Lindsay Lohan and Leonardo DiCaprio are dating

lohan-dicaprio-date.jpg19-year old Lindsay Lohan and 32-year old Leonardo DiCaprio are supposedly dating. They were first spotted kissing during Lindsay’s New Year’s Eve party at Miami’s Prive nightclub; and after she had her asthma attack, Leonardo allegedly visited her at the hospital.

A source told Britain’s Daily Star Sunday newspaper: “Leo visited every night. He would sneak in through a back entrance wearing a cap which covered his face. The 32-year-old actor is reportedly so smitten with the 19-year-old that he plans to fly to New York with her to meet her mother and manager, Dina.

I really hope this is true. Not because they’d make a cute couple, but because it’d be funny if Leonardo constantly made snide comments comparing Lindsay Lohan to Gisele Bundchen. “Oh, you’re eating dinner? Gisele never used to eat dinner.” And then Lindsay would run sobbing to the bathroom, two fingers down her throat and a bottle of laxatives in her hand.

Lindsay Lohan dating DiCaprio [Female First]