Lindsay Lohan attacked by animal rights activisits

November 15th, 2008 // 68 Comments

Lindsay Lohan was pelted with flour on her way into a Paris nightclub last night. She’s been on several Worst Dressed Lists for animal rights group for wearing fur coats. Lindsay was wearing one last night (above) at the time of the pelting. PETA Europe issued the following statement (via E! Online):

“Lindsay Lohan might be able to ignore images of bloody animals skinned alive for their pelts, but we hope a dash of flour will help her rise to the occasion and forsake fur once and for all,” PETA Europe spokesman Robbie LeBlanc said.

Throwing flour at Lindsay Lohan? Jesus. And here I thought Europeans were smarter than us…

LINDSAY: What the – Aw, no way, they throw blow at you here!
LINDSAY: Ha ha! This club rocks!

Photos: Splash News

  1. God

    God is always first.

  2. coke?

    she’s been dating samantha ronson for months now. hasn’t she done enough to help the animals?

  3. nina

    sam looks like a creeper in the last photo.

  4. li

    Ugly scum

  5. dork

    Gotta make some Fur Pie today…

    Mix a couple of lesbians with a little flour add a little fur

  6. Thigh Highs

    I love the pics with Sam standing off to the side while Lindsay poses…she is just so the typical “guy”. Makes me giggle.

  7. Parker

    she can take add the flour to her yeast infection and make some bread.

  8. Homer

    P00n-Bread ……. Arrggg ….

  9. Does she have purple tongue yet? open wide and say ahhhhhg lindsay!!!

  10. mp

    that’s silly. flour doesn’t make dough “rise”…. yeast does.
    there is nothing sadder in this world than an effed up pun.

  11. MIA

    LINDSAY LOHAN was at VIP room last night? WTF i was going to go last night

  12. Sgt. C. Foxtrot

    I think PETA operatives should be detained and sent to Gitmo domestic terrorism. :D

  13. It's Me Fuckers!!

    rofl @ ‘they throw blow at you here’

    why aren’t there any pictures of her covered in flour? Those are the pictures I want to see!!

  14. James

    No pics of pelting? Lame…

  15. Megan

    If you’re going to throw something at someone to prove a point, at least throw something that won’t wash out. Flour? Not very creative.

  16. Nymyzys

    Sam looks like some red-headed stepchild in the first pic. Standing off to the side like Lindsay is ashamed of her or something.

  17. meee

    wow, the losers at PETA really know how to take the high road to make a point.

  18. I kind of hope she gets her face slashed next. Or acid attacked.

    Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

    1) Supporter of animal cruelty gets what’s coming to her.
    2) The public loses all interest in coked up whore as soon as her looks go (they always do). Superficial readers get less Lindsay Lohan articles; more pics of Audrina Partridge in a bikini.

    Everybody wins.

  19. yoyoyo

    Her pale skin is whiter than the flour.

  20. Da Man

    Well I knew that those PETA freakazoids would get upset at people wearing fur but now they are getting upset over munching it? I … didn’t actually read the article. Sue me.

  21. Chris Morra

    Please fix your rss feed so I can see the pictures related to your posts in Google Reader!

  22. mmm


  23. Sara

    My god Lindsay Lohan is so ugly. I’d date Sam over her anyday, and thats saying something because Sam almost always looks like a camel thats taking a shit in a sand dune.

  24. Cash

    Why do PETA protesters attack celebrities and old rich women? Because they’d get the shit kicked out of them if they went after bikers.

    I love how they can get away with killing a shit-ton of stray animals, but oh no’s, fuck everyone that wears a fur coat! Fuck Peta, and their hypocritical shit.

  25. D. Richards (Lifeless.)

    Lindsay Lohan: “Yeah, so, like, duh, I wear fur, and enjoy it. Honestly, I don’t know what the big deal is. I mean, c’mon, the animals are, like, walking down the red carpet, going to parties, doin’ blow and drinking themselves unconscious — could they do that in the wild? I don’t think so! (Thinking aloud) But, what if, like, in the forest, the little creatures have, like, movie premieres and stuff? OMFG I’m, um, wearing little movie stars! No, that’s stupid, Linds, ’cause, like, uh, animals don’t have movies.”

