Lindsay Lohan anti-drunk driving PSA

June 1st, 2007 // 85 Comments


  1. Who is she kidding? Her whole fucking life is an anti-drunk driving public service announcement.

  2. Guy

    Why does she swear at the end?

  3. I would love for a whole generation of kids to grow up using words like FRIST and SECNOD.

    It’s a little dream I have.

  4. julia

    uh, the video doesn’t work for me. all i get is those tools from simple plan saying their names.

    also, lindsey lohan should be shot into space so we don’t have to deal with her anymore.

  5. noyb

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WOW where is she again? hmm rehab!

  6. She looks really crappy with the blond hair.

  7. Trogdor


  8. When I get mad at my husband, I eat Indian food so that by bedtime my colon has concocted a luscious series of gases.

    Just sayin’

  9. Firecrotch only has like, 8 million dollars.

  10. Honestly I don’t think she was serious when she did this. It seems to me like she had a “fuck you I’m going to drink and drive anyway… this is so lame!” attitude. Maybe because she was laughing.

  11. Jimbo ∞

    Disappointing. I was expecting 3 10-second clips with an edited bukkake sequence at the end.

  12. Wanky

    god superfish is late on everything lately!!

  13. d

    Oh fuck it she’ll be dead soon

  14. teetee

    Her crotch smells.

  15. getyourhandoutofmycat

    The video isn’t working for me, all I see are 4 wankers…

  16. Gigli

    You didn’t mention bare fists in this one! Getting closer.

  17. Jimbo

    um, hollyj, i think you might have typed your email address into your URL.

  18. Jimbo

    #12. noooooooooooooo, RLY?

  19. RunningWithCarsAndBoysWithScissors

    no Jimbo, she wants peeps to email her for the Cleveland Steamer special

  20. Man, if I had to go to rehab for every time I drunkenly swurved my vehicle into a parked car when I was 20, I would have gone to rehab about 48 times …

  21. stephalump

    She just flicked everyone off, British-style… that’s nice.

  22. whitegold

    LL is such a fucking loser.

  23. danielle

    she’s so crude! LOL

  24. Jillian

    LOL, she definitely winks at the end. watch for it RIGHT before the camera cuts off. oh the sincerity.

  25. #11 makes an interesting topic for discussion. Does anybody have a legit estimate on how much money this chick has?

    I gotta think that Herbie money must have gone up her nose a long time ago. And I doubt the Parent Trap paid her anything, so she may be just as poor as the rest of us.

    THAT would be the funniest shit ever. Lindsay making some of that AFJ money! YEAH Baby!


  26. SlushPuppie

    She had a part in the Abstinence PSA, too. She laughed so hard, she wet her pants. Although that could have been discharge…

  27. techclerk

    If this girl has a single brain cell in her head, she will cancel her birthday party and stay home. Being sober for a few hours inbetween binges does not make you a sober person fit for mingling among normal society.

    Stubborn, immature bitch is goona get her ass thrown in jail on her birthday.

  28. Japanese Lohan Fan

    Huh? Godzirra?


  29. Chauncey Gardner

    If that douchebag from A Simple Plan truly considers himself a “role model”, he totally failed Lindsay. And probably blew a load in her slut throat.

  30. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    Simple Plan AND Lindsay Lohan don’t want me to drive drunk? Well I’m almost there, if only some words of wisdom from Avril Lavigne were included I would have been sold !

  31. Liz

    God, that was when she was going through the emaciated stage. Wow. Time flies when you’re doing blow.

  32. How can they prove she was driving under inebriation? People swurve their car all the damn time.
    And Mean girls earned 400 million world wide. She’s probably still making money off of that.


  33. leelee

    Holy crap! I’ve been pronouncing her last name wrong!

    I love the phrase “move your boot” in regards to dancing. Pure classic awesomeness.

  34. fartmonger

    Kids, don’t drink and drive. But it’s pefectly okay to snort coke and take pain killers until your eyes bleed.

  35. Ruby


  36. titsonsnack

    Is this bitch gonna be famous forever? When is her 15 minutes up? Because honestly, what the fuck has she done to make herself such a household name other than fart out a couple shitty movies and a poor-me CD of crappy music.
    Go away Lindsay. The world already has a drunk driving dumb slutty broad in her twenties who’s famous for no damn reason.

  37. jenster

    tits, she on minutes 20 I believe.
    what a fucking joke

  38. captain obvious

    I refuse to watch it, I just don’t care abt this ugly freckled wench. But I see she’s still doing her stupid peace sign. She needs to stop doing that. I wonder if she’s walking around Promises flashing everyone the peace sign.

  39. Thanks Jimbo! I wasn’t paying attn.

    It’s OK though. I don’t really use my Yahoo email. I only got it so I could play Yahoo games.

    AOL has my real email address. =)

  40. She was cute, not all cracked out.

  41. Carpediem

    It would be more along the lines of Tom Cruise doing an Anti-Loving the Cock PSA

  42. Alsef

    IS this a JOKE! Lindsay lohan telling you to not drink and drive, its like britney spears telling you to wear underwear when wearing a skirt

  43. Julie

    poor rich little party girl back in rehab.
    p.s her hair looks like crap.

  44. RunningWithCarsAndBoysWithScissors

    “move your boot on the dance floor” ??
    I don’t think anyone’s worried about her skanky dancing. It’s her getting drunk and vomiting on innocent bystanders that everyone is afraid of.

  45. MissPMS

    Wow, watching this video makes me want to drink a 40 and a fifth of Hennesy.

  46. Kimmy Gibbler

    Anyone else find it odd that she’s getting out of rehab early to celebrate her 21st? it’s like going on a diet during Thanksgiving. No way is this shit going to work..

    now she’s mixing her ‘tinis and shooters with OxyContin. I feel bad for her liver. That thing is going to have a rough future.

  47. Carpediem

    It’s like tom cruise telling you not to love the cock!

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