Lindsay Lohan at Just My Luck premiere

May 10th, 2006 // 213 Comments

Lindsay Lohan attened the Just My Luck premiere and was photographed taking pictures of herself with her fans. Which is a little weird because it’s usually the other way around. Maybe celebrities are around each other so often that they get excited over seeing regular people now. Pretty soon George Clooney is gonna be asking strangers at clubs for their autographs. Which is sort of what I do, only replace ‘asking for autographs’ with ‘slipping roofies.’


  1. BigJim

    Who is the ugly chick on the left?

  2. karatekachick

    Am I first? No WAY!

  3. She looks like shit.

  4. karatekachick

    Oh Darn! LOL

    Does she look doped up to you?

  5. BigJim

    Although this thread is not about Tom Cruise, I can’t hold in these feelings any longer, and I have to post this message:

    Dear Sherry-co:

    I was reading an article about religious tolerance yesterday and it gave me pause. It made me realize that I have been very unfair to you and to Scientology, and I would like to ask you for forgiveness.

    I now understand that everyone has a right to pursue their own religious beliefs, and I think that Scientology is an interesting and worthwhile religion that does a lot of good in the world. Hopefully you can forgive my past transgressions, and in so doing be willing to answer a question about Scientology for me.

    My question is, if Tom Cruise were to ask you to lick his anus, would you do it?

  6. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    After she took the picture with the chubby blonde girl, Lindsey dropped her a note with the number of her crack connection. “It does wonders for the figure,” she whispered to her.
    Okay, lame, but it’s all I got.

  7. BigJim

    The bigger the cushion, the better the pushin’.

  8. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    Ahh, BigJim. I was waiting for the finish.

  9. xAgonyxScenex

    she looks oddly attractive in the first pic….in a “i’m coked out” kind of way.

  10. Lindsay knows what’s up. If you want to look thinner, hang out with people fatter than you.

    Lindsay Lohan? I wanna dip my balls in that.

  11. BarbadoSlim

    Overheard at the crowd:

    What’s that smell?

    What smell?

    You know, smells like vodka, cigarettes and old spooge?
    Oh, yeah, yuck.

    Don’t say it out loud but I think it’s Lohan..



  13. angel_dust

    What is up with the extra skin just wrapped around her skeletor arm?

    She is so disgusting!

  14. 86

    That family scares me.

  15. 86

    Lindsay picked that girl to take a picture with because the girl has more freckles than she does…if that’s possible.

  16. liya

    Whats with all the fat girls hanging around her. Poor kids, they must have serious self-esteem issues!

  17. BarbadoSlim

    Is she turning into a weird mutation of Christina Ricci(without the talent and genuine quirkiness)..the undead is NOT a good look for her.

  18. Did they raise Jackie Onassis from the dead? Oh, it’s Lindsay’s little sister.

    Seriously, it’s a little scary when the mom is looking younger than the youngest member of the family.

  19. CDob

    Honestly, go look at pictures from her leading right up to about the Mean Girls time period. She was so bright eyed and pretty. It’s really sad to see her with eyes that manage to be sunken and swollen at the same time. Bleh.

  20. Craig & "em"

    You can see more of these pictures on her new Myspace account:

  21. woozy_suzy

    LL’s camera isn’t even turned on – note no image on the camera screen (compare it to the camera next to her!)

  22. BigJim

    I saw a street hooker last week wearing that exact same dress.

  23. Jacq

    Damn! Kirsten Dunst has gotten FAT!
    Her mom looks like a nasty old ridden-hard-and-put-up-wet bia-cha.

  24. hurley

    everyone’s just jealous!

  25. gogoboots

    You’re right! The dope decided not to turn it on for whatever reason, or maybe it’s just too hard for her to figure out…that’s what happens when you do coke before your new movie premiere! It looks like total crap too, ugh!

  26. Jacq

    P.S. I ought to know about her mom. I guess I’m the resident expert on being a dirty, mud flap-dragging, smelly, French tramp. (French and smelly is redundant, I know. I’m just making a point.)

