Lindsay Lohan arrested for DUI, cocaine possession

July 24th, 2007 // 114 Comments

Lindsay Lohan was arrested early this morning in Los Angeles for a DUI, driving on a suspended license, and possession of narcotics. She was stopped after cops got a call that she was chasing another vehicle, and when they pulled her over her blood alcohol level was between 0.12 and 0.13 (the legal limit is 0.08) and the police found cocaine in her pants pocket. The Santa Monica Police Department took her into custody and she was later released on $25,000 bail.

This is just shocking. Everybody knows she’s wearing an alcohol-monitoring anklet so how could she possibly have gotten drunk? Oh wait, that’s right, because she put it on herself and nobody fucking checks it. She might as well have glued two travel-sized cereal boxes to her ankle.


  1. ONE FISH!!! Bitch!

  2. Why am I not surprised…

  3. Shizz

    I am so shocked!!

  4. Kamihi

    Going the same way as Parisite I hope.

  5. JESUS

    Lindsay is Busted BOOYAH

  6. Peachy

    How is any of this a surprise? This Lilo after all….


    whats the problem? cocaine is not too bad for health..

  8. havoc

    She was just taking her new tits out for a test drive…….

    And of course she had coke. They made her stop drinking alcohol! What were they thinking?

    I bet it was puro…….


  9. bewarethemidget

    Lawlz. Most definately Lawlz.

  10. tylerdurden

    ahahahaha. This is brilliant. I’m sure Machiavelli would have done the same thing!

  11. Crack-wHore

    didn’t she just turn herself in less than 24 hours earlier and pay a $30,000 bail? And now, $25,000? Man, I bet that Police dept gets rich in hollywood!

    So Lindsey spends $65K on jail because of drunk driving and coke when she could pay me $65K to drive her ass around? Son of a BITCH!

  12. LB

    Celebrities are ridiculous. people die from drunk driving. why do they keep getting away with it

  13. Lohan is an idiot

    I hope she’s headed to jail for more than 23 days. She could have killed someone. When is someone going to have the guts to stop hiring her until she really changes her dangerous habits. If it hit her where it counts (in the bank account), i bet she’d shape up fast.

  14. jenny

    Hey crack-whore, how does 30k+25k equal 65k? is that a little bit of lilo logic?
    Dumb ass.

  15. Dizzybenny

    she looks so well put together dosen’t she?
    looks like cocaine on the windshield or are my glasses dirty?

  16. Bite Me!

    I laughed my ass off when I heard it this morning. They just announced that she was chasing the mother of her personal assistant that had just quit. Mom was scared and called the cops on Lindsay.


  17. ssdd

    lmmfao .. as expected.

  18. Shinanigans

    Seriously I agree, with all her friggen money why not just hire a fucking driver!

  19. MonicaGellerB

    This is soooooo unexpected!!! Shocking!

  20. Cynthia

    I ain’t no Johnny Cochran, but aren’t you only required to pay 10% of the set amount of bail?

    Anyhoo, now she’s definitely fucked. And not in the good way. Plus the alcohol bracelet has been exposed as a sham, which everyone knew from the beginning.

  21. LayDeeBug

    Hip-hip HOORAYYYY!!!!!

    (Battle hymn of the Republic plays loudly)

  22. TheRage


  23. Dizzybenny

    #13 tottaly agree with you!
    i hope she gets at least a year in jail maybee if she gets raped with a broom stick up the ASS that will straight her up….but then again she might like it way to much.

  24. naomi

    her career is down the drain

  25. Christ on a Crotch

    I hope that cunting snow plow doesn’t make any fucking stupid statements. I don’t think I have enough in my stomach to puke up.

    Honestly, lots of us know the desperation of needing to get another gram but, you’re a god damned celebrity with a truck full of money at your disposal. Lemme tell y’all, I’d stay in my hotel room, order the shit and in large quantites, have the Chivas right next to me, the shots poured and readily available,and NEVER LEAVE THE ROOM AND NEVER GET INTO THE DRIVERS SEAT.

    Fucking amateurs; don’t even know how to get high properly (rolls eyes).

  26. wedgeone

    Today is the best day in the history of the United States. Maybe the whole rehab thing was her Oscar winning performance, because it was 45 straight days of ACTING!!

    This came from the news article I read before coming here to see that Fish had not posted it yet:

    “The 21-year-old actress was booked on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, driving on a suspended license and POSSESSION OF COCAINE, among other charges, Talbot said.

    Police found cocaine in one of her pants pockets during a pre-booking search, Talbot said.”
    “Talbot” is Sgt. Shane Talbot of the Santa Monica Police Department.

    Get ready LiLo – Bertha is carving your name into her broomstick as we speak!!

  27. gotmilk?

    wow. just wow. not to mention, HAHAHAHA!

    note to self: if one actually wants to be rehabilitated, do not go to any of these facilities frequented by celebrities. what a joke man.


