Lindsay Lohan attacked by animal rights activisits

November 15th, 2008 // 68 Comments

Lindsay Lohan was pelted with flour on her way into a Paris nightclub last night. She’s been on several Worst Dressed Lists for animal rights group for wearing fur coats. Lindsay was wearing one last night (above) at the time of the pelting. PETA Europe issued the following statement (via E! Online):

“Lindsay Lohan might be able to ignore images of bloody animals skinned alive for their pelts, but we hope a dash of flour will help her rise to the occasion and forsake fur once and for all,” PETA Europe spokesman Robbie LeBlanc said.

Throwing flour at Lindsay Lohan? Jesus. And here I thought Europeans were smarter than us…

LINDSAY: What the – Aw, no way, they throw blow at you here!
LINDSAY: Ha ha! This club rocks!

Photos: Splash News

  1. damnstraight

    Oh yeah, Guns and Roses suck. Their suck quotient is so strong, it overwhelms the wearing of one of their shirts to prove your ironic-hipster cred. Thus making the wearer of said shirt suck as much as they do.

  2. Rohan Fan

    There are other pix of the event in which Lindsay and Sam are posed nicely for the camera…but most of the media outlets find the ugliest one of the bunch and put it on their sites as the highlight pic. If you find sites that have multiple pix per event…they usually have some really good ones of the two. It’s just a way to spin the story/relationship and give people the perceptions that sells stories.

  3. GG1000

    Oh God, isn’t she DONE with this lesbian stuff yet? ‘Nuff already! And I wish people would stop talking about being a DJ like it’s a job or art or craft or something. Now on to PETA – I wouldn’t wear fur for my own reasons, but I hate those people. They make we want to trade my salad in for a steak and hit up Nordstrom’s for some thigh-high crocodile boots and a bag to match. If you don’t like fur, people, don’t wear it. Don’t bug other people about their choices.

    My little rant for today.

  4. e-rock

    All of you PETA haters have no idea what the fuck you are talking about. Its people like you that make me sick to my stomach. Its people like you that abuse animals, and are fucking retarted to the way the world really is for fur farms, factory farming, etc. 50% of the worlds fur comes from China where there is absolutely no regulations as to how the animals (often dogs and cats) are killed. They are clubbed, mostly still alive while they are being skinned. This is not the 17th century when we needed fur. It is disgusting this day and age to wear something that was cruelly killed. But you don’t know that because you are so stupid to even learn the facts. Its PETA and animal supporters that help put an end to cruelty, and their work should be hailed, not critized by stupid people that don’t know what the fuck they are talking about. And believe me, they are sitting on leather seats, or kill stray animals- CASH. What the fuck are you talking about? People shouldn’t open their mouths if shit is just going to come out. PETA supports adoption, not killing animals.
    EDUCATE YOURSELVES PEOPLE, and do some good in the world besides just hating people that actually give a damn.

  5. PostmortemG

    What a portrait of shattered humanity these two are. That Ronson boy/girl looks more creepy each time i see him/her.

  6. sweet pants

    love Lindsay’s dress … saw her wearing it at Kira Plastinina’s @ the bev center a few weeks ago … dig!

  7. p0nk

    why flour? were they looking for a wet spot?

  8. Mark

    They should have throwen them a MAN!!!

  9. nnn

    Whatever you think of PETA, buying fur and funding such a horribly unethical trade is shameful and disgusting. To be fair she does look nice but why not just buy faux-fur and avoid having the stigma of being a wearer of fur? There are even thousands of people who hate PETA and are not in the least bit vegetarian who agree that fur in fashion is unethical

  10. AJa

    I agree with e-rock. You people should go to hell.

  11. cass

    they should have used anthrax instead of flour

  12. Mariya

    Hi Friends,

    What best of all, Dollar or Euro? This question worry many peoples.
    But only you make your choice! Remember – your love and your personal intelligence make you rich. :)


  13. Flu-Bird

    Those animal rights activists are nothing but a bunch of hoodelums they all should get jail time and pulic service like cleaning up horsie poo with their bare hands theres no call for thier acts their nothing but hooligans

  14. Anti-anti-animal

    You know what, dsrg? You’re an example of a hypocrite who needs therapy. You seem to be an example of a person who supports animal cruelty. For you Barry Greenstein, good job for what you typed. No animal deserves to be abused.

    I think that I know where you’re getting at, PostmortemG. For years, I’ve had many problems with humans. And so, I grew to like animals better than them.

    Freddo, if you hate this site so much, then get the f**k out of it and don’t come back. It’s bad enough that people like you come to a website just to trash it.

    You know what, Cash? You’re another example of a hypocrite. I’d love to feed you to a carnivorous animal one day.

    Max Planck and Kirk, I bet that you guys are fanatical meat eaters. I’d love to see you end up as food for meat-eating animals like what I want to happen to Cash.

    Back to you, Barry: I applaud you for what you typed about Lindsay Lohan. I can’t stand her because of her screams. And I’m glad that she got punished for her crimes.

    For all of you PETA supporters, especially you e-rock, I admit that I’m impressed by how you support PETA even though I no longer trust that company.

    But out of all the people who I hate in this part of The Superficial, the one who I hate the most is the ANIMAL HATER. You’re a big example of why I hate humans. You’re one of the biggest faggots of all. Because of who you are and other people like you, I’d rather be a cannibal and prey on my species.

    SO FUCK OFF AND DIE, ANIMAL HATER, AS WELL AS THE HUMAN RACE, AND HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS, YOU SHITTY WHINY HYPOCRITE!!! I’D HUNT YOU AND KIND DOWN!!! But I don’t apply that nasty language to all humans because there are people who I care for.

    I salute you animal rights activists. But for all of you, animal haters, I give you this:

    …………../´¯/)……….. (\¯`\
    …………/….//……….. …\\….\
    ………../….//………… ….\\….\
    …../´¯/…./´¯\………../¯ `\….\¯`\
    .././…/…./…./.|_……_| .\….\….\…\.\..
    (.(….(….(…./.)..)..(..(. \….)….)….).)
    .\…………….\/…/….\. ..\/……………./
    ..\…………….. /……..\………………/
    ….\…………..(………. ..)……………./
    ……\………….\……… ../…………./

  15. Anti-anti-animal

    Sorry, I forgot to add “YOUR” between “AND” and “KIND.”

    For whoever reads my posts, know this: I don’t hate all humans because that’s wrong. there are certain humans who I do like and care about. It’s just that I can’t stand anti-animal people, who have been on my list of problems for a long time.

  16. JEnna

    HEY ANIMAL HATER – November 15, 2008 11:01 PM! FUCK YOU! Lohan is a slutty, lesbian fake, no talent Whore who has no respect for animals !

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