Lindsay Lohan anti-drunk driving PSA

June 1st, 2007 // 85 Comments


  1. of courze the crackwhore
    is stink=n fake……..

    can we expect anything elze
    from a mezzed up cokehead..?.

  2. I just watched a PSA from Paris Hilton and Rob Zombie.

    In it she reminds the youth of America to not become a bunch of coked-out star-fuckers that flaunt their daddy’s money, and end up spreading their crust-laden herpe poon across the county jail.

    Deja Fuckin’ Vu!

  3. techclerk

    Why is it zo hard to prezz the “s” key when it is zo cloze to the “Z”?

  4. Beavis

    I like the pause where she has nothing to say..
    “I’m Lindsey Lohan….”
    Here you go Lindsey:
    “I’m Lindsey Lohan winner of a used condom in an ashtray look alike contest”

  5. Kamiki

    Stupid Hohan was drinking driving even back then I am sure. I hope one day she crashes and does a Chappaquidick killing only herself unless she has Richie and Hilton as passengers then kill all those little bitches.

  6. wedgeone

    #44 – Or Kate Moss & Pete Doherty doing a “Don’t do Drugs” PSA.

    In better news, Lilo’s current box office smash “Georgia Rule” has taken in a whopping $16,832,880 after three weeks in theaters. and by box office smash, I mean that theater managers are smashing the glass in their concession stands for investing in this piece of crap.
    Anyone think that she’ll ever get $8 million a movie again?

  7. sweetnsnooty

    She should be spending her 21st birthday behind bars!

  8. Hollywood Agent

    She looks drunk to me. I guess that is why she is laughing while talking.

    What a Loser.

  9. why is lindsay lohan famous??????????


  10. imran karim

    her lawyer seems like a really smart guy

    imran karim

  11. newz flazh for drug=eeeez////

    lookz like itz been reported
    that the air in Rome is full
    of cocaine and pot……

    izn’t that where the Pope livez,
    go figure…

  12. cobalt

    LMAO #13!

    She says “And I’m Linday Low-en”

    I’ve been saying Linday Low-Han all this time. Is it a silent H?

    Well, call me an ass and drop the county shithouse on me, but I have actually learned something watching something involving Linday Lowen.

  13. cobalt


    I apologise for not being able to spell LINDSAY correctly in the above post.

    To be honest I’m so sick of hearing about her that I’m trying to spell it differently every so often to make things more interesting.

    Perhaps Linday Lohan, whoever she may be, is a wholesome girl-next-door type who knows her place.

  14. iburl

    Yeah, who “say’s” a raging alcoholic drug addict’s 21st birthday with all you can drink free booze is a bad idea. I’m sure she will be as sober as a judge and “shake a boot”.
    Have you all seen the NSFW Naked baby rat video?


  15. AdamK.

    Ok,i know some1 her age can be a bit wild, but,this hideously ugly bitch is totally fucked.She actually thinks she’s hot & will be the next Jodie Foster? She’ll be lucky 2b the next Bug face Ritchie.
    As for Pamela Anderson,put it AWAY you pathetic,has been,it’s not 1995 anymore,
    no-1 gives a fuck.Reduce your ugly,conjoined,ovbersized tits & cut that feral hair,your 40,grow up.

  16. That’d be like Ike Turner making an announcement against domestic violence.

  17. Tha-Flash

    Nah Lindseys awesome!

  18. herbiefrog

    re mk story
    not here yet…

    “We wanted it to be based on a relationship between a young girl and a boy and tell the story through the clothing.”

    hey babe : )

    you’re welcome ))

  19. butt soup

    I think her peace sign is so gay. It’s like her reflex to seeing a camera

  20. techclerk

    Bitch had nerve to do a SNL skit making fun of Billy Joel’s drunk driving.

    I hope Horatio did her before she got the herpes.

  21. techclerk

    “Just because you’re sober doesn’t mean you can’t go out and have fun”

    Yes. I’m sober.
    Yes. I can go out and have fun.

    But the topic of discussion was Lindsay Lohan. Fuckin lawyers really know how to baffle you with bullshit. Never compare me to that lush.

  22. rob

    she’s not giving the peace sign, that’s another version of giving someone the finger

  23. Christina

    She’s a loser. She thinks she’s cool. The little laugh she does after he says, “Please don’t drink and drive.” is simply obnoxious. God help her if she ever kills someone drinking and driving…or one of her family members gets killed. She is so vile I wish they would black list her already!! Total L-O-S-E-R!!

  24. Christina

    PS…I’ll take Paris over Lindsay ANYDAY and I think both of them are a waste of flesh.

  25. God, I just effin hate her!! Do away with her already! I just had to say it again!!

  26. techclerk

    How many times do you need to go to rehab before you are “sober”?

    Twice in one year, I guess. Right. Good luck with that Lindsay.

    If it takes two trips to rehab to get sober, she should have went back before she she found that drunken tree growing in the middle of where the road was supposed to be.

  27. techclerk

    I just saw some pics of Lindsay playing with a big kitchen knife. She holds it at her friend’s neck, points it at her tit, acts like she’s going to stick it in her mouth……….

  28. Big daddy

    1st of all she should be in jail a lot longer then Paris both for DUI and drugs. What a roll model.Next I don’t understand how she could be number 1 on Maxims list of top 100 stars because she is so ugly.Get rid of her and her mom please.

  29. jetta

    LOl notice how she did her little laugh when the guy said don’t drink and drive ..
    Umm you guys are refering to her right and paris LOL
    OH Lord I feel sorry for this girl though gots some homely issues sounds like and plus her mom trying to get to get money off her othr 2 kids …
    PLease lady let them get old enough to decide what they want to do with thier lives …
    Not you…

  30. ces

    Ironic, insincere, but not very interesting.
    Who’re these other guys again?

  31. mabbo

    Blech! the worst thing about the ad is Simple Plan. What a bunch of pussy fart losers. Do they think they are rock gods and punks dressed like that. Their music is a fucking joke to anyone over the age of 14. Yeesh. Now for Lohan. It does not surprise me that she still has a fanbase despite filming this anti-drinking and driving ad, but getting busted for DUI. The general public really are that naive, gullible, and plain stupid. I keep hearing “poor Paris” from people who actually feel sorry for her cuz she’s going to jail. WTF? Wow! That boggles the mind. I hate to sound old, but kids today just don’t have cool singers and actors to look up to anymore. Kurt Cobain was a druggie too, but at least he had oodles of talent. Lindsay and Paris? Well they can suck cock and piss on guys really well perhaps. Porno talent.

  32. Tell me how you can’t feel sorry for this sad face?…

  33. ha ha ha i think lindsay was a bad choice altogether, the department got eggs all over on their face with her!!

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