing untold amounts of drugs and fucking everything in your path…ummm…well you know…
    Hey, you wanna play, you gotta pay.
    Haha, stupid cunt.

  47. barbershop quartet

    You have AIDS
    Yes you have AIDS
    I hate to tell you boy that you have AIDS
    You’ve got the AIDS
    You may have caught it when you stuck that filthy needle in here
    Or maybe all that unprotected sex you adhere
    It isn’t clear
    But what we’re searching for is you have AIDS
    Yes you have AIDS
    Not H.I.V. but full blown AIDS…

    Be sure that you see
    That this is not H.I.V.
    But really full blown AIDS…
    Not H.I.V. but really
    Full blown AIDS

    I’m sorry I wish it was something less serious…….
    You’ve got the AIIIIIIIIII—-IIIIDS..

  48. AlQaeda#1

    Okay, I’ll do the sister. Ali is looking solid and healthy.
    Coke whore queen is looking well like she’s going to be a news report.
    And not a good one either sorry to say.

  49. Sam

    Put her in a bikini with a ton of bronzer and Fish would be calling her “hot”.

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