  27. D-Rock

    It’s close to midnight, something evil’s lurking in the dark…Seriously, is Lindsay’s new make-up artist a mortician?

    Also, looking at that picture at the bottom left…I thought Angie Harmon was a lot taller.

  28. Italian Stallion

    Lindsay actually looks normal there, but that Chucky doll still scares me…………..

  29. playahater101

    #21, her LCD screen might be off. Mine does that, too. Though it wouldn’t surprise me if she was faking pictures.

    I don’t mean to pick on little girls, but everyone’s always saying how Lindsay’s little sis is gonna be so hot and isn’t she cute??? UM, NO!!!! I don’t think she is at all. I think it’s gonna be like the Simpson sisters, one who used to be hot but is slowly sinking into ugliness and one who’s always chasing after and being compared to her sister. That little girl is gonna end up being more screwed up than Lindsay.

  30. Iambananas

    She looks like she’s on drugs and can’t stop. She is not pretty anymore…. she used to be SO pretty! Then she partied too hard and she’s twenty and lloks thirty. When she’s thirty, she’ll look fifty! I guess she should have thought of the before drinking and smoking (oh, yeah, and not eating).

  31. Iambananas

    Wow. I’m on a roll with my whitty comments. I really am bananas.

  32. BarbadoSlim

    Hmmm, so her sister’s a dwarf who suffers from premature aging. I also love how the stage mom is all up in there like she’s somebody.

  33. hurley

    is everyone who posts on here just bored at work?

  34. Dr.Rokter

    Lindsey Lohan took my picture once and asked me if I wanted to play “Clown Policeman” or, “Happy Pony Confessional”. I almost got fired from my job caring for special needs children because of it. Cunt.

  35. booface

    Linds is practicing the age-old beauty secret that all women know: have your picture taken with someone who is way fatter than you.

  36. Feed_Me_Chocolate


  37. BarbadoSlim

    Shamu over there, just had the biggest moment of her life. Enjoy it honey, now you have something to tell your future co-workers over at the DMV: You got to take your picture with a not-so-semi-great-pseudo-celebuskank-crackwhore

  38. hurley

    what other websites are fun to go to if you’re bored at work? i got and

    any other awesome ones?

  39. suzy

    why does her little sister look old?

  40. booface

    It looks like someone shrunk a photo of Tina Fey and photoshopped it into the second picture.

  41. Feed_Me_Chocolate has a permanent place on my favorites. If you want to go Awwww, then go to

  42. Feed_Me_Chocolate is a really really interesting site, though they only post new secrets on Sunday night.

  43. mylene

    greasy, greasy hair.

  44. tits_on_snack

    Good god, it runs in the family.
    Her little sister looks like a 40-year-old midgit barfly. Honestly how old is that little kid? Children shouldn’t have weatherbeaten faces and bags under their eyes.
    Ha. Making fun of kids is cool.

  45. Conductor71


    As for Lohan…I think the freak next to her will be pissed off when she realises she’s not on the photo and its just a close-up of Lohan’s nostrils with a 5 year accumulation of Colombian nose candy burning its way through her septum

  46. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    #38 is a funny one too.

  47. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    Conductor, that link doesn’t take you to a picture of a he/she with a bottle up his/her ass, does it? I’m scared of any link that you post now, thanks alot.

  48. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    Mommy is soooo proud of her little crackwhore, yes she is.

  49. BigJim

    I was going to start my own website at to show how he routinely manages to either park halfway on the sideway (at an angle, yet), or at least three feet from the curb on a daily basis.

    I mean, jesus, this guy’s version of a 20 minute workout is parallel parking.

    Anyway, the site’s not up because I’m lazy.

  50. Conductor71


    No but it does feature the word ‘cunt’ A LOT (BigJim would love it!!)
    Its a British site (sorry everyone) so it might not be to everyones taste but what harm can it do? Apart from maybe getting you fired from your job that is

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