Lindsay Lohan and her dad fighting on Twitter now

Lindsay Lohan and her dad took their feud onto Twitter today because that’s where all family arguments involving drug rehab should take place. Via Us Magazine:

On Thursday, Lindsay Lohan lashed out at her estranged father Michael, alleging once again that he abused her as a kid.
She Tweeted that while growing up he “verbally/literally HURT my mother, brothers, sister Aliana … why, i ask u?”
A few hours later, the actress, 23, removed the post.
She didn’t explain why, but wrote: “My father just sent me this as I was leaving my gym ‘I told you to stop Linds this is the last time… and take down the tweet about me HURTING MOM.. U will be getting a call from SOMEBODY today to end you.'”

Michael responded by giving an exclusive interview to X17 and threatening to release more taped phone calls because that’s his natural defense mechanism:

“What Lindsay is saying on Twitter is nothing more than nonsense. As far as the ex father comment, maybe she’s divorcing me today, but she’ll remarry me once she gets her life back. I hope everyone can see that now she’s really crying out for help. It she wants me to prove that what she’s saying is wrong, it would involve recordings and text messages that I have and I don’t want to do that.
Obviously she realizes that I’m serious about getting her into rehab. She’s beginning to panic because I’ve been contacting people around her, as well as attorneys of my own, to take measures to get her the help she needs.”

Lindsay gets photographed doing crazy shit, her dad publicly vows to put her in rehab, and the media gives them the sweet attention they both desperately crave. Sure, the easy solution is to tell me to break the cycle, but I’m not the one whose death would win the war on drugs nor do I kick vaginas for sport. (I just ask them to predict the future.)

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