    Photgrapher: “Lindsay, Lindsay, over here! Who’s that with you, your brother?!”

    Lindsay Lohan: “Sha, forreal, like, don’t you know this is my boyfriend; I mean, girlfriend?! Get a clue, jeez. We’re, like, lesbians. I AM SO HAPPY!”

  26. CookieGirl

    Is it me, or is LaLohan starting to look really skinny again?

  27. The end of the world is near

    The return of D. Richards can only mean one thing…

  28. bubba

    then the PETA dickheads got into their mercedes benz’ (with leather seats) and went out for some veal sssshhhhhh!! don’t tell anyone

  29. sameshitdifferentyear

    How fucking beautiful is Linsday? Damn good pics there. Why is Paul Reuben on stage with her?

    She really could have been the new Anne-Margret, if she had played her cards right. Keep searching for self-confidence Lohan you still might find it someday.


  30. Jeevsie

    #24, that is perfect. The camel thing. She does look just like Joe Camel.

  31. Do FreeBird

    Has anybody ever seen a picture of that Ronson troll where she isn’t looking downward?

  32. Im positive Ronson is always looking down!! OMG :)

  33. dsrg

    18. Barry Greenstein – November 15, 2008 1:55 PM

    There’s something called therapy, dunderfuck. You need it.

  34. Max Planck

    I love animals…they’re delicious!

  35. Max Planck

    I love animals…they’re delicious!

  36. yo

    anyone else think she looks like she’s had some serious work done in the first picture?

  37. mar

    i think lindsay is gorgeous… she always stands with such confidence. teach sam some of that, ok linds? she/he is bringing you down…

  38. Kirk

    Wow. Millions of people year round are dying, Californina wildfires are ravaging homes and lives. Economic meltdown.

    and all that the media is worried about is how a skinny, non-talented sex addict is attacked with flour by a group of people who need to eat a cheeseburger and STFU.

    Lohan should pose naked again.

    And for PETA: Animals are great, fun to pet but better to chew.

  39. edeath

    long as its vintage fur whateva

  40. Ali

    ha! now she will just have to buy a new fur. PETA is so stupid

  41. Freddo

    That fuckin’ does it,- I’m not reading the Superficial any more. You’re boring as fuck.

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  44. Charity

    did anyone else notice that creepy-ass leer on sam’s face in the last image?

  45. Truth doctor

    Europeans are no better than anybody else. This “euro-centric” attitude that they wish upon us is simply their attempt at dragging us down to their level. I give them credit, we’re getting close, and nationalized govt-controlled health care will practically guarantee it.

    As for PETA, there’s a reason nobody takes them seriously. Enough said.

  46. Sarah

    Flour? Just…what? FLOUR? That’s going to prove their point?

    …Oook. Right. Have fun with that, I guess.

  47. friendlyfires

    I’m free … I’m free … how long has it been … I’m free … I can’t believe it … free … can’t … believe … the Ronsonator … tackled me … my pheromones … making the Lohan … hetero … again … tackled me … took the wind out … where’s my kidney … oh thank god … for a minute … nevermind … free … free … knocked me out … woke up tied to … a chair … in front of … television … watching … The … Parent … Trap … (sob!) … repeatedly … hours on end … fell over …. teeth… pulled … cord from … wall … off … teevee … free … yes … free … mother of god … breathe … breathe … threw self … out window … chair and all … free … breathe …. breathe … the Ronsonator will pay … dearly … oh verily … I will tear that sinewy … sinewy …. breathe … oh god … my … free … (sob,sob) … Ronsonator is … dead … meat … Inhuman …I swear … swear … water … a … sip … (faint, unconscious)

  48. mari

    SOMEONE PLEASE GET JLOW. Can you imagine it? Epic!!!!

  49. damnstraight

    All that money and Ronson’s wearing shoes from fucking 1984. Cause looking dated from the 80′s is so anti-cool cool, where’s your fucking shoulder pads and feathered hair Sam?

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