Lindsay Lohan as you’ve never seen her before

October 28th, 2009 // 47 Comments

Just so we’re all on the same page, I’m talking about Lindsay eating, and not her looking like a haggard coke mule getting ready to put something in her mouth. I mean, the title of the post is “Lindsay Lohan as you’ve never seen her before,” not “Lindsay at [Insert pretty much any time here].”

Photos: Splash News

  1. havoc

    She looks like she’s struggling to choke that down.

    She’s not used to solid food. If she can’t drink it, snort it or shoot it….its not nutrition.


  2. moshi moshi

    come to think of it, i have never seen a picture of lindsay eating before… :0

  3. arealcad

    she needs a big helping of tube steak.

  4. orly

    How disappointed do you think she was when they brought her coca-cola instead of the coke she asked for?

  5. kris

    She will make a beautiful looking grandmother!

  6. She doesn’t look to happy while eating her food.

  7. ben

    how sad to see the beautiful girl my nieces loves in Herbie become a washed up coke whore.

    She can still turn around , first she needs to get away from her coke whore mom

  8. AndrewMacCloud

    It’s amazing she has even the strength to carry the fork all the way to her mouth
    considering she does not have any muscles on her tiny frame

    On the first picture we see there’s actually a little bit of leaf on her fork…after that it seems she’s only eating air bubbles . which judging by her facial expressions doesn’t seem to taste very well ….


    Seeing Lindsay eat something is a first unless of course your name is Samantha Ronsom

  10. jzz

    she’s got the posture of a 800 year old witch.

  11. That’s regular sugar Coca Cola isn’t it? With calories? She’s making a Coke and Turpentine.

    She looks beat. I want to hug her, but not without a HazMat suit.

  12. Sid

    I like that they included a picture of her expression after somebody yelled out “hey Lindsay, what does Samantha taste like?”

  13. Hugh Jorgan

    @ #5 Replace the word ‘will make’ with ‘is’

  14. missy

    i’ve never seen someone look more disgusted about eating before in my life

  15. chango666

    But of course the attention whore has to seat at a window table so the cameras can record it all . . .

    That being said, I’d still fuck her . . .

  16. costamar

    God, she looks like Sharon Stone’s junkie older sister.

  17. costamar

    God, she looks like Sharon Stone’s junkie older sister.

  18. Kelley

    We’ve seen her looking like this thousands of times … like boiled shit. This is a first, however, seeing her actually consuming food.

  19. Skiddles

    Hey maybe it tastes bad..? Order pasta and cheese honey.. you can afford tons of carbs with meat sauce.

  20. DannyBoy

    That is the face of a woman who is being COURT ORDERED to eat….and loving every minute of it.

  21. Nate

    Whatever she is eating she don’t like it at all! haha

  22. PO'd

    Why does she CONSTANTLY look pissed off? And I hate people who stick their tongue out when they take a bite of something… like they’re going to “help” the food in. Just put the fork/spoon in your mouth. You look like a baboon.

  23. At least she's not fat

    I wish eating were that miserable for me. Better to be too thin than too fat, right boys?

  24. Please leave her alone


    I know many people have mean things to say about her, but please don’t be so mean, awww poor Lindsay, my heart actually pangs for her

  25. Johnny Cage

    mmmm, I’d love to be that fork.

  26. You are teeny little boys in mama's pussy still

    I’m sick of this site. It’s written by (and frequented by) misogynist, third grade level bedridden fucktard males. Goodbye losers. Have fun NEVER getting pussy (so, just another day for you slobs). Hope you have a good night paying for fetish porn and having phone sex with the ‘fat chicks’ you so fear. I’m going to live my life!

  27. Hey ,Lindsays having some food !!!
    Good for her ,I hope this becomes the new trend ;)
    Jessica Rabbit will be back in now time

  28. NANA

    leave lindsay alone !! why u ppl are so cruel?

  29. sahara

    jesus leave the girl alone.. its not like any of us wanna read about her anyway

  30. fried

    it’s Sam Ronson’s Tuna Salad Suprise

  31. ThePeopleHaveSpoken

    Sad to say – but this girl almost NEEDS to go back to Ronson. Say what you want about Ronson or Lohan – Lohan was looking a LOT better when Sam was in her life. Now she is just aging quickly, and poorly at that… She’s just wasting away…

    Come on Sam – don’t be a hard ass – we all know you come from money and can’t be bothered with this chick’s drama – but give this charity case another chance…

    what else is #3 going to beat his tube steak to when she is gone?

  32. turd the third

    That sequence is the same set of facial expressions and gestures she goes through when she burries her face into the snatch of that pyscho-dyke Ronson!

  33. rofl

    #27 – I hear she’ll contact you to arrange a date if you hero hard enough.

    And I know plenty of places to download my fetish porn for free, tyvm. Pay for porn? What is this, the ’60s?

  34. blair

    She actually looks SO MUCH better without all her makup and tanner on. She may not look happy about eating but that’s the best I’ve seen her look in a long time. There’s a beautiful girl underneath all the coke and the makeup and the coke and the tan

  35. PsyKo

    no pics of her running to the bathroom to throw up?

  36. She just looks so lonely and pathetic. Its too bad she let herself go at such a young age. I think she looked better when she was a red head.

  37. She needs to make a comeback!

  38. Billemia

    Hope she started with Cheetos so she knows when to stop purging.

  39. joho777

    Superficial is right. This is the first shot of Lindsay in years sitting quietly and eating. You DO see something new every day.

    It’s even better that she isn’t posing for the paps, or farting for them, or flashing them. She just seems to be sitting there in a daze putting the fork with the same piece of lettuce in her mouth again and again.

  40. EricLR

    Comes on guys, take it easy. She’s hung over from a rough party last night, and several years.

  41. Darth

    She’d rather vomit than eat.

  42. Mitch

    Glad to see that she actually will eat food. A diet of coke and Red-Bull is NOT a proper meal. Hopefuly she’ll start taking better care of herself and we’ll get the Lindsay of old (Mean Girls, Herbie) back. She looks so much better with her natural color rather than the bleached out straw she currently sports.

  43. Amazing how Lindsay Lohan managed to look like a washed up Donatella Versace with an extra dosage of peroxide and the skin color of a corpse. All at a grand old age of…23.

    Okay stop judging. :)

  44. Ema

    she looks pretty!!

  45. Max

    She’s eating food.

    Remember this on your death bed and repeat the following: “For a portion of my time on earth, I looked at pictures of someone eating food. I am a complete moron.”

  46. Glad to see that he actually will eat. A diet coke and red bull is not a proper meal. Hopefuly he started to take better care of ourselves and we’re old Lindsay (Mean Girls, Herbie) will get back. He is so bleached out it looks better with natural color instead of the currently playing in the straw.

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