    Well, she had to top Paris somehow. The only thing she could have done better is kick the arresting officer in the nuts and tell the judge to go fuck himself. Now THAT would have been awesome. See, I can get behind those sort of antics. Hell, even Mel Gibson had the good sense to maximize the news coverage by screaming anti-semetic shit at everybody. I think Ho-han missed an opportunity here.

  29. LayDeeBug

    You know what guys? Lindsay probably knew we were getting bored with the Superfish lately that she generously offered us a bone.

    What a nice girl.

  30. windowlicker

    Lindsay’s life is like a broken record: getting wasted, running off to rehab, Lindsay’s mother commenting: “she’s doing AMAZINGLY fine”, go out of rehab, stay sober for 2 days, getting wasted,..

  31. John

    Looks like rehab did’nt work out for her!!

  32. Kevin

    Is that cocaine raining down on her?

  33. wanks


  34. Christ on a Crotch

    Now, hmmm, I wonder who or what is going to get the blame for this:

    Parental Abuse
    Sibling Rivalry
    Sexual Abuse as a Child
    The Media
    The Papparazzi
    The Catholic Church
    My dead dog Bennie
    Schizophrenia or Bi-Polar Disorder

    Because you know there is no accountability and everyone but HER is to blame. I’m sick of it. I went from spending hundreds of dollars freebasing to realizing it’s not that I’m an addict, it’s just that I was a self-absorbed thrill seeker who had nothing to offer anyone anymore.

    THANK DAD I only do shots of Tequila and joint hits now. (Whew!)

  35. I’m shocked!

  36. my comment

    Is that blow all over her windshield?

  37. Itz impozzible for zomeone like her
    to ztay off of drugz..we zhould
    juzt kill her now…zhe’z a wazte
    and didn’t the bitch have a DRIVER?
    where the fuck waz he? all fake zhit…?

  38. Christ on a Crotch

    Her make-up looks great, dunnit?

  39. p911gt10c

    Cocaine is a powerful drug.

  40. jeff bipes

    well, wonder if she’ll show up on ‘Leno’ tonite. she’s scheduled.

  41. flavio

    no, you don’t pay 10% of your set bail amount! you pay the whole thing, or you stay in jail. the whole point is to have a whole lotta your money to hang onto in case you run.

    what a flaming fucking idiot this girl is! seriously, why not HIRE A DRIVER??!!! and why wasn’t she arrested for coke the last time? seriously, one of these socialite bitches is GOING TO KILL SOMEONE someday. or someones. take this girl’s license away until 2020.

  42. Mr. Black

    The funny thing is, motherfuckers are still envious of celebs.

    I wouldn’t wish this life on my worst enemy.

  43. they better open her azz theirz
    oxi=z ztuck up that azzhole?

  44. Oh today is good to me. But DAMN, so much for fucking expensive rehab facilities!!! I went to a free one that did me more good.

  45. no1justminda

    She just wanted an in-n-out burger, duuuuuuuuh. A totally valid excuse.

  46. miss oblivious

    She was CHASING another vehicle? wtf?! I mean, was she trying to get caught?! This girls gonna end up killing someone innocent on the road (the idiots always survive). What I don’t understand is, all she has to do is HIRE a fricken driver to drive her addict ass around. Lord knows she has the cash to do that. Then she could completly avoid getting caught. What a retard.

  47. Lohan is an idiot

    First of all, if I were here mother, she’d be chained to the radiator by now with bars on the window. It’s really the only way to keep the lot of innocent American’s safe from STD’s and/or being run over by a drunk LiLo.

    Second, why should she hire a driver or take any other precautions? She knows she’ll only get a slap on the wrist no matter what she does. If those in the legal system want us to take the so-called DUI laws seriously, they better do to this bitch what they’d do to you or me if we’d done any of this shit.

  48. Ooba Gooba

    Now that this has happened, Twitney Spears is going to be extremely pissed that Hohan is stealing her headlines, and she’s gonna have to so something to top it. This should be good…………..

  49. Supervixn

    Why is she such a dumbass? Flaunting that damn SCRAM anklet like a fashion accessory while all the time she was drinking and snorting like she was actually fooling someone by volunteering to wear it. She’s such a stupid bitch.

    I hope they give her time, but this is America, and everyone knows celebrities have a get out of jail free card… assuming they can make the 25k bail, but OH GOD… how could Lindsay afford that?? Greasy bear must have tipped the cops off that she’s “really poor” and that she “lives in a motel in New York”. Dicks. If it was any of us, we’d be locked away for years.

    All of this for daddy’s attention.

  50. Isaac

    Get a fucking driver. Call a fucking cab. Walk home.

    I’m laughing- but Christ- run over a couple of kids or something- you’re Lindsey fucking Lohan- we should feel for you.

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