Lindsay Lohan as a porn star

May 27th, 2010 // 62 Comments

Here are the posters for Lindsay Lohan’s upcoming movie Inferno which are hilarious considering the film may never even go in front of a camera nor see the light of a day. But if you wanted to know what Lindsay would look like as a 70s porn star, get ready for disappointment because there’s not even an iota of giant, red fire-bush the size of your face. “Don’t worry, the decor will set the time period.” God, I hate independent cinema.


  1. slowjog

    Funny that a girl lover get the job of doing the guy loving

  2. Bob T

    How fitting that fire crotch is in a movie called “Inferno”

  3. whoa nelly

    Linda Susan Boreman, better known by her stage name Linda Lovelace, was an American porn actress who was famous for her performance of deep throat fellatio. She later denounced her pornography career, claimed that she had been forced into it by her sadistic first husband, and for a while became a spokeswoman for the anti-pornography movement.

    I guess it’s fitting, cuz Lindsay sucks.

  4. Raptor Assassin

    Wow. What a stretch for her.

  5. “considering the film may never even go in front of a camera”

    That didn’t make sense.
    But I love you superfish. <3

  6. MJB

    I wish she’d keep her freckled crackhead self out of the theater. I hope this garbage never makes it to film. It’s not like this role is even acting for her.

  7. missfortune

    Why is she ALWAYS touching her mouth and lips?!?!? IT’S NOT SEXY! IT’S FUCKING ANNOYING!

  8. A.Soto

    “I hate independent cinema.”

    You’re a moron.

  9. A.Soto

    “I hate independent cinema.”

    You’re a moron.

  10. I thought Lindsay’s next cinematic movie was going to be the remake of Gremlins, where she plays the Gizmo and Jesse James plays the Gremlin.

  11. Champ

    Train wreck.
    Choo Choooooooo.

  12. The Ghost of Billy Rays Career


  13. Punjab

    Why does the guy from WWTDD always make fun of you man? I personally think your site is much better.:

    “The spaz from superficial even predicted the end of her career” Is what he said.

  14. Dr. John "Always at Your Cervix!"

    **4. whoa nelly**…gee, I think we’re all indebted to you for giving us that short bio on Linda Lovelace. I would be willing to bet that nobody but you even knows who she was. Oh, wait! Is this the information you found when you had to look her up? Dimbulb!

    BTW, gang. Linda Lovelace wasn’t much to look at. She could suck a golfball thru a garden hose, but a looker she was not. Even Lindsay looks better, Maybe.

  15. lalala

    is this photoshopped or the real thing? cuz she sure is ugly as hell! also, i wonder how much nudity will be in this film

  16. KumaTenshi

    You know the career is going bye bye when the two roles your have coming up are BOTH of porn stars.

    Yeah. Throw the bitch in jail already and be gone with her.

  17. joe from the 80s

    Hey…I loved “Never Going Break My Stride” so I give Matthew Wilder a pass here.

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  19. Badger Bob

    Given her penchant for ‘method acting’ and the amount of practice she has obtained just living her life, this film could possibly get her an oscar.

  20. Stephen Hawking

    Lindsay Lohan guzzling the jizz of strangers?
    Nooo wayyy!
    Say it ain’t so!!

  21. Silly Sly Stone

    this is going to be teh new Blue Velvet!

  22. captain america

    why do you think there isn’t a country on this globe where so many “SECRET-FAGGOTS” operate than in the united states. BECAUSE THEY MUST WATCH THESE KIND OF SICKMAKING PORN WITH lilo.

  23. Nameless

    She should do porn under her own name.

  24. Jose Limon

    It’s called “Inferno” because watching her try to act is hellish.

  25. Baron Hanson

    Check out the director on IMDb: zero credentials.

  26. niki

    Her poses, the way she looks at the camera etc, it’s all the same in all her photoshoots. The monotony is annoying. I don’t get the sense that she’s “in character” whether it was Kate Moss or Marilyn or Linda Lovelace… it really is just Lindsay going “Look at meee!!!”

  27. I think this is a last gasp effort by Lindsay Lohan to stay in the limelight. I’ve never seen an actress go down in flames as she has. I never thought she’d stoop to porn, either, but then I remember the 1995 film, Showgirls. That cute girl from Head of the Class was a Vegas dancer. Completely changed her career for a while. I certainly didn’t boost it, either. I think she’s just started to get good roles again. Meanwhile, it boosted the career of Gina Gershon enormously, as I think she went from supporting roles to starring roles due to her being in that film.

  28. cmyk

    Alls I’m saying is that a “serious” actress would grow the bush. Of course, Blohan isn’t serious or even good. Alas…

  29. Deano

    Seriously,she needs to stop playing and just do a porn for real.That may the only way she makes any real dough in movies at this point.

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  31. These are the worst pics of anyone I have seen in a long time. Tyler Shields is a hack. In fact these photos are so bad I don’t even feel like jerking off this morning.



  32. FrankNfrtr

    I hope it’s a great film & that she wins an Oscar.
    That would be so damn funny.
    Hey, Robery Downey JR is an action movie hero now….stranger things have happened.

  33. Larry fine

    Reminds of the line from Ed Wood.
    Wood- “do you have a script?”
    Producer- “Fuck no. But we got a poster”

  34. Mr. T

    This photo wasn’t shot for a movie poster….this is a typical Wednesday afternoon at Lyndsay’s house.

  35. Jen

    why am i so curious as to what her vagina looks like?

  36. m.

    @whoa nelly: There is important part that your “bio” forgot, after denouncing porn career and fighting against it, she ran out of money and started promoting porn again. So porn is evil as long as you are being paid to say that…

  37. Racer X

    So she “plays” a deep throat queen?

    /doesn’t seem like a stretch for her

  38. Anonymous

    There shouldn’t be bush…Linda Lovelace shaved her pubes. Just as well, since dying them black wouldn’t be fun. :P

  39. Matthew

    this is hohan’s future doing pornos

  40. firecrotch

    I bet Linndsey gave the performance of her life in this one!
    Its the only film role she could really relate too

    For firecrotches everywhere, this is for you man!!!

  41. herbiefrog

    so none of you…

    …understand ?

    anything that is going on ?

    so… no surprise there

  42. Nudgie

    I did some alternate posters – you can fin them at


  43. XYZ

    Does the film reveal how the porn industry is more than half controlled by Jews, the scum called Chuch Traynor himself being one of them? Why wasnt a Jewish actress picked for this role? Why (Italian/Irish) Lohan? To discredit her even more? Isnt it enuff whats happening to her? All kinda strings are pulled here… Its more to this than the media lets u know, folks. Until then u can keep swallowing the bullshit u are being served daily and wish Lohan more films like this if u think this is what she deserves or if it makes u feel better.

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